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North America » United States » Utah July 30th 2014

Wo mir hüt ufgstande sin, hän mir tatsächlig blaue Himmel gseh... Aber heiss isch es also au hüt nid gsi, knapp 18 Grad (und au am Nomidag nur knapp über 20 Grad). Trotzdem aber: nüt wie los in B.C. Nationalpark! Me cha do 18 Meile dr Kante entlang fahre und bi diverse Ussichtspünkt ahalte und die spezielle und unglaublige Steiformatione aluege! Mir sin denn bis z'hinterst gfahre und hän denn es paar Mol aghalte und gstuunt. Kurz bevor mir wieder bim Usgang acho sin, het's wieder afo blitze und donnere - was öbber vo uns gaaaar nid gärn het und so schnell wie möglig ins Auto zrugg het welle und denn ins Hotel...! Im Hotel hän mir denn e Päuseli gmacht und sin uf die zwei e kleine Snack go neh. Wo mir denn wieder use ... read more
Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon

Day 2 We got up to damp foggy weather so packed our water-proofs for the ferry- we were heading to Pier 33 to follow the damp journey of many of America's most wanted to its highest security prison on Alcatraz. This island which stands in full view of the inhabitants of peaceful freedom loving San Francisco had long been a prison and military installation but became infamous by design in face of rising crime in the 20s and 30s. The plan was to house the most infamous, the most unruly and those repeated escape artists in a place of extreme hardship to stand out in front of the public and be a deterrent to criminals. They used to say that if you break the rules you go to jail; break the prison rules and you go ... read more

some photographs of day 2... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Denali July 29th 2014

I was still tired at 4:30 so we decided to bag todays excursion in favor of a leisurely morning before catching the train. No doubt it would have been fun to Jeep through the park but the timing was tight and the train connection conflicted so we ate a leisurely breakfast and headed to the depot. The day is sunny and we have a shot of seeing Denali from the train. Ever hopeful. We are joined in the domed car by a party of thirty-five Indians traveling together, some young adults, some teens, a few adults. Can't figure out if it's one extended family or a tour but they are a joy to travel with, so polite and friendly. Off and on during the ride some of the women would sing quietly and though I don't ... read more
The Big One

North America » United States » Texas » Austin July 29th 2014

Så var man i texas. Sov inatt i Carlsbad och nu påväg till austin där vi blir två nätter. 35 grade just nu vid kl ett på dan. Sju timmars bilfärd idag, så lite less att sitta i bilen. Men läst bok å sett nå serie på laptopen. Lite tankar om USA. Alla är så jäkla trevliga! Det är varmt i amerikanska öknen (no shit). Varannan bil är en pickup. Dom kan inte göra gott kaffe. Sjukt störande att allt i affärerna är prissatt utan skatt. "perfeeekt, en påse doritos kostar två dollar.... Nä just det... Två dollar plus skatt....". Frågar dom om man vill ha small, medium or large, ta alltid small. Tydligen låter "Hubba bubba" och "waboba" roligt om man säger det på "svenska" :D... read more


North America » United States » Virginia July 29th 2014

Day 4 has been mostly about driving and great views. But before I talk about that let me tell you about our 3 days in DC. we arrived in style at our Arlington hotel, just over the river from Georgetown which is a student part of town. It was soooo hot we decided to catch some rays before heading into town. We then went for an early dinner, sat outside and walked home for an early night. At about 4am I woke up and discovered the mosquito attack- I had about 10 bites where Phil had a grand total of 0 to report! The next morning we found a shock in that in our mustang excitement we left our itinerary pack at the car hire instead of heading straight to Lincoln's memorial we drove straight ... read more

North America » United States » Utah July 29th 2014

Nach ere Nacht mit sehr heisse Temperature und nur mässigem Schlof, sin mir am Morge zytig ufgstande und nomol fein go Zmörgele. Denn isch unseri Fahrt Richtig Bryce Canyon los gange (ca. 5h Fahrt). Mittagspause hän mir in Salina gmacht, imene anschinend ziemlig bekannte Bistro ('Mom's Cafe'), und vor allem dr 'German Chocolate Pie' isch sensationell gsi! Denn isch es witer gange durch ziemlig e grüeni Gägend und wohär do amigs s'Wasser chunt, hän mir denn sälber erläbt: e meeeegaaa Gwitterrege isch über uns prasslet... Kurz vor Bryce Canyon sin mir no am Red Canyon verby gfahre und es isch unglaublig, wie rot dört die Stei glüchtet hän! Denn sin mir do acho und sin sicher, as dä Ort do vo 'Best Western' kauft worde isch ;-) Wo mir usgstyyge sin, hän mir s'erst Mol sit ... read more
On the road
On the road - Red Canyon
Bryce Canyon

Left early today so we could find parking at Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias. Hiked trail through old forest, saw a sequoia estimated to be 1,800 years old called The Grizzly Giant, the California Tunnel Tree (cut in 1895 to allow horse-drawn stages to pass through), the Faithful Couple (two large trees fused together at their base and sharing the same root system, remain clearly seperated above. The Bachelor and Three Graces is another example of four different trees sharing the same root system. Drove on to Tuolumne Meadows but rain moved in and we turned back to camp. Seeing Yosemite requires a lot of driving and riding. Long day, had to refresh at El Cid Mexican Restaurant in Oakhurst. Highly recommended if you like Mexican food.... read more

We travel today to San Francisco RV Resort in Pacifica, Ca. The park is located on the ocean, but main reason for this park is close location to San Francisco. No travel photos.... read more

Drove north today crossing the Golden Gate Bridge stopping to walk out onto the bridge. Spotted some dolphins swimming underneath the bridge, but I am unable to prove it since we were so high they appeared the size of ants. Leaving the Golden Gate Bridge we continue north traveling through the Napa Valley home to more than 300 wineries. After getting tired of looking at vineyards we stopped for lunch in Lakeport, Ca. at Cheese's Main Street Pizza. Time to turn around and head back to the old corral. Of course we timed things perfectly for a rush hour traffic jam. Yeah!... read more

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