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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory July 10th 2014

We said goodbye to The Diamantina National Park and continued the journey west towards Alice Springs. From diamantina we travelled to Tobermorey on the Northern Territory Border. Mum seemed to think she might be able to get some hot chips at Tobermorey - mum and her hot chips, she loves them! We all agreed that she was placing far too much faith in this little spot on the map but mum felt considering it was written in bold on the map that surely this little town would have hot chips. We reminded her several times that it is called Tobermorey STATION but still she kept the faith, even saying she might get a facial while we were there! On our way to Tobermorey Station we pulled into Boulia for petrol and a few supplies. What a ... read more
Ruby Gap
Ruby Gap
Ruby Gap

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales July 10th 2014

Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9 On Friday 4th July we took a final relaxing walk around Moruya before we started to pack up the caravan and car as we wanted to be on our way just after breakfast. So on Saturday 5th July we hooked up the caravan and said goodbye to Moruya, a lovely relaxing little spot. We travelled along the Princes Highway eventually stopping at Ulladulla for a coffee. Most of these places we have heard of but never seen and Ulladulla was again a good surprise. Coffee overlooking the boat harbour and harbour entrance and of course the pelicans. After coffee we walked to St Martins Anglican Church ... read more
 Moruya Bird Life
 Moruya Memorial
Ulladulla harbour

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Wilpena July 10th 2014

Desert Ship Territory Log Day 7. Well the Maree Hotel sure aint the Hilton but it sure is an outback experience. After I tackled the temperamental plumbing in the shower, we headed down stairs for a continental breakfast and got a bit stuck there watching the The Netherlands vs Argentina FIFA World Cup matchwhere The Netherlands lost in a penalty shoot out. After we packed the car, we went on a bit of a walking tour of Marree which used to be the main area where station cattle were mustered from as far away as Queensland and sent by rail to Adelaide to market. The Afghan cameleers also worked from here and there is the relics of Australia's first Mosque made from mud brick and a thatched roof. We feulled up and fuel is still not ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Ringwood July 9th 2014

Lost a day somewhere - bloody date line. Flight pretty good, if you consider sitting, lying, moving for 14.5 hours good. Had a feed when we got on the plane, watched a movie, then went to sleep. Much easier when you can stretch out, even better, at one stage I had my feet up on the bulkhead and was almost horizontal. Woke up and went for a walk, got some more water and snacks then back to watch another movie. Off to sleep again, then woken up with a sandwich and banana snack. More walks then more sleep, so all in all I reckon I might have had about 4 to 5 hours sleep - not bad for me on a plane. Woken up for breakfast, then we land pretty much on time. Off and into ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Maroochydore July 9th 2014

We had a fabulous campsite on the lake in Maroochydore, right across the road from the South Maroochy River. It was a lovely place to stay, however we did have to visit Bunnings for an electric heater for nighttime....down to 3 degrees (which feels considerably colder in a camper trailer!). We were lucky enough to be here in time for the Eumundi markets on Wednesday, much to Grant and the boys' disappointment. My cousin Leesa was staying in Noosa for the weekend, so I tagged along for some girl market time, while Grant and the boys explored some of the Noosa coast and surrounds. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the markets, and managed to restrain my spending to a moderate level! We also enjoyed the cafés, shops, sunshine and relaxed atmosphere of Mooloolaba and the "best fish and ... read more
Mooloolaba Beach
Sunset on Maroochy River
The Big Pineapple


Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Eumundi July 9th 2014

We got up quickly this morning to get to the Eumundi Markets with enough time to see everything before they closed at 2pm (which in our experience means they start packing up by about 12.30/1pm). Barry stepped out for a moment and came back with the news that the caravan opposite us was Ros and Arthur’s. “Are you following us?” They’d already been here 2 days and may stay another night. We made plans to catch up tonight. Eumundi is only about 20 minutes down the road so we got there in plenty of time and Barry dropped me off while he looked for parking as the place was packed! It is a very large group of markets, largely undercover, and has stalls full of “Artisans’ work” which ramble throughout the area and make it hard ... read more
Sculpture at the Eumundi Market, Qld
The Ginger Factory, Yandina
The Ginger Factory, Yandina

Oceania » Australia » South Australia July 9th 2014

Desert Ship Territory Log Day 6. We were on the road by 9am but held up a little bit by the peak hour traffic jam at the petrol station. Jammed by everyone making their way to all four corners of this great nation of ours. The road to the Oodnadata Track was really good and we spotted an eagle feeding off a dead dingo just as we reached the Track . Once on the track it was only about 5km before reached William Creek and the road here seemed to be worse. It was a hive of activity with mostly all 4WDs and off road campers all loaded up. This place seemed to be such an institution that we just had to stop for a quick drink at the pub. Four lemonades cost $16. My favourite ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Coober Pedy July 8th 2014

Desert Ship Territory Log Day 5. We started the day with an organised tour which I felt was a waste of money as the tour guide told us everything I had read in the tourist bureau yesterday and all the places we went to we could have gone to ourselves. One thing I did notice and was verified by our ex Opal Miner, tour guide, who looked about 85, had a German accent and walked with an unmistakable miner's stoop, was that the population of about 2000 was represented by 45 different nationalities. So far I have not come across one Australian. In this respect, Coober Pedy is so full of juxtapositions on so many levels. Where do I start. So Australian and so multicultural all simultaneously. I don't think there is a designated dump here ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Beerwah July 8th 2014

We spent part of the morning de-frosting the fridge. It had built up ice on the element but only on the left side. We’re not sure why – is it from not being completely level on a couple of occasions? We’ll have to keep a watch on it and see if it happens again. Barry found a caravan site on Wikicamps at Cooroy, which is within 20 minutes from Eumundi, where we want to go to the market we’ve been told is amazing. The caravan site doesn’t have all the facilities but, with power, it’s only $15 a night. Neither that site nor the Showgrounds we’ve been in has a Dump Point, to empty out our grey and black water tanks, so we had to go back to Beerwah, the closest one marked on the map. ... read more
Lindsay Muir's Brochure (see previous entry)
Marshland, Cooroy, Qld
A Lovely Stand of Trees at Beerwah

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory July 8th 2014

We have made it to Alice Springs! Haven't put up a blog entry before now as we have had no reception for the first week and a half. The journey so far........... Gav, myself and the kids left home and put in a full days driving and made it to The Cooladdi Roadhouse, about 80kms east of Quilpie. We free camped at the roadhouse and boy was it cold! Luckily we were able to have a fire but even with the fire it was bitterly cold. The kids couldn't get into bed quick enough as they have new thermal sleeping bags and were very excited to get into them, even though it was still daylight they kept asking if they could go to bed! Wish they were that keen to go to bed at home! Even ... read more
The Diamantina National Park
The Diamantina National Park
Camping at Cooladdi Roadhouse

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