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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Great Ocean Road March 17th 2006

This is just the second half of an old blog. I've seperated them to make space for the photos While here I really wanted to see the great ocean road but hadn’t really arranged how I was going to do it so you can imagine how pleased I was when it turned out I was going to be able to drive myself all the way along it! Everybody had offered to lend me their car to get around while I was here and after a quick enquiry it turned out my English licence is completely valid here so I can just hop in anyone’s car and drive. Buzz was more than happy to lend me his car too so I figured it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. The next morning I found myself travelling down ... read more
Sometimes it follows the beach
And sometimes it's along cliffs like this

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia March 17th 2006

Narrogin. 17 March 2006-August 2006 We have been here longer than we ever anticipated. Though I did sense something ( or used it as an excuse to buy two chooks perhaps) from the beginning. But now that the end truly is in sight I relly feel sad about leaving here. Although for the last five months I have a 5 kilometre radius of existence in this town. As I turn to leave, knowing I will probably never return, I feel a strong sense of loss and a sudden regret. And of course a sadness at having to part ffrom with all the lovely people we've made brief acquaintances with along the way. Without exception they were all so wonderfully nice to me (especially now that Im leaving?!). Well truth be known, its easier to be nice ... read more
Narrogin in Autumn
Stirling Ranges WA
wagin pioneer village

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay March 17th 2006

Hi everyone, sorry I havn't added a journal entry for a while. Since my last entry I have travelled quite a way up the East Coast and am currently in Byron Bay. I will just bullet point each place we have stopped at and tell you what we did while we were there. Canbera: A lot of people told us not to bother visiting Canbera because there is not much to do but I couldn't come all the way to Australia and not visit the capital. We were all glad that we came here anyway. We only stayed for two nights but really enjoyed it. It's a lot less touristy here than Melbourne. People are more friendly and we found plenty to do while we were here. We visited the Australian War Memorial Museum, walked around ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch March 17th 2006

Who Am I Kidding - I Can’t Surf Matt and Nick were keen to learn to surf so I’d promised to take them both out when the swell was good. The forecast predicted a new swell arriving on Tuesday arvo, so we headed to the surf shop, rented a couple a long boards and headed out to “Taylors’ Mistake”. Odd name for a beach I thought. After giving them the safety briefing - * Rule 1: When you’re walking out always keep your board beach side of you,* Rule 2: when you fall off, cover your head, grab your nuts and pray for a miracle, and * Rule 3: No bleeding in the water, the great whites love it!!I explained the importance of looking for rips before you paddle-in, and then we all headed in together. ... read more
Across Arthur's Pass
Arthur's Pass
Our Father

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Lake Tekapo March 17th 2006

Happy St. Patties day everyone! I hope you had a great one, I know I did. Jo, Jason, Jordan (man I know a lot of boys with names that start with J) Kate and I went on a backpacking weekend to Lake Tekapo and then headed up to Mt. Cook (the highest peek in New Zealand) Lake Tekapo It was, once again, a beautiful drive to the lake. It’s about 2 hrs south west of Christchurch. Some have compared it to Tahoe...I don’t know Tahoe has its own beauty you just cant compare to, but it was very beautiful. We kinda illegally camped on the shore of the lake. hehe. There is something adventures about driving down dirt roads that at any min may just end and we would end up in the lake - given ... read more
Me and Lake Tekapo
Lake Tekapo
The group and the dog


Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mission Beach March 17th 2006

On our way south, after we had left Cairns, we stopped at a lovely little place called Mission Beach. Tiny little town, with just a few places to eat, a couple bars, hardly anyone around at all, with a lovely beach. The sun had started to shine now, so we made the most of trying to top up our tan again. We stayed here for a couple days just totally chilling out.........pure bliss!!!... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth March 17th 2006

We arrived in Perth to be picked up by the brother (Tieag) of one of Jason's friends. Yet again we were subject to fantastic Australian/Irish/Singaporean hospitality. You could quite easily say that Perth is one of the best places to bring up a family it has such a lovely vibe about it. However it is so isolated as It is a 4-5hr flight from Australia's east coast (but this is probably why Perth is so lovely). We tried (or rather I tried) dim-sum in Perth with Tieags family and celebrated St Patricks day as Tieag is Irish. We rented a car and headed south to a place called Bunbury. This is another lovely 'ideal to live' place. The bay in Bunbury is famous for it s resident dolphins who come up to the beach every morning ... read more
The Basin at Rottnest Island
Us in the little glass bottom boat

Skydiving was awesome! We jumped from 13000ft, which was as high as they go and translates into about 60seconds of freefall. The plane ride up was really cool aswell because it goes over the Abel Tasman park and you can see the Marlborough sound and mount Taranaki on the North island. So for 15 minutes your looking at beautiful senary before jumping out of the plane. It's pretty easy because you are uncomfortably attached to another guy (basically if the guy gets excited you're going to know about it) so you have no choice when he jumps you jump. It goes by so fast it's hard to remember the whole experience, but the best part is the first second of freefall. I will definately do it again, but next time maybe a won't suggest I'm going ... read more
Getting suited up

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane March 17th 2006

Absolutely boiling! Wendy left today as she is going down to Melbourne to see the commonwealth games, lucky! As it was so boiling only one thing could be done - sitting by the lagoon! I also found the market right beside it, but have to refrain from spending the little money I have!... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island March 17th 2006

Hello from NZ!! Its been while since my last blog and i am actually writing this from Auckland where we are already nearing the end of our stay in NZ. We arrived in Christchurch on the 15th March and as soon as we stepped off the plane we all realised just how different it was from Australia. Going from the usual 35 degree heat to a windy damp 18 was a shock to the system shall we say. When we arrived we met up with some of the girls we had been travelling with in Oz and as it was one of their birthdays, they were determined for us to join them on a night out! So with little introduction to Christchurch, let alone New Zealand we were getting ready for another night out! - and ... read more
95 Year Old life and Soul!
Outdoor Live Band
Typically Irish!

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