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North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 27th 2014

On July 23, 2014, I walked out of the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago with a bag of money. The Federal Reserve doesn't make loans or take deposits from individuals, but they gave me money anyhow. I smiled at the guard as I walked out; stay with me and I’ll tell you how you can do the same thing. The Federal Reserve is responsible for the monetary system of the United States. They design and print our money, they set interest rates, they regulate financial institutions, and they function as a bank for the nation’s banks. The integrity of the country’s financial system depends on the Federal Reserve System. There are twelve branches of the Federal Reserve around the US. One of those branches is in Chicago, and just off the lobby is the Money Museum. ... read more
Federal Reserve Building
The Grand Watermelon
fed sign

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis July 27th 2014

The weeks are going faster and faster. I was in a sampler week which meant the kids left on Wednesday. Lauren, one of the girls I worked with this week, asked me if I wanted to go stay at her house on Wednesday and Thursday which was really nice. Her house was super fancy and it was nice to have a decent shower and sleep in a proper bed. It was nice to finally have some healthy fresh food and watch DVDs and relax. I also sent a few packages home because I was running out of space in my bags and I have a restriction on bag and weight limit for the contiki. Overall it was a pretty chilled out and relaxed week which was nice for a change. On Friday night hannah and I ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Roswell July 27th 2014

Dags att gå på ufo museum. Ska tydligen ha bevis på riktiga aliens.... Återstår att se ;D... read more

North America » United States July 27th 2014

Start: Carpinteria, Ziel: Malibu, Tageskilometer: 102.6, Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 57.8, Gesamtkilometer: 7‘227.7. Nach dem Frühstück (Müesli mit Wasser angerührt und Früchten) fahren wir im kalifornischen Morgennebel los. Man könne meinen es wäre Spätherbst…los. Halten jedoch beim nächsten Starbucks an um einen Kaffee zu trinken. Dann geht es weiter nach Ventura und Oxnard. Teilweise ist es schwierig den Weg zu finden. Plötzlich muss man wieder auf einen Highway, dann bei der nächsten Ausfahrt wieder runter und sich erneut den Weg suchen. Etwas mühsam. Wissen noch nicht genau wo wir schlafen werden. Hat zwar ab und zu einen Statepark aber keine Einkaufsmöglichkeiten. Essen dann noch etwas bei Dennys und fahren dann weiter der Küste entlang bis nach Malibu. Viel Verkehr wie oft in den letzten Tagen und viele Motorradfahrer auf ihren s... read more
Am Wochenende wird eingeheizt...
Kalifornische Morgen-Nebel-Stimmung
Kalifornischer Sommer (Morgen)

Today my daughter Tamara married Ryan Miller. So the last week has been very full of activities and preparation. It started last Saturday in Denver where we went to pick up our other daughter, Rosanna, at the Denver International Airport. She was flying in from Virginia at 3 pm, but without our son-in-law Evan who couldn't get time off as they had just returned from two weeks in Italy and Greece...they learned about insane itineraries from me! He has used his time since then very productively by finishing the first draft of his doctoral dissertation. He is scheduled to defend his thesis in September and then receive a PhD in Bioinformatics. Also missing was our son Will who is going to law school at Bangor University in Wales. We called him at the last minute to ... read more
Bride and Groom with Matron of Honor
The new family
Bride and Groom with Parents


North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaua'i July 26th 2014

These links will take you to a couple short videos from our Helicopter Tour. ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Mt Rainier July 26th 2014

Todays adventure was heading south to Mt Rainier - a sleepy volcano about 70 miles south of Seattle. We went far enough into the park to get a great view of the snow covered mountain peak and then headed back out of the park to catch our train trip and BBQ on the Mt Rainier Scenic RR. Beautiful sunny day with just enough breeze. The RR trip was a bit different than the one we took with them 10 years ago ending at a different spot with food, music, some train engines and other units to walk around, and a mock up of a logging camp. Boys topped the day with swimming in the pool.... read more
Mt Rainier National Park
Mt Rainier National Park
Mt. Rainier

Start: El Capitan State Park, Ziel: Carpinteria State Park, Tageskilometer: 56.8, Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 51.1, Gesamtkilometer:7'125.2. Heute sind wir als Letze auf. Draussen ist es noch ziemlich feucht und alles nass. Nach einem ausgiebigen Frühstück verabschieden wir uns von den anderen und machen uns auf den Weg. Geht zügig voran weil es flach oder nach kurzen Steigungen bergab geht. Kommen gut voran doch der Weg ist nicht immer leicht zu finden. Kommen dann doch ins Zentrum von Santa Barbara und finden dann die richtige Strasse zum Strand. In der Nähe des Meeres essen wir etwas – endlich wieder mal was Vernünftiges zum Essen. Dann verlassen wir den touristischen Ort und fahren der Küste entlang bis nach Carpinteria. Sehen noch BikerInnen in ihren Weihnachtskostümen. Machen das anscheinend alle Jahre im Juli und fahren von Pub zu Pub. Bi... read more
Kids skating in Santa Barbara
Life is a beach
Entlang der Promenade in Santa Barbara

Saturday morning, I packed up all my stuff and realised that I may need an extra suitcase just to get things home! Oopsy!! I went to fill my new water bottle up (must drink more water!) and it still had ice in it... Still.. 24 hours later! I'm so impressed. I guess I'm easily pleased! Ha. I set off east, and then north, with my spotify set to awesome. Three hours into the drive and I hadn't left the state yet. I'd stopped my finger tapping, and was decidedly bored. And so to my hands free kit. I started with calling the parents, and then the siblings, and then several friends... Then I JUST crossed into Georgia. As I was starting to get monumentally bored, I got off the motorway and drove around looking for a ... read more
Original city plans

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaua'i July 26th 2014

Another early start to our day - we arrived at the helicopter tour office at 7:45. After checking in, we had to get weighed so they could decide where to seat us in the helicopter. Happily, no numbers were visible to us! It's been more than a week of good eating! We were given our safety briefing, and were very pleased with their thoroughness and professionalism. A short drive to the helipad at the airport, more safety info, and it was time to board the helicopter. We were seated, strapped in, and got our headphones on. The headphones were to cancel the noise of the engine, and the pilot also narrated our flight through them. We were all a little anxious, but the liftoff was smooth and before we knew it we were way up in ... read more
... In Front of Our Hotel.
Arriving for Our Helicopter Tour.
Craig & Patti Safely Aboard

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