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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Torquay April 24th 2014

Hi blog followers. Sorry I haven't added any blogs for a few weeks, but we have been spending a couple of weeks on the Mornington Peninsular/Rosebud (and spending some quality time with our daughter Erin in Melbourne) and then another week on our friends (Ian and Sharon Storm ) hobby farm at Sunbury. I must say a big thank you to Ian and Sharon for letting me get a much needed workout on the farm helping to do some renovations, whipper snipping the creek banks and general farm hand work. See photo's. Now that Easter is out of the way, we have continued on our merry way following the Australian/Victorian coast line west of Melbourne towards Adelaide via the great ocean road. At the moment we are at Torquay and are having some great weather for ... read more
Torquay Heads
Jan Duc Beach
Bells Beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cervantes April 24th 2014

Heading toward Cervantes we passed the entrance to the Pinnacles desert discovery centre which reminded us why we where here,this was to be a highlight of this region.This being Easter week leading up to the Easter long W/E we could only book in to the C/P for two days, long enough we hope to see all we wanted to see.The only caravan park in Cervantes is situated only metres from the beach with panoramic views across the Indian Ocean from the shoreline.A quirky cafe is adjacent to the C/P serving breakfast and lunch on the terrace overlooking the ocean.The owner Leslee has been collecting shells for over 40 years and displays them through the cafe , her collection is highly regarded by those who know about such things. We acquaint our self's with this small town ... read more

Oceania » Australia April 24th 2014

Well, the Great Barrier Reef, though not at its peak of clarity and color, was spectacular. We snorkeled in the warm water and floated a few feet above an undersea garden of tropical fishes and corals of all shapes and colors, bright, florescent, and iridescent. Because of my moustache, the mask didn't seal tightly, so I rigged up a system involving eye goggles and a nose clip fashioned from the broken-off end of a clotheshanger I begged from a clothing boutique. It worked well, though I didn't attach the nose clip until I was out of sight under the water. The sea turtles we saw gliding by under us didn't seem to find my appearance odd. For me, form follows function. (Unfortunately, no photo) Next, we flew to Ayers Rock (Uluru), the geographical center of Australia. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Whitsundays April 24th 2014

Hi everyone, Another update for you from the Whitsunday Islands! I did my first scuba dive here and saw some amazing sights... enjoy the photos! Lots of love, Miss Jo xx... read more
Cruising around the Whitsundays!
Hamilton Island
Hamilton Island Harbour

Oceania » Vanuatu April 24th 2014

Tuesday 22 April Up late (ish) this morning and wandered into town via bus for a late breakfast. Found our way to Nambawum where I had a fresh coconut and BLT and Stuart had eggs and one of the biggest strawberry milkshakes I have ever seen. Probably close to a litre of milk. After breakfast we had a walk through town and the shops before heading back for a quick swim at the hotel pool. We got picked up for our zipline tour at 1:30pm, the van was pretty full when it got to us and we were last in and made for a squishy trip. Van was filled mostly with Aussies and Kiwis from what I could tell. It was probably about a 20 minute trip there, mostly on a dirt road going straight up ... read more
Ziplining - we made it!
The domestic terminal airport at  Port Vila


Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Swan Valley April 24th 2014

This time it was only five hours on a plane to get from Sydney to Perth; a bit different to the four days, three nights it took to travel across the country on the train. But like the train trip it certainly helps one to understand what a vast island we live on. A bright blue cloudless sky welcomed us when we stepped off the plane; it would seem as though nothing had changed weather-wise since we were here in January. The area around Perth, and possibly the whole of WA, is desperately in need of rain. Send it down Hughie!! First stop, pick up our hire car and head off to an apartment in the Novatel Vines Resort & Country Club. Surrounded by a golf course, in the Swan Valley it was where Kev had ... read more
Which of the seven deadly sins do I indulge in first?
There were kangaroos galore on the golf course
After the wedding...

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia April 23rd 2014

Saturday 19th April - arrived at Kalgoorlie yesterday afternoon only to find the town deserted as it's a Good Friday and everybody heads south to the beaches. We had hoped to go gold prospecting with the same company that took us on the Super Pit tour in 2009. Unfortunately they no longer do the fossicking (prospecting) trip so we had a nice lie-in and hit the road for Esperance. The roads were pretty isolated with even the road trains on holiday. The scenery began to change with the appearance of gum trees and more startlingly the appearance of sheep and agriculture. These were the first sheep we've seen for about 10 days - it made us think what a mark of civilisation agriculture is - it's the impact of man on an otherwise barren landscape. Lyn ... read more
Tony's friendly fishermen
Children's playground at Hopetoun
Auctioneers at Katanning sheep sales

Oceania » Australia » Victoria April 23rd 2014

As a world challenge student, we learn a lot about how to survive long waits, especially when online it tells us how long till we fly. At the present moment, it is only 218 days, which is 31 weeks, in other words 7 months. In hindsight, it really isn't that long. This time last year we were told about this trip, then it was 436 days! Yes, its been a long wait. As a ripe old traveller, you get this ach in the pit of our stomachs when we haven't flown for a while, and this trip will get rid of the pain. So far we have been told nothing. Just that we are going to Cambodia, and all around. Thats it. Nothing. But yet the butterflies in my stomach are going ape shit. I am ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland April 23rd 2014

Hi guys! How is everyone? I hope you all had a great Easter break :-) I have seen so many things since my last post - we are driving from each destination along the East Coast every couple of days now! Sorry for such a delay in updating you, I have not had a great internet connection so it has been very difficult... but here is a selection of photos for you from Fraser Island (the worlds biggest sand island) and Brisbane! Lots of love, Miss Jo xx... read more
Eli Creek - Fraser Island
Maheno Shipwreck - Fraser Island
Driving on 75 Mile Beach - Fraser Island

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania April 23rd 2014

My hotel in Hobart was very nice, so on Monday morning I stayed in. I wrote up my previous blog entry and just lazed about until lunchtime. Eventually, I decided I had to head out and do something. To be honest, there wasn’t really much I wanted to see in Hobart but I figured I should head up to the top of Mount Wellington and have a look. The drive up to the top is a winding road, and quite narrow. But it is a good road, which is handy because there were plenty of cars heading up and down, not to mention the cyclists and walkers. Once at the top, my GPS said it was 1,274m and my car said it was 5 degrees. It certainly was pretty cold, and it looked like bad weather ... read more
The Convict Bridge
On the edge
Hobart from Mt Wellington

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