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North America » United States » Florida » Clermont July 22nd 2014

Tuesday morning and my first thought was my car. Getting to Alamo at Orlando airport would be hours of a job and there were no closer locations. As the car is brand new patty suggested that I take it to the local dealer and see if it's something really simple that can just be fixed. I got into my car, started the engine and there was no engine warning light... Nothing. I decided to drive a little way to see if it came back on and if it did take it to the garage... If I went without the light on they'd just think I was some crazy English! As I drove the light sort of flickered on and off and as I was low on fuel, I nipped into a petrol station. As I was ... read more

If you travel, a little or a lot, chances are you have had some issues packing the right amount for your trip. My problem is that I usually pack too much on International trips. But since most of my "extras" are disposable, I donate them to needy people, particular in Third World countries. For long weekend trips, or trips of about 5-7 days, I am the "master". Anything longer, and I bring too much! There are some obvious rules or guidelines to follow, to pack optimally, and still enjoy your trip. I also believe that packing lighter is good, and that you can buy whatever you forgot. The hotel will have what you need? Generally this is true. But once in a while, they don't have a hair dryer or little shampoo bottles. Hair dryers are ... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston July 21st 2014

Boston: Today we arrived in Boston at 7:15 a.m. and as we left at 4:00 p.m. we tried to cram in as many sights as possible, one way to do this was to catch the hop on hop off trolley bus, which took us to a number of historic sights such as the U.S.S. Constitution, Bull and Finch Pub Boston Common America’s first public park dating back to 1634, and Boston’s north end home to little Italy, one of the oldest Italian neighbourhoods in America. From there we went to Fenway Park home of the Boston Red Sox, this is one of the baseball parks where Babe Ruth played, the game is so popular here that every home game since May 15 2003 has been sold out. In 2008 the Red Sox sold out its 456th ... read more
Outside Fenway Park
Cheers Pub
Boston Tea Party

North America » United States » Hawaii » Wailea Makena July 21st 2014

The Weavers left bright and early for a snorkel tour to Molokini Crater, a crescent-shaped, partially submerged volcanic crater which forms a small islet near Maui. Jeff and Allison walked along the coastal area, swam in the ocean, and then joined the Weavers at the resort's infinity (adults only - yay!) pool for the afternoon. The day was sunny to start with, then was mostly overcast in the afternoon but it must be true what they say about still getting sun on a cloudy day because Allison and Jeff are kind of red this evening. Tonight was our Luau night at the Marriott. It was actually a pretty nice presentation with live music, hula and other Hawaiian dances, native crafts, etc. The food was also pretty good with the pig cooked in the traditional way: underground ... read more
Craig being Craig....
Ready for the Luau ...
... with our Friends!

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle July 21st 2014

Five hour flight to Seattle from Philadelphia. Beautiful and sunny when we arrived. Settled into our room and then headed off to Pike Place Market for lunch. Walked past the"original" Starbucks location and strolled thru the marketplace. Belt buckle vendor caught the eye of the boys and both walked away with one. Sean got a seahawk and Drew got a native american eagle. Boys hung out at the hotel pool for a while, we hung out looking at the lake, and then we headed off for a quick pizza before passing out.... read more
Sailboats on Lake Union
Pike Place Market
Belt Buckles


North America » United States » California » Monterey July 21st 2014

Start: Santa Cruz, Ziel: Monterey. Tageskilometer: 87.9, Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 48.3, Gesamtkilometer: 6'637.9. Standen heute auf dem Biker-Camping als Letze auf (ca. 08.00 h) und genossen unser Frühstück. Da wir keine richtige Karte hatten fuhren wir gleich von Anfang an falsch. Das Problem ist, es hat viele Bike-Lanes aber meist keine Wegweiser und viele kleine Strassen. So fahren wir hinunter zum Meer und auf der Beach-Road dem Wasser entlang. Doch plötzlich hört diese auf und wurde zur Privatstrasse… Deshalb alles zurück und dann steil wieder zur Küste hoch… Training again… Kamen dann an riesigen Erdbeerfeldern vorbei mit vielen mexikanischen PflückerInnen. Dann holte uns Jamie aus Nordirland auf seinem alten, hier gekauften Fahrrad ein. Er hatte wie alle anderen den Veloreiseführer „Pazifik-Coast“ dabei aber irgendwie stimmte ... read more
Halten uns ein Ständchen
Seelöwen tummeln sich in der Bucht

North America » United States » Florida » Punta Gorda July 21st 2014

Wednesday 16th, Thursday 17th July 2014 Both of these days were work days for Judy, she having to mark over 50 university assignments. Victor worked most of his required 15 hours at the golf course, Helen and Rags doing their own thing. The postal service delivered a parcel for Rags, this being a gear set for the bike he intends to build when we get back. Much cheaper to buy here in USA and postage is free as well. First thing this morning Rags took one of the bikes out for a ride around the suburb. He did prove that the approach road to where we are staying comes to a dead-end if approached from the south, as he rode through dense vegetation and water trying unsuccessfully to get through. Even so, the 15kms or so ... read more
The Bob Graham Sunshine Skyway Bridge
Girls enjoy their photography.
Fish tacos. Yum!

North America » United States » Arizona July 21st 2014

Hüt isch eifach numme e tolle Dag gsi!!! Au wenn dr Christian kei Heli-Flug gmacht het - er informiert sich no drüber, wie das usseh würd, vo Las Vegas us (dört hän mir denn ebbe nomol chli meh Zyt) ;-) Mir sin mit em Suttle-Bus in Grand Canyon Nationalpark ine und denn witer uf e nögschte Bus, wo diversi Stopps agfahre het, direkt an dr Canyon-Kante (South Rim). An dene Pünkt het me könne usstyge und denn entweder mit em nögschte Bus witer fahre oder au es paar hundert Meter (maximal 1.5km) uf em Weg entlang vo dr Canyon-Kante bis zum nögschte Bus-Stop laufe. Das hän mir denn immer wieder so gmacht, so dass mir dä fantastischi Usblick über und in G.C. richtig hän könne gniesse!!! Immer no sin mir hin und weg vo däm riesige ... read more
Grand Canyon Panorama
Grand Canyon
Mueller-family ;-)

North America » United States » Tennessee » Franklin July 21st 2014

On Monday morning, we packed up our bags, loaded our car and drove the 20 minutes south to the old town of Franklin which is just outside Nashville. On the way there we passed some absolutely gorgeous houses and even drove down to side streets just to have a nosy! Franklin itself was amazing, imagine old fashioned America and Franklin is what you come up with. The town is steeped in history (American time scale history though obviously) and apparently there was one of the biggest battles of the American civil war fought there. We saw pieces of that history as we strolled around the antique shops and other independent, gorgeous stores. Sometime in the form of artifacts found on peoples' land, sometimes in the stories which were written on big plaques around town. On the ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Anchorage July 21st 2014

North to Alaska Flying into the four hour endless sunset is weird and we arrive at dusk in Anchorage at 12:45 am. It is chilly waiting for the hotel shuttle, sort of like an October evening. Check in and drop off immediately. Awake to the sound of a train whistle. We are near the station and across from the rail yard where the observation cars bed down for the night. In a couple of days we will be seated in one and off to discover southern Alaska. We enjoy breakfast and head out for a walk. Our hotel in on Ship Creek and the salmon are running. It's about 60 degrees and cloudy but the weather is refreshing and does not discourage fishermen (and women) from wading in the chill water. The creek banks are mud ... read more
Ship Creek
Ship Creek
Bridge Seafood

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