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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca July 28th 2014

July 2014” Since our ‘The Wrong Way Around Trip’…well…basically I have been ‘slack’! Yes, we have done a few trips, but, I have not completed any Blogs for you all to follow us, sorry! Mostly our trips have been within Victoria and centred around the High Country and the Murray Valley, although one trip we did should have been written up and that was to the Birdsville Races last September, (Schoolies Week for over 55YO’s without high rise buildings to get into strife on!) . This was a fantastic trip with a number of highlights for us. From home (in Echuca) we headed north to Hay and onto Wilcannia, a historic town on the Darling River. It is hard to believe when you look at the state of the mighty Darling that this was a busy ... read more
Warri Gate

Oceania » Australia » Queensland July 28th 2014

We had an interesting night camping on the banks of the Pascoe River. We found out the following day that it was a Public Holiday in Lockhart Rvr so I think some of the locals were celebrating!!!! After a long 70km in 2 hours we made it to Chilli Beach which we thought was lovely but a bit windy...... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Huonville July 28th 2014

This morning we set out to explore the Huon Valley south of Hobart. Our first stop was at The Apple Shed Museum, Ciderhouse and Organic Store. The enterprise is housed in an original old apple shed and tells the history of the apple orchardists in the Huon Valley. Bernie tasted his way through a sampler paddle of four ciders, well actually, it was three ciders and a perry. I had a couple of mouthfuls of each, declared the perry my favourite and then followed up with a hot chocolate. Unfortunately they didn't have any hot, spiced cider going this morning or I would have been into that! From the Apple Shed we continued along the magnificent Huon River to Geeveston where we turned off towards the Tahune Forest Reserve, the home of the 619 metre long ... read more
Cider Tasting

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Batchelor July 28th 2014

Hi travel followers. After almost a 2 week break in Howard Springs/Darwin just chilling out and enjoying the 22C nights and 32C days plus grass in the van park, we thought it was time to catch up on our blogs and let everyone know we are still alive and what we have been up to etc. After Mataranka (the last blog) we headed for Darwin as I needed to get the Cruiser serviced and give it some new tyres etc. Along the way however we stopped off for a day or two at places like Adelaide River (the little Van Park behind the Pub is excellent) and Edith Falls (national park) which was another beautiful spot where we ran across our first "snake" on the walk up to the "top pool" and falls. (see photo) At ... read more
Our first snake in the NT
Lyn and a dip at Edith Falls
Sunset at Edith Falls

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart July 27th 2014

This morning we took the 11.00am Mona Roma (fast catamaran ferry) from the Brooke Street Ferry Terminal up the Derwent River to Berriedale. We booked the 'Posh Pit' tickets which gave us access to an exclusive lounge, bar and private deck. As soon as we were seated we were offered a glass of Moorilla sparkling wine. OMG, the decadence of it, we started drinking before midday today! It's only a 20 minute cruise to Berriedale, but the staff were buzzing around topping up our glasses just about as quickly as we were drinking. I had to decline the third top up in order to be sober enough to walk up the 99 steps from the dock to MONA!! From Berriedale we had a good view back towards the city centre and up to Mount Wellington. It ... read more
I thought we were in Tasmania?
Relaxing on the Roma
Wrought Iron Mixer


Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Darling Harbour July 27th 2014

Wow, was für ein tolles Wochenende!! Leider passiert hier unter der Woche nicht so viel weil ich meistens nach der Arbeit ziemlich kaputt bin und weil es so früh dunkel wird... manchmal gehen wir noch was trinken oder was essen aber arg viel mehr passiert unter der Woche nicht.... DESHALB muss ich meine Wochenenden so gut es geht ausnutzen!!! Also sind wir gestern - da eigentlich Regen angesagt war - ins Sea Life gegangen, war wirklich mega cool dort und viiiiiiiel größer als z.B. in Konstanz :) Und das Wetter war dann doch garnicht so schlecht und daher haben wir den Rest des Tages im Darling Harbour verbracht. Anschließend sind wir zu Pizza Hut und haben uns am Buffet den Bauch rand voll geschlagen :D Folgich konnten wir abends nur noch Filme schauen... Und heute war ... read more
2014-07-26 15.12.53
2014-07-26 15.47.38
2014-07-26 15.36.19

Oceania » Australia » Queensland July 27th 2014

Dnes jsem navštívila koalárnu - Lone Pine, jen asi 20 minut busem ode mě. Vstupné pro studenty $24, uvnitř ještě za fotku s koalou a asi 15 vteřinové držení tohoto zvířátka (které není medvídek, není to medvídek koala-Australané to neustále zdůrazňují) doprovázené krmením ošetřovatelky, tudíž čistý čas na focení člověka s koalou jsou.tak 4 vteřiny: $16 navíc ;) Ale žijeme jen jednou, žeano. Mimochodem, něco jsem se tu dozvěděla: koaly spí denně 16-20 hodin a to proto, že eukalyptové listí, jediná strava koal, obsahuje pramálo zdroje energie (zato 50% vody). Jinak díky tomu koalu hezky voní, podle mě. Samci mají hnědou skvrnu na břiše, kterou vysílají vůni v době námluv, každý koalák má svou jedinečnou vůni. Samice mají bílé či růžové bříško a jsou celkově menší, váží 5-6 kg oproti 9-10 kilovým samcům.... read more
nezájem ;)
antiperle u koal
domu daleko

Oceania » Australia » Queensland July 26th 2014

Made it to Bramwell junction Roadhouse & beginning of OTT. Drove to palm creek crossing then chicken track & we still said no way. Here r photos of others doing chicken Track & all had to be winched out.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland July 26th 2014

After chick ending out of Palm Creek Crossing headed back to Bramwell & onto Bypass road to only make it another 15km up road & Lawtons busted a spearing on ute. Limped back to Bramwell. Left girls & kids at roadhouse. Coops & Greg headed back to Weipa to get new spring. We're back on the road by lunch time the next day!!... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland July 26th 2014

On our way to Elliot Falls/ Canal Creek campsite had to do our first deep creek crossing on OTT. Didn't all go to plan & the Coopers got a little wet & a bit stressed!!! Lawtons got through with only a littler bit off water in the trialler. Lucky the campsite was excellent.... read more

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