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North America » United States » Oregon » Portland April 17th 2014

I didn't want to spend my last morning in Hong Kong sitting around the hotel room, so I packed my bags and then went out for a walk. I strolled along past little shops selling everything you can thing of: a tiny hardware store, a large number of shops selling dried seafood products (anchovies (I think), slices of fish, seaweed, and several items I couldn't identify), a money exchange office, a 7-11, a Starbucks, a shop that appeared to be selling 4x8 pieces of plywood, and others. After a while I hopped on a tram that runs along one of the main streets and rode it to the Bank of China building. I had my passport with me, so I was able to go up to the observation floor. Clearly the view was more impressive back ... read more

North America » United States » California » Lone Pine April 16th 2014

Today was going to be another longish drive so we decided to start no later than 9.30-10. Steph and I decided to go to the Bellagio breakfast buffet and left Kerry still getting up as she wasn't up got it. We'd been to the buffet a couple of years ago for lunch so knew what to expect. They have everything you could ever think of for breakfast and you can eat as much as you like! We had some fruit, pancakes, french toast, eggs florentine and some coffee and juice. This time we didn't overheat like last time! And had a nice leisurely breakfast then we went for mother bit of gambling where I lost $20 then bought a few more gifts and ended up to get out stuff and check out, we'd one valet parking ... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Oklahoma City April 15th 2014

Oklahoma City We are up at 4.30am to catch the 2 buses (No:6 & 10) to the Greyhound station for the 7.20am nine hour trip to Oklahoma City (OKC) via Dallas where we have to change. The journey goes to time but the buses are the worst condition we've been on by far; dirty seats, many broken and no chargers or internet. The driver for the second leg, Mr Bridges, is a star though; he runs the bus like a ship but he also jokes with all the passengers and says a prayer for safe journeys at the start and end of the journey - to which we all say "Amen!!" He clearly missed his vocation he should have been a preacher – he’d make a good one as well. In Oklahoma ... read more
Route 66 Motel - stroud
At the Motorcycle Museum - Warwick
The Crossroads -

North America » United States » California » San Diego » Hillcrest April 15th 2014

What a wonderful trip. For us two weeks was good. Getting tired of hotels and eating out! Last day in Christchurch weather was very nice sunny, and warm like San Diego. Hotels we stayed at were all pretty decent hilton and sofitel were very nice and made the trip luxurious when we needed it. wine excellent. food not too bad ,nothing spectacular. Mostly the cafés pretty good for food and people watching .mostly students from all over the world working as wait staff hiking on their off time. Expensive here though eating out very expensive. Hotels average prices as on states car rental and gas r high. Save a Lititle bit of NZ money for small food , drinks in airport, most vendors chArge fee if u use credit card for purchase. Farewell to our friends ... read more
bungy jumping off the Sky Tower
meet up with our niece in Quuenstown
at the Albatross Conservatory in Otago Penisula

It was suspense in the rolling through of customs. It was suspense in the reading of my new book, "The Alchemist". Taxi to an 8 hour bus ride. A 2 hour flight. Another 3 hour flight. Then a 14 hour jumbo jet-ride from east coast Africa to east coast USA and I was back in the homeland. I was anxious to see my mom, who had just undergone a stroke at only 61 and to see what had happened and support however I could. When Liz, my moms good buddy picked me up at the airport she was pretty negative about my mothers condition. Deep down though; I knew my mom. I knew that if she was still breathing, she was still fighting. We got to the Intensive Care Unit on the top floor of the ... read more


North America » United States » Washington » Seattle April 15th 2014

Day 5 – Michelle’s sense of direction is better than Anne’s Tony left for work and Michelle and Anne had to find something to do. They finally settled on a movie and the Zoo. Finding the theater was eventful. Just remember, in cities, what you are looking for is often above you. Michelle made many suggestions about where to turn and was always right. After the movie (Rio 2) and a quick lunch at Subway, Michelle and Anne headed out to the Woodland Park Zoo a short bus ride north of Downtown Seattle. Michelle wanted to feed the birds in the aviary and see the snow that was brought in for the grizzly bears’ 20th birthday. Most of the animals were eating and settling in for the night. We saw he river otters in their den, ... read more
Bird on a Stick
Da Bear is Cool
Pie, Chicken Pot

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle April 14th 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014 truly was a day of days! When Heidi Herder plans an all day event, she makes sure that it is full. When I say full, I mean supine on the couch after too much turkey on Thanksgiving full. It was a day that began with a Washington marine layer reminiscent of a July day, minus 15 degrees or so. Nevertheless, it was obvious that it would clear to be a brilliant and sunny Seattle afternoon! First stop, the Museum of History and Industry, or MOHAI. For me, it was like thumbing through a Washington State history book. Incredibly detailed and well laid out, the museum captures every major era in Seattle history and allows the visitor to waltz through local history enthralled with the collection presented to them. Our kids browsed until ... read more
Glass Boats
Moose Nose

North America » United States » Florida April 14th 2014 www.immersion-photography.NET presents "MerPrincess Casidy" Underwater Photo-Shoots For Hire in Florida By Ximena Olds Music By: Mika "Kick Ass" and Katy Perry "Roar" Make-Up Artist (MUA) Ande Alvarez Photographer: Ximena Olds This video shows a collection of amazing underwater images taken during MerPrincess Casidy Underwater Photo-Shoot Session, immersed in a special liquid environment. If you are interested in getting your own underwater portrait like seen here, please email us to for information Hire your own underwater photo-shoot, relax and let us do all the work. We will guide you through the entire process and make it as fun as the final product. Anyone can do it regardless of size, height, gender or age and you will be surprised with the results. The photographers have... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Anaheim April 14th 2014

We'll, "Hello" to those of you that are still following our journey. it's Saturday and we have finally had a slow start to the day. I, Lisa woke at 4.22am just a bit later this morning but after a while I did go back to sleep, which was well received by me & my family as I'm sure I was gonna be wearing my Cranky pants soon. I know most days I'm generally not the best of sleepers but thought after all the walking we have done that we would be too exhausted to have sleeping issues but this was clearly not the case. Graham and Girls woke quite a bit later, had breakfast from our meagre purchases from Walmart, yoghurt, Lucky Charms cereal (recommended by my nephew & niece) & some rank tasting grape juice ... read more
Astro Blaster
Meeting Minnie Mouse

North America » United States » Texas » Austin April 14th 2014

Austin – The Capital of Texas & definitely ‘The Food Truck City’ of the World! We’re up very early as our bus leaves at 6-15am from the Amtrak/Bus station and we've been advised to get there 1 hour ahead as they tend to overbook seats. We share a cab with 2 girls from Switzerland - Nora and Solange, also going to Austin on the same bus. It’s pretty quiet and all the fuss was for nothing. We get on board and leave a few minutes late. We have some drama on the road as there is an incident and the main highway blocked by police and we are delayed to the mid-way. Slight concern as we only have a ½ hr window to transit at Houston. No need to worry the driver makes up ... read more
Austin - Congress Avenue
Barton Springs Food Picnic Area, Austin
Best BBQ ever, Black's - Lockhart

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