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Oceania » Australia » South Australia March 4th 2006

4-5 Mar - Penola/Coonawarra We drove from Halls gap along the picturesque Southern Grampian ranges that were imposing in their shepherding all on the road South. Turning right into Dalkeith, we were now on the Mary McKillop tourist way. Passing the kitsch attempt at giant wool bails, attached to a roadhouse to entice tourist in so they by tacky souvenirs and overpriced wool products, we wondered when the Giant Nun would come into view. (MM is Australia’s only nomination for canonisation into sainthood). The big nun is a missed opportunity as we travelled into the well-restored town of Penola with its sandstone buildings including the MM school building and Petticoat Lane. Penola is also the nearest main town to the world famous Coonawarra wine region. Here we also planned to meet Ben and Tina as they ... read more
Flinders Ranges
Flinders Ranges 2
Parachilna Hotel

Oceania » New Zealand March 4th 2006

The team is ready to leave Kansas City International Airport on Wednesday and fly to Los Angeles. With an eight hour layover in LA, Cindy has planned an afternoon for us in Santa Monica (her old stomping ground) for lunch and touring. She jokes, I think, saying she wants to take us to the public transit bus barn (described as exciting for a transit expert like her) but I think there will be a revolt. We are ready and excited about our trip and look forward to learning about New Zealand and making new friends. Mark Twain: Travel can be fatal to your perceptions and prejudice. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Marlborough » Picton March 4th 2006

Yooo hooo! Us again! I dunno, you wait for a blog for days and then three come along at once! Seems we've had a change of plan this morning and now have some time to kill. Up at 6am to drive to Picton (again) - not for more horrors on a bike - but to catch the ferry to Wellington, thus ending our South Island experience. Not so fast ... Storms overnight have meant ferries have been cancelled and our 10am sailing is more likely to be 4pm ("hypothetically" said the booking agent). There are 10m swells in the Cook Strait and winds of 40-50 knots making for some very rough water. "Crisis point" in the words of the tired-and-bored-of-repeating-myself PA. Not crisis point but time for cake we say! As you can tell from the ... read more
Spot the 10m swell yit? Us neither ...
Torrent Bay, Abel Tasman National Park
Bridge over the River ... Falls

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington March 4th 2006

Hope you sang that ... think it just about sums up our Wellington Experience so far ... Our ferry crossing - a scenic mosey along the Marlborough Sounds and across the Cook Straits - ended up being delayed by 11 hours and became a less-than-enjoyable day out. Suffice to say that our boat, the 'Kaitaki' has since been renamed the 'Kaichucki'. Never have we witnessed so many sick bags in synchronised use in such a small space. It was made even more memorable as the boat was packed to capacity and our close neighbours were some of the illest having been swigging back the red wine only minutes before the rocking and rolling really got going. Mmmmm. That'll learn 'em. On the bright side - we did discover that the previous crossing had been even more ... read more
Wellington Harbour
Japanese Taiko Drummers
Wellington City - The Tourist Snap

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa Heads March 4th 2006

yoooo mates, kayla here. i'm not too sure what hails wrote in the last blog but i'll fill you in on what has happened since we left surfers (finally...we were there for 2 and half weeks, but we loved it, NO regrets.) k, before we left on wednesday the 2nd of march i took my first surfing lesson!!!! hails wasn't feeling up to it that day, but i was pumped to try it out. i got up early and headed down to the beach. the surfing lessons in surfers are quite reasonable compared to sydney ($40 for 2 hours). i went to the Cheyne Horan school of surf. if you haven't heard of cheyne horan he's a world class surfer, a veteran. unfortunatly he's in hawaii right now surfing but they have awesome instructors. i can't ... read more


Oceania » New Zealand » North Island March 4th 2006

We have become more than a little remiss in our blog entries of late. If there is anybody out there still reading who has missed our ramblings in any way, we do apologise. To try and make ammends, we have squashed lots into this address, you may need to seek nourishment half way through to sustain you to the very end. Where to begin? We have been struck from our early days in New Zealand about how very much there is to do, and how there is no way we will have time for it all. We have tried to remedy this a little by adding an extra week to our time here, which sadly means only a fortnight in Sydney, but our life over the last 5 months has been nothing but tough decision after ... read more
Building detail, Napier
Wine Tour, Renwick
Sperm Whale

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 4th 2006

Russell - As you are probably all still full up on pancakes you will know that it was recently Shrove Tuesday or at least it was when I started writing this. That means it is Mardi Gras time and Sydney has one of the most flamboyant Mardi Gras parades in the world. Our first contact with it was when we received a nice letter from the Sydney LGBTQC Mardi Gras Parade Committee letting us know the arrangements for it as they would be setting up outside our apartment. For those still trying to work out the initials they stand for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans-sexual and Queer Culture. Just about covers everyone then. The parade started setting up in the morning as roads, including ours, were closed for the day. By six o’clock the road outside was ... read more
From our balcony
The Gay Games
Lesbian in Leathers

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington March 4th 2006

Heading towards Mount Doom 27/02/06-01/03/06 We 're finally leaving Hamilton, it's going to be weird not being at J's Backpackers anymore and we can both heartily recommend it to anybody heading to Hamilton. Trevor and Bruce show their appreciation of our stay there by ignoring our departure, there's more important stuff to be done, like bagging a place on the sofa to sleep on! We say our goodbyes to Fi and head off towards Te Kuiti. The road is fairly flat, I think Peddler's Paradise describes it as "gently rolling" and the weather is kind to us, cloudy so not too hot and a side wind which only occassionally veers to a head wind. Sadly as we're approaching Otorohanga my knee starts to play up - what a surprise! We decide to stop for the night ... read more
Tranzscenic railway baggage car
Mount Ngauruhoe (honest!)
South Crater, Mount Tongariro

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 3rd 2006

Here we are in Sydney, and quite a culture shock after Chiang Mai, and even Bangkok. The first thing we have had to get accustomed to is that our money doesn’t quite get the same grade of accommodation here as in Thailand. We’re staying in a ‘hotel’ which is about the same rate as the Davis was in Bangkok but here the ‘hotel’ has shared dorms (as well as regular rooms, of which we have one). As a consequence we find ourselves in the company of what seem like VERY young people (making me feel quite old!) and of course everything is, like, sooo cool dude. Even random. Actually, at breakfast it was reassuring to see some people here even older than us, I think that they had probably all gone to bed early last night ... read more
Old and new
Hyde Park
Hyde Park

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Concord March 3rd 2006

Aamul kauhee päänsärky.. argh! noh onneks se meni ohi särkylääkkeellä. Töissä sit hengailtiin pari tuntia ilman ketään "virallista" ohjaaja. Joku niistä hoitsuista ku päätti, et voitas olla Tristan (mä) ja Gina (Minnan) kaa tää päivä. Meil oli eka mies sellanen vähän rauhaton. Se puhu italiaa, mut onneks yks hoitsu osas sitä. Saatiin se rauhottuun ja sain yhdistää yhden pussin letkuihin sekä ottaa tippaletkun pois ja laittaa korkin kanyyliin. Toinen potilas oli naine, jolla oli tehty jotain mahaleikkausta. Se oli hirveen kipee ja sille annettiin Morfiinia. Tai siis Trista anto ja mä katoin. Sain poistaa siltä 2kanyylia! :) ja jouduin soittaa osastolle, että tulevat hakeen sen. Vähänkö jännitti! mut tosi hyvin meni! ja sit laitettiin se lähtövalmiiks. Sain jopa kirjata vähäsen. se on vaikeeta, ku ei osaa kirjottaa kaikkee enkuks oikein. Sit valmistettii... read more
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