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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Katoomba April 3rd 2014

A great nights sleep fom everyone which was a really good start to the trip as we were expecting to suffer form jet lag for a few days (although the fact that I have been blogging since 05.30 suggests it is not completely gone away!) Tom and Chloe headed off to school and we had a very relaxing morning at Chez Colfers before Michele, Alex, Iz and Rochelle headed off for a run to explore the local area and I went off to pick up our hire car. After a quick spot of lunch the Colemans headed off to the Blue Mountains which lie around 2 hours west of Sydney. We subsequently found out they are "blue" because of the blue tint of the Eucalyptus leaves which are in abundance in the area. After an easy ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney April 3rd 2014

VICTORIA TO NSW As in New South Wales In Port Fairy we discovered information about the huge Norfolk Pine trees and why they fare so well on the windy harbors. The limbs are all parallel to the ground and each other, allowing the frequent and strong gusts to pass through the trees with little effect. Walking thru the town, we spoke to a couple, gardening in their yard, and discovered the secrets of catching water in cisterns for the long months of little rainfall. In many areas we had seen signs on water faucets indicating “bore water”. Was it spring water? Safe to drink? And from the locals we found out that it is water from underground, but generally not for drinking, either due to distinct taste or contamination. Certainly good information for those of us ... read more
Sydney skyline
Harbour bridge
Sydney Opera House

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland April 3rd 2014

Arrived in Auckland after over nite flight from LAX. Business class #AWESOME. Was not able to check in but they let us use the spa for showers and locker. Staying at the Sofitel in Auckland right on viaduct harbor. Lots of small cafés, for strong coffee! Got our room around noon , ate some lunch and took a nap. Going to sky Tower tonight.... read more
Pita Pit
heading to Auckland

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth April 3rd 2014

Today I am in Perth on Australia's west coast and it is my first full day without Maggie. I missed her all day. I kept thinking she would enjoy some aspect of what I was seeing and a couple of times I even started to turn around to say something to her. At least I got to Skype with her this morning (Thursday morning here, Wednesday afternoon there). I was up early because my circadian rhythm is still on Sydney time. After breakfast I walked down to the bell tower, a landmark on the waterfront (see photo), where I caught the free bus that took me to King's Park. This is a large green space that overlooks the city and also serves as a site for memorials - war and otherwise. I took a number of ... read more

Vrijdag 28 Maart 2014: Als de wekker gaat, weet ik dat het mooie leven voorbij is. Vandaag ga ik terug de baan op. Ik bedank Ro en zoef dan de helling af richting stadskern. In de jeugdherberg haal ik men kaartjes op die ik later wel eens zal vernietigen. Ik doe nog inkopen voor ik naar het station ga. De fiets en men bagage gaat in een apart ruim. Het rijtuig waarin ik zit, is oud en van hout. De trein zit goed vol want er is een cruiseschip geland. Als we doorrijden wiebelt da trein dooreen, het is duidelijk dat het een oud model is. Vooraleer we Dunedin uit zijn stopt de trein regelmatig om groen licht te krijgen om door te rijden. Eens we op ons eigen spoor zitten, vlot de rit. We volgen ... read more
Op de Rail Trail


Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains April 3rd 2014

Hello. This is our last full day in Sydney and we scheduled a full-day tour of an area called the Blue Mountains. It turned out to be a very interesting, but very tiring, so we did not get the description written until the next day (Thursday). Here is what we did on Wednesday. We started pretty early again with a complimentary pickup at 7:00. David went across to a nearby Starbucks for a couple of pastries at 6:30, which we were able to eat in the hotel whilst we waited for the bus. We were the first pickup and we rode around town for about an hour before arriving at the central location. We got on our correct bus (with driver/guide named Peter) and we were set for the day at 8:00. We had about a ... read more
Cable Car ride at Scenic World
Janet on the Scenic Trail through Woods
Three Sisters rock formation

Oceania » Australia April 3rd 2014

About 15k from Manjimup we stopped for a little bush walk amongst the Karri trees. Checked out the four aces (4 Karri trees in a row) and the one tree bridge (Built from 1Karri tree), where we discovered we had done a fan belt, fortunately, we also met some lovely Perth people who advised us that there was a Toyota centre in town. So we drove into town and booked the car in then booked ourselves into the caravan & deli park. (Yes, it has a very popular deli at the caravan park) beautiful park and reasonably priced. The car was fixed in about an hour and a half and they didn't charge the earth to do it. Next day we drove down to Pemberton through cattle and sheep farms and apple and pear orchards, vineyards ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » 1770 April 2nd 2014

I finished my last update by saying how much it had been raining and that my search for the Koala continues…. I am happy to say that I spotted one today! I continue…. I woke up at 2.30am at the Art Factory Nomads Hostel car park to the sound of rain and palm tree nuts falling onto the top of my camper. I had to put my ear plugs in. Rain was also leaking through the side of the sunroof and subsequently dripping onto one corner of my bed. I was to sleepy to even consider being concerned so I rolled over and went back to sleep. I woke up pretty early, 7.30am. It had stopped raining but only for about 30 minutes after I woke. I decided to get up and get sorted. I couldn’t ... read more
One of the look outs at Springbrook Park

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Hanmer Springs April 2nd 2014

We have had an exciting two days to say the least. It all started yesterday with us getting ripped off by the taxi driver in Auckland. We got over that saga and picked up our campervan. What we thought we were going to get and what we got were quite different but we are very happy - see photos. Just when everything was going along beautifully and we were getting closer to our final destination for the day, bang! This dirty great bird flew into us and hit the drivers side mirror and broke the whole thing off. As it was electrically powered we had to cut the wires to be able to continue our journey. Lucky we put in the multi tool at the last minute! We rang the rental company at the next stop ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth April 2nd 2014

Today was a sad day for Maggie and me because we had to go our separate ways this morning. We packed our suitcases and took a taxi to the airport. Then Maggie checked in for her Air Canada flight east, back to Portland. I stayed with her as long as I could, but had to leave her at security. We said goodbye and will be in touch by Skype until I am back in Portland, too. I took the shuttle bus to the domestic terminal where I boarded a Qantas flight west to Perth. The flight took nearly five hours to fly from Australia's east coast to the west coast. It is a long way - nearly as far as flying across the width of the United States. I have checked into my hotel here and ... read more

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