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North America » United States » Pennsylvania » Philadelphia December 26th 2006

George W Vs Rocky Sick on the concrete jungle we decided to head for the Shenandoah National Park, near the boarder of Virginia and West Virginia, for some fresh air and hopefully see some live animals. Ian was keen to see the Natural Bridge which is a naturally formed bridge first discovered by George Washington, his initials were carved in the side of the arch, or at least someone pretending to be him. It was suppose to be on the scale of the Grand Canyon and though I haven’t seen the Grand Canyon I don’t think it would compare. We drove through Skyline Drive which winds through the Shenandoah National Park. We stopped off at a few of the more impressive lookouts, we even considered going on a trek, but than we realised that we were ... read more
Stewies on the steps from The Exorcist
Stewies with Abe
Stewie helping hold the flag

North America » United States » California » Mammoth Lakes December 26th 2006

I know, I know its been awhile! We havent had much to write about, still waiting on a decent dump (its snowing at the moment so fingers crossed) for June to open so we've pretty much just been skiing! Other than the skiing we had 3 hours of training in the ticket sales system as there was a chance we could pick up a few hours but it turns out they don't need us now, the 3 hours pay was still nice though :) We also have been recruited by the Mammoth lift crew as they are running a bit short, we got all fitted out in our uniforms this morning and will be heading back there tomorrow for some actual work, although hopefully we will get enough snow tonight for June to open. Otherwise we've ... read more
Lupin St

North America » United States » Kansas » Overland Park December 26th 2006

Hello everyone, I hope that you are having a wonderful holiday season! As many of you know, I will be studying abroad during the 2007 Spring Semester. The study abroad program is sponsored by the Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Michigan and there are 40 American students participating in this program. I am leaving December 31, 2006 and heading to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia where I will be taking law school classes at Monash University. I will be in Melbourne until February 17, 2007 and then will be flying to Christchurch, New Zealand (South Island) where I will be taking law school classes at Canterbury University. I will be in Christchurch until April 15, 2007 when I will be returning back to Kansas. I will not be taking my cell phone, so my primary means of ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Houston December 26th 2006

My trip through the biggest state in the mainland was more about its culture than its sights. The things you notice quickly are the road signs: "Don't mess with Texas: $2000 fine for littering", "DUI: $10,000 fine and 10 years in jail, it just isn't worth it. Don't mess with Texas!". The radio is either rock, country, the religious right on talkback, or Hispanic. The best T-shirt I've seen so far was "Texas: it's bigger than France". I crossed the state line just outside Clovis New Mexico. A train came past in the other direction. It was at least a kilometre long and was carrying heavy artillery, Humvees, and more tanks than I'd ever seen in one place before. Yesiree, there be guns in Texas. I got to Amarillo for the night, which lies in the ... read more
We got cars!
We got big birds!
Continental Club - Austin

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan December 26th 2006

hmmm...what do i say on this, my very first blogging attempt as i sit here on lexington ave. in nyc, ny listening to the rain fall on the window ledge and the taxi car tires racing through the puddles. this time around for me in manhattan has proven to be full of fun, synchronicity, my sweet family, powerful music, dance, community, late night walks, romance, yummy culinary delights, dear friends and a plethora of learnings. i have surrendered to this city and i am most pleased to share that i have risen in love with the sights and well, not quite with the sounds just in time to feel perfectly complete for the departure. it has been a blessed and cherished experience!! thank you new york city!! i am flying away in the eve of jan. ... read more


North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Long Beach December 26th 2006

Santa Catalina Island - 20 miles offshore into the Pacific Ocean from Long Beach, CA. Mileage: ~800 miles RT from home Itinerary: 22 December: drive down 101S towards Long beach. 23 December: to Catalina Island 24 December: Catalina Island 25 December: Back to Long beach; back home. Where is Catalina Island? I did not know anything much about this place. All I knew was I wanted to camp here. And there was a convenient campground close to the city. So, that was my first reservation-Hermit Gulch campground. This was some 1 mile from the city of Avalon. Dec 21st: The usual pre-vacation jitters I had this severe cold/fever attack. So everything slowed down a bit. Tried hard to sleep early. Dec 22nd:Left hom... read more
Main Street, Solvang
Solvang streets
winter in Solvang

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu December 26th 2006

Well after a mommoth 4 days at sea, some severe sickness mixed in with some severe dining and relaxation......we finally hit land. Not just any land, no, Honolulu on the island of Oahu. First impressions of this area....well, beautiful buildings, the sun was shining and id heard on the grapevine that the shopping was i was happy to say the least! Upon arrival at destination, you go through the most boring pocedure to actually get off the ship...involving lots of queing and angry mexicans thrashing about to show their frustration at not being first in line. Sounds funny....but this was first of many queues to be experienced this holiday. Nevertheless, we stepped onto dryland for the first time in ages to soak up some Hawaiian culture. This is not the place to go to for ... read more
Beautiful sunset over Paradise Cove
Hula Girl Emma
The USS Missouri

North America » United States December 26th 2006

26 décembre Promenade de dinghy en mer. Le tout dirigé par Jean du bateau Sea Providence, nous sommes 5 dinghys en direction d’un site féérique par la mer en longeant la cote de l’océan Atlantique. Soudain au loin un nuage menaçant couvre le ciel … nous étions presqu’arrivés à destination et le capitaine de l’excursion nous demande de rebrousser chemin en direction de nos bateaux respectifs. Sur le retour le gros nuage nous crache dessus … une pluie qui nous enlève tout le sel que nous avions sur la peau… comme c’est agréable cette chaleur, car eh oui nous sommes en costume de bain et je ne ressens aucune différence de température. Nous avons continué à nous faire brasser par les vagues; je me croyais à cheval sur l’eau, les vagues qui nous arrosent et passent ... read more
Sur le bateau de Jean
Sur Sea Providence
Une grande tablée...

North America » United States » New Jersey » Atlantic City December 26th 2006

Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! nem tenho mt a dizer!!!...finalmente sexta eu comecarei a trabalhar!!!!!! que beleza =DDDDD Bom,no natal eu nao fiz N-a-d-a!......nada mesmo! rodei aqui na net.....mas sao coisas da vida ne? rs Nao tenho mt a dizer..entao..vo postar umas fotos bjooos... read more
eu e Ingrid
Atlantic City
sempre juntos !!!

North America » United States » California » San Jose December 26th 2006

Dawning on Dusk Dec. 19... read more

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