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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Sale March 22nd 2014

Hi blog followers. We are now at Sale, Victoria and spent yesterday exploring around Sale. First up we headed for Maffra (just North) and were lucky enough to have the Vintage car show and museum open on the day. It was great to see the history of cars from the very beginning to modern day. It was a bonus to see Peter Brocks cars from his early days. See Photos. From there we did the triangle from Sale to Paradise Beach/Golden Beach (on the 90 Mile Beach) to Seaspray and then back to Sale. It was great to see a storm building over the beach and get some photos. On the way back to Sale we stopped off at the historic swing bridge which is Australia's oldest and largest swing bridge still in operation. Today we ... read more
Sale Swing Bridge
Walhalla Cemetry
Walhalla Long Tunnel Gold Mine

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 22nd 2014

This weekend is expected to be hot and sunny, but rain and thunderstorms are on tap starting Monday, so we thought we would try to do outdoor stuff today. We started the morning at our favorite Sydney cafe (see photo from my blog two days ago). As previously noted, it is located right on Circular Quay in the heart of the Sydney waterfront. They have the best cappuccinos in town, in our humble opinion. Then we walked along the water and enjoyed seeing some of the buildings and art work that we have seen there before. As we went along, though, we came across more and more that was new. In particular the wharf area on Walsh Bay (one bay over from Circular Quay) is now quite gentrified. When we were last here this was a ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Warrnambool March 22nd 2014

DOWN UNDER FOR SURE Guess what was happening in Melbourne when we arrived from Christchurch, N.Z.? The Formula One Gran Prix!!!! No room anywhere for us. So after 1 1/2 hr. traveling with our newly rented, compressed version of a Campervan, in a driving rainstorm, we were sited on the Geelong peninsula. As it turned out, we were at the beginning of THE GREAT OCEAN ROAD. And again as luck would have it, exactly where we wanted to be. As always, we started at the local VIC (visitor information center and as always the staff had great quantities of information, maps, and suggestions as to how we could best utilize our time and see the best of what was in the area. Torquey is the center of surfing competitions and will be jumping shortly. As we ... read more
12 Apostles dusk
12 Apostles
a family of roos

Oceania » Australia March 22nd 2014

Leaving the wheat fields and heading for the coast north of Perth, country getting a little hilly and tall gum trees replaced by low growth shrubs and banksia. Guilderton was our first sighting of the Indian Ocean.looks like the Sunshine Coast about 10 or 20 years ago. Traveling north through low growth shrubs, small hills and huge snow white sand dunes. Very small villages, some just shacks and not much else. Fellow travelers told us about Anchor Bay freebie so we pulled in for the night, down a short dirt road, in amongst the shrub covered dunes, we found a beautiful little sheltered spot for the night. All to ourselves. Just the bees for company. They seemed to like a beer. Sunset over the ocean, wow. Through the night the wind came up and sand filtered ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Ayers Rock March 21st 2014

We met us at 6:15 a.m. for a walking tour. A bus brought us back to Kings Canyon. There started the track. There are stone stairs up to the top. There we saw the beginning of sunrise. We followed the track and took a lot of photos. Two and a half hour later we met the rest of our group at car park. First stop was a photo stop. Next stop was in eyeshot of Mt. Connor. The biggest toothbrush of the world. On the other side of the road was Lake Amadeus. Next stop Yulara. There is a small supermarket but I didn't find what I was looking for. We had one hour in our hotel next to Yulara and I walked to a lookout. You can see Ayers Rock and the Olgas from lookout. ... read more


Oceania » Australia March 21st 2014

Another early morning to catch the train to get our flight to FIji. The train is literally across the road from the hostel. It took 15 mins and we were there.... Simple. We got though to customs and.headed to duty free as i read reviews and they said alcohol is expensive on the islands so one litre of malibu and.whisky purchased. We also went to TRS to claim.our tax back from the sunglasses. Then it was litetally time to get on the plane.the flight was just short of.four hours and we landed in very humid fiji. The people are so.friendly and.when we arrived in.the airport three men were singing with ucalyles. We jumped in through the outskirts of.Nadi and.arrived in.Denerau 20 minutes later. Our hotel is beautiful and.they treat you like a princess for tips ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 21st 2014

I feel as though the last couple of blog entries have been short. That is because I have been so sleepy in the evenings while I adjust to the time change. Today I will try to tell you a little more about what we are up to and write a little earlier in the day. First of all, it is great to have Maggie here. Traveling alone has its advantages, but there is nothing like the companionship of your best friend and loved one when exploring a foreign city - or doing anything else for that matter! We have been to Sydney twice before, so we are familiar enough with the city to remark on changes since we were last here eight years ago. Today we took a ferry out onto Sydney Harbor and it was ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 20th 2014

Maggie and I took the subway down to Circular Quay this morning and walked around for a bit. It was very pleasant to see again the sights we have enjoyed in previous visits. We had cappuccino at our favorite cafes and I took photos of the opera house and the harbor bridge. (See photos) Then we took the subway into the center of the city and had lunch at a downtown department store. Next we poked around the area for a bit, buying an Australian sparkling wine to take home for dinner and a couple of food items. Back at the apartment I did a load of wash and Maggie and I had a glass of champagne apiece while sitting out on our balcony and watching Sydney below us. We are both still quite jet-lagged and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 20th 2014

Today we officially ended our cruise around New Zealand, but we started another cruise up the East Coast of Australia. Technically this is now our 10thcruise. It is the first time we have taken a back-to-back cruise and we enjoyed not having to deal with the activities of leaving the ship. The final two days as sea were very restful and should appeal to the traveler who packed as much reading material as they packed clothes. We will have a few of those “sea days” of restful cruising this trip, but we will also have some excursions too. So this segment of our vacation story should have parts to appeal to everyone. We got to sleep until after 7:00 this morning but enough people were in the hall that we woke up anyway. We had been ... read more
Martyn and Marcus
Sydney Opera House

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Bellingen March 20th 2014

Well who would of thought....we have only one more day of work before we head off on our worldwide adventures for 12 months flying out the 30th March. Whoop whoop!! This trip is the one you always talk about but wonder if, when and how it will occur. Pito has only travelled to New Zealand (for our honeymoon and an Ironman) and is terribly excited to see the world beyond the greater triangle of Holbrook, whilst Jac hasn't done a big trip since her gap year in 2001 to the UK and Europe. The start of our worldwide shenanigans, like all good holidays, will commence with the 'Triceratops' doing an Ironman and Ultra Marathon in South Africa. Yep, you read right....we're apparently planning our year off around sporting events!! The 'Triceratops' was created by three boys, ... read more
Pito and Joey doing the triceratop wetsuit style

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