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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands March 2nd 2006

After a full day of travelling on 21 Feb I arrived back in Bangkok at 9pm. Decided to see Khao San Road by night and so booked into a hotel just off the main street. Not exactly five star luxury, but not quite Leonardo Di Caprio dodgy standards a la The Beach either! The bathroom was so small that the door only opened half way and you had to squeeze in and shut the door before you could get to the loo. Spent the evening haggling with the street vendors, but have to say that I'm not that good at it! Besides which, everything is so cheap to start with, that you feel bad negotiating on the price at all. Had a last wander round Bangkok the next morning and then it was off to the ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo March 2nd 2006

After leaving Rotorua our trip took us to Taupo. On the way we stopped at Huka Falls...not really a waterfall more like a thunderous mass of white water....a 100m wide river compressed into a 15m i've been told. A lot of water. Not something you'd like to fall into. Anyway, we rushed on in hope of doing our skydive today...picked up in a white limo and driven to the air field to find that the weather was turning. Three people got to jump (including Ames and Asha) while Paul, Nat and I looked on. The winds picked up to 26+ knots (I hear that's windy!) so the rest of us were cancelled. Nevermind the night was young and Amy and Asha were adrenalin junkies so a night of drinking and dancing were a must! The ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland March 2nd 2006

Welcome from Aukland! We had a stay in Vancouver of a couple nights at the Westin Grand courtesy of a deal Vicki picked up in Whistler. Quite a nice hotel but it seems the more expensive the room the more they nickle and dime you over the little things. We had a great little visit with Tony and got to see the Olympic closing ceremony festivities downtown. We got delayed for a couple hours leaving Vancouver when they discovered a window malfunction that couldn't be fixed, but after that everything was brilliant. Surprising how well our 13 hr flight from LAX to AUK went, our hats off to NZ Air! We arrived in Aukland at 7:30 am picked up our gear and spent the next 3 hrs setting up our bikes. In that time we had ... read more
Olympic festivities
I am Eh!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa Heads March 2nd 2006

Jajamen, saa kom vi oss endelig fra Brisbane!:) Jeg maatte vente paa linsene mine som jeg hadde bestilt fra ett eller annet selskap i Australia, aa idag, YES, saa kom de, aa vi kunne dra til neste plass! Etter noeye studering i Lonely Planet Travel Guide'n min kom vi frem til at Noosa var plassen. To og en halv times kjoering nord for Brisbane. De siste dagene i Brisbane har det ikke skjedd saa mye: vi var paa en MEGET akseptabel pannekakerestaurant aa feiret pannekakedagen, var paa kino aa saa Goal, planlagt reisen osv. Traff igjen, for tredje gang, to gutter fra Irland jeg moette foerste gang i Surfers Paradise. Plutselig var de paa hostellet vaart. Elisabeth mener de foelger etter oss. Faar saa vaere, de vet ikke hvor vi er naa!:) Mamma, du vet han ... read more
Her har vi dem=)

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Glaciers March 2nd 2006

I haven't got the hang of this blog yet. Some of it just isn't clear. It's crap. I've downloaded a picture and now I don't know where it is. It's a waste of time. I won't be adding any more entries until I find a computer genius to work it out, or I've got a thousand years to spare.... read more


Oceania » Australia March 2nd 2006

Well, here I stand in Singapore airport, dazed and confused waiting for the final leg of my journey to Australia. It's been 3days now since I began what has turned out to be one long non-stop journey to Australia and though I'm very tired and suffering from another case of the runs (particularly bad this time) I'm still smiling. As my old and good friend Richard would say - "it's either laugh or cry". So I laugh. Starting at the beginning of this Journey I was in Jaisalmer, in the far west of India (Rajasthan), close to the border with Pakistan. A random collection of events had led me to make a last minute dive to this place with Becky and Fiona. After rushing back from our 'camel safari' and scoffing some food we legged it ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands March 2nd 2006

New Zealand must be beautiful. That's what everybody says. So the level of expectation was pretty high. So when we drove around and just saw green hills and the road in front of us we thought maybe it's not true, maybe they all overstate a bit. But we found them. The places more beautiful than you can imagine. And the first one was some remote bay near the bay of islands. The water was clear and turquise, big rays and sharks could be spotted from the cliffs as huge shadows sliding through the bay. Knobby trees arched their branches over the rocks and the sand of the small coves. We were alone and set up our tent on top of a cliff looking over the bay. The rest of the day we could just marvel...... read more
My Friend, the Tree
The Coconut Cosair
Beach Bird

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Glaciers March 2nd 2006

There's a picture here of the view across the lake at Queenstown. I paid the duck five dollars to pose for me. Also a swing bridge on the Copland Track. This began near Fox Glacier on the West Coast and took a day following a valley through rainforest crossing many fast flowing streams, some of which had these bridges, and reached a pint where there was a hut to stay in. Near it were some geothermal pools which were surprisingly hot. We were able to lie in them that evening under the stars! The next day we had to walk back along the same route and it poured with rain all the way. (Hence the rainforest).... read more
'swing bridge' on Copland Track

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Concord March 2nd 2006

Aamut on niin rankkoja! yön ois saannu nukuttua hyvin, mut sit roskakuskit alko tyhjentää roskiksia joskus viiden aikoihin.. Niin ja näin ihme unia kotopuolesta ja kavereista.. voi voi! tarkottaakohan tää koti-ikävää.. :P no ei kai! Sairaalle mentiin puol kasiks, niinku oli käsketty. Meille ilmotettiin, et tulkaa vasta tunnin päästä. Vähäks potutti! sit hengailtiin siinä pihalla tunti. Heräämöstä meidät pistettiin kattoon silikoonin laittoa. Tai itseasiassa sillä tytöllä oli jo ennestää, mut sinne laitettiin uusi. Vähän rupes heikottaan ja kylmät väreet meni, ku ne otti sitä vanhaa silikonia ulos. Oli pakko pakko pistää istuun. Minna vaan kylmän rauhallisesti seisoskeli siinä mun vieressä. Sit seurattiin sitä tyttöä heräämöön. Se oli vasta 15-vuotias! oltiin aika järkyttyneitä.. Se meidän leikkaussalin hoitaja oli ylimukava!!! Niinku kaikki... read more
ja myös minna työpuvussa

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Omapere March 2nd 2006

From Kaihu Farm to Opononi and Mangonui From Dargaville we struggled up the big hill (300m) to Kaihu Farm backpackers. The weather is not as we hoped with cloud and cool. We walked down to a stream after dark to view the glow worms. Impressive except the torch failed on us. My those forests are dark at night just like the stories. While there we managed to play our Johnny Cash record we bought after our viewing of Walk The Line. The German couple of youngsters asked us to play it again and they did and did through the evening. On into the Kauri forest where we met up with the God of the Forest and the Lord of the Forest. Amazing trees of 2,000 years. This forest is all up and down. Happily, although the ... read more
Michael with Darby and Joan

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