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North America » United States » Washington » Burlington April 14th 2014

It's been a few days since I've been able to post, but things are going swimmingly with the exchange! Of course, three days on a Heidi Herder schedule equals about 9 million cool things that bear mentioning on this blog, and they will be. This post is simply to pass along a couple of links. First, from Germany comes this article, attached as the picture on this page. Our Germans were profiled in their local paper, including a picture from their time in New York City! We are hosting celebrities everyone! Second, within minutes of arriving at school on their first day at Edison, Jutta Fais and Emily, we thrown live on the air on Edison's Monday Morning Show. The episode, cut down a bit for time, can be viewed here... Monday Morning Show More to ... read more

I had been waiting for them all winter. Since I had flown back here on the eve of a snow storm in January, I looked forward to the day where the snow would melt for good, and I would experience a world famous spring in Washington, D.C. After months of below freezing temperatures and a steady pounding of snowstorms, small hints of life ventured through the melting frost. Slowly the temperatures climbed. Then one day, as if overnight, beautiful bouts of color illuminated the landscape. And the cherry blossoms arrived. Over three thousand trees were given to the city of Washington, D.C. as a gift from the mayor of Tokyo in 1912, meant to symbolize a long lasting friendship between Japan and the United States. The flowers are in shades of pink and white and bloom ... read more
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North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas April 14th 2014

So today has been loads of fun I really love Vegas. We decided to split up today which was great for a bit of space. Kerry went off on her travels and met back up with us for lunch about 1pm in Caesars Palace. Steph and I spent some time in the room sorting out our bags first thing after a lie in to figure out how much weight we had left in our bags for shopping today. We need up leaving the hotel room about 10.30 and saw Kerry downstairs am hour and half after she left us earlier. We headed out through the Bellagio hotel where we are staying and it took about five mins at least to get out of the hotel. I started filming on my video camera going through the display ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Medford April 13th 2014

Our chauffer, Pete, and the tour guide, Betty, delivered us to Medford with a few new stops for us. We travel the road to Medford often but have never made the stops that Betty had planned. We took a tour through the Taylors Sausage store and have decided that will be our favorite stop along Hiway 199. What a great place to get a delicious sandwich along with a favorite beverage. After a lunch stop in Grants Pass we arrived safely at our motel for the night. Thanks to Pete and Betty for a fun trip to Medford. After checking in to The Quality Inn we started out walking. After all the lunches and dinners of the last week we needed some exercise. What a great surprise to find a festival in downtown Medford--The Annual Pear ... read more
Quality Inn

Greetings from a grotty little town in the middle of nowhere. Apparently there's a nice canyon out there somewhere, but the wind has whipped up every bit of sand in the desert so the canyon has vanished. Perfect opportunity to relax in my posh hotel and finally update my blog. Day 1 Flying over Canada, giant icebergs as far as the eye can see. Awesome sight. Bit high up to see any polar bears though. Day 2 Elrod Rabbit Baylee, aka Meat Loaf, putting on a Vegas show. Complete with juggler, fire eater, tap dancers, chippendale and 2 clowns who got shouted at by Mr Loaf for being scary. Day 3, 4 Las Vegas. Take the tackiest bits of most major cities and stuff it all into 1 long street in the middle of nowhere in ... read more


North America » United States » Ohio » Saint Clairsville April 13th 2014

I was able to safely circumvent The Cincinnati Triangle today. For those not familiar with this phenomenon, It is the area Between Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton where mysterious things happen. Mr. Carlson claims that this is caused by having a triangular area formed by 3 cities that start with the letter C, The 3rd letter in the alphabet. It is a proven fact that many things have been trapped like a Flytrap within this area and never seen again. The list includes bicycles, cars, airplanes, Gary Sandy's carrier, several Navy ships and a pig. There have also been several medical phenomenon associated with this area including an elevated Fever which doctors can't seem to cure although a mixture of Herb in a shot of Bailey's has proven to be helpful more or Les according to News ... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Atoka April 13th 2014

Of course, the best part of any trip are the people we meet along the way. Oklahoma was no different. We first went to my mom’s first cousin, Bill. Bill is the son of my grandmother’s younger brother. Bill offered for us to stay at his house and we accepted that offer. Bill and his wife were waiting for us. We relaxed a bit and a cousin of Bel’s came around to meet his Cali cousin. Bill: I’ve known Bill since I was little. He was always the one to take us around the area. This time was no different as he was generous enough to take all of us to the Boggy Depot area. Bill took us, also to see the old home place and the school mentioned in the previous blog. Another cousin, Barbra ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Bronx April 13th 2014

When we returned from China, and after a short visit back home in Vermont, we decamped to a spacious loft in New York (Mott Haven, South Bronx.) This has been an invigorating period as I have had a chance to immerse myself in some of the urban activities here in the metropolis. Visiting museums (Museum of the Chinese People in the US illustrated the changing nature of prejudice and discrimination against this "favorite" minority. With the bombing of Pearl Harbor the Chinese became allies in the fight against Japan, a struggle they had been engaged in for 11 years at that point. Life magazine printed an article that alleged to give instructions on how to distinguish the Japanese from the Chinese), attending plays ("All the Way" on LBJ and the passage of the Civil Rights Act ... read more
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North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 13th 2014

Yesterday was a busy day with its ups & downs. Tropical Palms provided a "Farewell Breakfast" for the last of us "long termers" who still remain. Do you think they call us stragglers? Just a few tables of friends left to gather together to wish each other well as they plan their trips home. The Spring, Summer & Fall months will pass before we meet again. It seems so far away. Kind of sad....but it provides us with something good to forward to. We shall leave on April 22nd. Some of our friends leave this week, some next, some aren't sure. Safe travels to all! Our day progressed into a full and fun one as we met up with our family and went to Universal Studios. Cory purchased 3-Day passes so this adventure will be ... read more

Hi, We are at home preparing for our cruise to Europe. We fly to Ft. Lauderdale on Thur. and get on the ship on Fri.... read more

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