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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast » Fox Glacier March 17th 2006

Sidebar Story Before we headed north to the Glaciers I should mention a moment that made us laugh in Queenstown. Unwilling to pay for accommodation for the night, Matt and I slept in my car. So, we found a spot in a street a few blocks from the main street and settled down for the night. At about 820am we got a knock on the window "My name's Dave, I'm from the Council" - Now, had he not had a broad kiwi accent he would have deserved a punch in the face for that line alone. "You can't sleep here - next time it'll be a $400 fine". Next time. "Right-o" I thought - like we'd planned to do it again. "And" he continued "there's a puddle of p*ss at the back of your car, I ... read more
The Album Cover
Brokeback Glacier

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 17th 2006

hey guys, how is everybody? sorry haven't been in touch nor written anything but there's nothing much to say right now, it's become a bit of a routine, going to work, beach, home!! since i left Thailand in november, jacky and me went to Melbourne for a few weeks before splitting up in Sydney. Melbourne was really cool, i loved it there, nice people and lovely city. Sydney is more hectic, lots of people, it really looks like London with the sun and flip flops!! but i can say that australians are very lucky, you can feel they're more relaxed and laid-back, like it's holiday everyday, i'm sure the weather helps. Sydney is a great city, full of outdoors activities, parks in the city, and more than 30 beaches to choose from. speaking of which, coming ... read more
Federation Square, Melbourne
city centre Melbourne
the great ocean road

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide March 17th 2006

Drove early towards hills to the east. Couldn't get the view of Adelaide I knew was there. Two cyclists Went ahead and positioned themselves at intersections to wave me in the right direction. Got to top. Great aerial view of the whole urban area. It was 700 meters high and 13 degrees. Clouds low. Cyclists arrived. Rain eventually came. Went down to city plain and warmth. Found City Markets I had heard about. Bustling. Good sticker interest. Whole thing felt like Istanbul bazaar. Radio interview set for Monday 8:30 AM Radio Adelaide. Got email from Advertiser journo but no interview for story.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne March 17th 2006

*Note* - I will add some photos for you all when I meet up with my big bro and use his lovely laptop in a few days :) Labour Day, 13th March...Katie, Danny, Sarah and I went to Earthcore in the park. There was such a mixture of people, with plenty of illuminous ravers some sporting the latest bunny rabbit outfits...oh I love the diversity at festivals and the fact that no one cares, makes me smile :) Anyway, first on was Schpongle who I now absolutely love. His Dj set was full of cultural influence, kept going by a steady beat for everyone to dance away to. I thought he was going to be really young but he looked about 60! Throughout the sunny day Danny and I wandered about the different stages that were ... read more
Hardcore Drum and Bass stage at Earthcore...

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Surrey Hills March 17th 2006

It was my uncleds birthday so it was perfect timing for him to take off work and show me around town. Such a beautiful city. We went on a walk around the harbour, I saw the famous opera house, we ate fish and chips overlooking the harbour bridge and then went on a boat tour around the harbour. We then went out for his monthly liquor run; $540 and 6 bottles of vodka later we were on our way back home. I pretty much conked out and was out cold for 2 hours. Upon wake-up I was told we were going out for Cheese and chocolate fondue at their friend Lukes house. THere were 8 of us there, 6 gay men, a woman, and myself. It was funny to sit around with a bunch of gay ... read more
The uncles


Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura March 17th 2006

On or way back to Picton we stayed a night in Kaikoura. This is the whale-watching capital of New Zealand. Altough the sparkeling sea mocked us for some time with fluke-like images far of in the distance, we didn't see a whale. So made some other stupid tourist stare out to the water by telling them where we had just seen the whale and left for the penguin- and seal-colony. Those animals are more reliable and usually can be expected to be there. Some tourists around the seals acted pretty annoying. They tried to pull at a sleeping seal's tail until he was awake, angry and nearly bit them. The seal should have chased them right into the water...... read more
Lazy Seal
Wet Seal
School of Dolphins

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands March 17th 2006

The Title u will understand later.... Well after a complete technology break for the two weeks while we were in Fiji we are back lol well we are in New Zealand! SO in Fiji we got a 14 Day Bula pass which allowed us to travel freely around the Yasawa and Mamanucan Isalands which was amzing we took in 7 of the Island in all I dont have time to write about them all now but i will later basically all stunningly beautiful really hot and humid and lots of lizards spiders and mossies arrrggghhh!!! oh and happy st patricks day !!!! So I have decided to make time and tell u all about Fiji !!! We stayed at the Nadi (pronounced Nandi) bay hotel on the main Island of Fiji for a night when we ... read more
kava ceremony
Bounty Island!!!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Surrey Hills March 17th 2006

This is amazing. Its 2 in the morning and I had my first warm shower all week, damn it feels good to be clean. I was about to jump into bed when I looked outside on the patio (yes, i have a patio right outside my room, a door from my bedroom directly onto it); I decided to go outside into the warm air wearing my pajamas. Being warm out, they dont consist of much, the point is that It was so nice to just stand outside with the warm air on me and just take a second to think. Im actually in australia. Insanity. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington March 17th 2006

Take the car over on the 3 hour ferry ride, through the Sounds. Stay at Wellington YHA for 3 nights, as we were told how nice it was and 2 nights might not be long enough. It's very lively, loads of pavement cafes with a nice promonade overlooking the harbour. Wandered around the shops and went to the Te Papa museum, much famed for its people/culture/animal exhibits. It's a nice place, but we agreed that we prefered Christchurch which is prettier and cleaner.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Glaciers March 17th 2006

hey everyone, There will be some overlap here between mine and marcs blogs, he is sitting next to me now writing but it's been such an ace last few days that i have to have my say too! from my last blog.......Only spent a couple of days in Christchurch but really liked the place, it was so english it was unbelievable. Especailly hanging around with such fine examples of english gentlemen as Tom and Marc. Spent a day wandering round looking in the museum and sitting in parks and feeling very arty drinking capacchinos in cool little cafes. After an educational evening watching jelly wrestling and meeting people with very interesting career choices we got up early to drive over Arthurs Pass to head right from the east to the west. I got to do most ... read more
feeling a little apprehensive
Pointless posed picture
A main attraction of Hokitika

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