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North America » United States » Florida July 16th 2014

We woke up at 5:30 this morning so we could get to Universal early to get a jump on the new Gringotts Harry potter ride! This didn't go to plan - we still had to wait over 3 hours for this ride! After this ride we split up into smaller groups, me, alex, eddy, ryan, helen and andrew had some lunch at the leaky cauldron (bangers and mash for me). We then explored throughout Diagon Alley then caught the Hogwarts express to Hogwarts and Hogsmead! The most memorable rides were the dualling dragons and hogwarts castle. Outside harry potter world; the hulk was pretty crazy! We went on many rides none of the line ups took as long as the first harry potter one! We met up with the rest of the group towards the end ... read more
group selfie
waiting for hp ride
looking exhausted

North America » United States July 16th 2014

Start: Sacramento, Ziel: Vacaville, Tageskilometer: 113.7, Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 45.0, Gesamtkilometer: 6'383.3. War ziemlich warm und so hatten wir trotz der Müdikgeit etwas Schwierigkeiten einzuschlafen. Am Morgen bot uns dann Pamela noch einen Kaffee und Bagel an. Jonathan war schon bei der Arbeit da an seiner Schule die Ferien vorbei sind. Wir verabschieden uns und fahen dann auf den Fahrradweg zurück der uns in die Stadt bringen soll. Schaffen dies auch ohne grosse Probleme. Näher am Zentrum sehen wir auch ab und zu homeless people welche in den verschiedenen Pärken genächtigt haben. Dies ist die Kehrseite von grösseren Städten. Wir fahren dann an der Tower Bridge vorbei, was ein Fehler ist. Das GPS versagt auch heute und weist uns einen falschen Weg aus. So lernen wir noch etwas die Stadt kennen bevor wir dann ca. 2 h später ... read more
Downtown Sacramento
Dad's Kitchen
ist nicht Mom's Kitchen

North America » United States » Alaska » Fairbanks July 16th 2014

Si il existe de journée sans, et bien aujourd'hui en est une. Hier au soir je suis allé souper dans le centre d' Anchorage, j' ai eu beaucoup de mal a trouver un resto, Même pas de fast food. Je me refuse d' y mettre un pied mais pas Mac Do, non plus. Tout en marchand dans la ville, par hasard , je suis tombé sur une brasserie, assez animée. ce doit être la seule de la ville. Un bon fish and chips, un tour de ville en voiture. Je n' ai pas trouvé, non plus, une belle photo a faire. Vous ferez le constat vous même. Depuis que je suis en Alaska je n' avais pas de dollar US sur moi. A Valdez, une banque, ma carte refusée. je pense pas d' accord avec la ... read more
au moins 50 m2
mes adieux au Pacific

Well!!! Sorry everyone haven't done our blog for a few days, tooooo! busy shopping!! Left Vancouver on the 12th 11.00a.m. and met up with Suzy and Blake at John Wayne Airport around 2.30p.m. and got our hire cars and drove on down to Palm Springs and Palm Desert (about a 2 1/2 hr drive from John Wayne) arriving about 5.00p.m. 41C in the shade whooh!!! but a nice dry heat, every day has been the same since we arrived. Staying at the Desert Springs (Marriott) Villas, they are just fantastic, looking out over the green golf course is just so refreshing, when everything else around you is just arid and dry and desert. We each have our own villa and they are so spacious and well equipped, home away from home, had the washer and dryer ... read more

North America » United States » California » Encinitas July 16th 2014

Very quick post - hope to keep this going here. inspired by my friends Liz & Marianne on this site, plus their doggies Oliver & Daisy, on a one-year travel quest! My husband Rich and I are setting out later this week with our three teenaged daughters (his natural, my step, aged 16,14,12) to Barcelona and Rome. Oh, and we have two fabulous siamese kitties at home - Franki and Rusty - Franki turned 7/12 and Rusty turns 7 7/17. More later! Ciao Ciao... read more


North America » United States » Alaska » Ketchikan July 15th 2014

Here's Ketchikan ~ the Salmon Capitol of the World! I should think that's great, if only I eat salmon. It was drizzly there, but not the whole time. We walked around. First stop, the Totem Memorial Park. While on the way there, we saw some totems, some cool looking benches, walked down the famous Creek Street, and saw the University of Alaska Southeast. And the slugs, all over the sidewalks and plants, we HUGE and fat. I've never seen them so big. The say things are big in Texas, but in Alaska, they're even bigger. The totems were tall, very tall. The backs of the benches that we saw, were shaped into a dolphin and a whale. It was pretty neat. I don't know how comfortable it is, as it was sprinkling and I didn't want ... read more
Chief Johnson totem
Dolphin bench
Whale Bench

Friday 11th We leave site nice and early and as we get out of the gate disaster strikes, the van dies on us. It just won't start ! I call the rental company who call a tow truck. Half an hour later it arrives and tows us the the garage up the road and departs. I ask the garage owner how long it will be to get it fixed and he says “ I'll look at it on Monday or Tuesday !!” I call the rental company who say that they'll get us towed to another garage and give us another van. Forty five mins later we're back on the road to SF where we're given a newer van. This one's painted in street art and looks great. By lunch time we're driving back over the ... read more
Our new van
Giant trees
Another giant tree

North America » United States July 15th 2014

Unsere planlose Dag het folgendermasse usgseh: - erfolglos probiert Uszschlofe, weil gescht Obe 2 CH-Familie acho sin, wo ihri Zimmer links und rächts vo uns hän und hüt am Morge am 6i dank em Jetlag scho vor unserem Fenster hie und her gloffe sin und in einere Lutstärki mitenand gschwätzt hän und Türe knallt hän - erfolglos mit em Elias, Nélio, Tobi und dr Móni telifoniert - erfolgrich skypet mit Gromi & Gropi, obwohl d'Verbindig chli waggelig gsi isch - erfolglosi Schueh-Suechi für öbber Liebs diheime - aber mir luege witer... - seeeeehr erfolgrichs Shoppe für uns und au Daheim-Gebliebene ;-) - erfolgrichi Abküehlig im Pool - extrem erfolglosi Restaurant-Suechi zum go Znacht esse - mit em Endergäbnis, as mir e Parkbuess in dr Höchi vo USD 93 becho hän, weil mir Touris nid checkt hän ... read more
Diving in the pool
We put some new shoes on

Good morning from a still quite dark outside Fort Lauderdale! I'd originally planned to write this blog last night but sleep got the better of me and I ended up with an iPad to the face So I thought it would be best to leave the blogging until today. I'm feeling a little more human than I was when I got here last night! Yesterday felt like an exceptionally long day, even though I've had much longer journeys (the epic train journey of doom in Vietnam for example). I flew with American Airlines, who I was quite sure I hadn't flown with before. I maintained that illusion until I got on what pretty much amounted to a sopwith camel (google it!) and it all came flooding back to me. The aircraft had a 2, 3, 2 ... read more

Travel day to Bakersfield, Ca. overnight at Bakersfield River Run RV Park. Extremely clean and neat. Temp. 108. Travel day to Oakhurst, Ca. for our base camp for Yosemite. High Sierra RV Park is one of the few campgrounds in the Yosemite area. We will never stay here again. My RV is 34 ft, and anything larger would never fit no matter what their webpage, or what they tell you over the phone.... read more

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