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North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago December 29th 2006

I'm writing this just to get a feel for the setup of this site. If somebody wants to be emailed when I write an entry, or if you want to be taken off the mailing list, my email is "". Here are some pictures ... read more
Our Tower

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas December 29th 2006

Today I did something I will remember distinctively for the rest of my life. What an experience, Daz, Mai and Allissa have not seen the Hover Dam or the Grand Canyon before and it was something they all wanted to do, but it's around a 12 hour bus trip from Vegas. none of us really felt like sitting on a bus for a full day, so what did we decide to do. At 5am this morning we hopped on a chopper and flew into the canyon and over the Hoover Dam. WOW WOW WOW. My first time ever in a Helicopter. It's a sunrise that I won't soon forget. Thanks to Mum and Dad for the Xmas gift as I used it for the flight. The roar of the rotors as you lift off the ground ... read more
Hoover Dam
All of us

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa December 29th 2006

After Fiona's meeting we had two days to kill before New Years so we decided to head west to Tampa. Tampa has a huge theme park called Busch Gardens, and during the month of December all Service Personnel get free entry so we decided to make the most of this offer. We drove across through Orlando and arrived late on the night of the 29th. We headed out to Ybor city which is the Latin quarter and pretty much where all the restaurants and nightlife are. We had a really nice greek meal in a crazy restaurant where guests and staff danced on tables and staff demonstrated traditional greek dances whilst throwing hundreds of napkins in the air - very weird but entertaining. We got up early the next morning and headed out to Busch Gardens ... read more
The Crappy Log Ride
The Crappy Log Ride II

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaua'i December 29th 2006

Welcome to the Coconut Cost of Kauai, Hawaii. Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiin islands, with the most verdant scenery and varied wildlife of all the islands. The scenery inspired and has been used in any number of Holywood movies including King Kong and Jurassic Park. For this blog I'm going to leave it to the pictures to tell most of the story. Having never taken a helicopter ride, Hawaii seemed like the perfect place to try it out. Inspired and encouraged by my new found French-Australian friend Tony - pictured with tequila and helicopter - we picked out the most reasonable deal and booked up the flight - $164 per head! (Note to travellers to Kauai, there are cesna trips round the island and we subsequently saw tours advertised for $80 in an agency ... read more
Na Pali Coast
What's with the little finger thing
Those roosters sure get everywhere

North America » United States » California » Big Sur December 29th 2006

Limite occidentale de notre voyage: le Pacifique North America » United States » California » Big Sur By Beren December 29th 2006 Gaëtan Nous sommes arrivés le 27 au soir près de Sequoia national Park dans la Sierra Nevada où nous campâmes. L'endroit était charmant et verdoyant, mais nous apprîmes le lendemain qu'il était interdit d'entrer dans le parc sans avoir de chaînes pour les pneus et qu'il allait nous couter un peu plus de 60$ pour en obtenir... courte discussion et prise de décision. Nous reprîmes la route vers l'ouest, si nous ne po... read more
Petit déjeuner dans la Sierra Nevada
Flore de la côte du Pacifique


North America » United States » Florida » Lake Worth December 28th 2006

This is slightly random, but I wanted to include some of what I did when I got home and started getting back into American life. I feel I can do this as I am still "traveling" about and haven't settled in anywhere yet. Living at home again after so long was strange enough, but add to that both of my sisters living there, along with my parents, my nephew, and my grandmother while she visited for two weeks, put it all in a three bedroom house, and see how the craziness multiplies. But it was nice to spend the holidays with my family. I even thought about getting a crap job for a few weeks and then decided it would be better to spend the time with my grandmother while she was visiting. It was the ... read more
Baby's first alligator
Bird Tracks

North America » United States » New Jersey » Atlantic City December 28th 2006

Oi people!!!!!! Acordei cansada de ficar em casa e fui à AC....fui ao shops que eh fooodaaa...e à Starbucks Cofee que como eu já disse,tem o melhor chocolate quente do mundoooo o/ A vista eh linda!!!!!!!!!!! as fotos estao abaixo do post!!!!!! Tem uma loja no shopping que tem inumeras maquinas de fazer massagem!!....nos pés,corpo..enfim!!!!!!! qlq lugar! essa loja eh um paraiso!!!!!!!!!!! De lá,fui à biblioteca e dps voltei pra casa!!!!!!Foi +- isso.....ahhh meu post anterior tava mais supimpa...mas a conexão caiu e eu nao salvei..rsrs bjooooo ... read more
Starbucks Cofee
ultimo andar do shopping
ultimo andar do shopping

Det far bli en liten snabb update, eftersom jag ar lagom jet-lagged och inte ens sitter vid en dator med svensk tangentbord - ni far ursakta pricklosheten och att jag kan vara nagot osammanhangande... Egentligen gick val resan (flyget) ratt bra, lyx med privat skarm att valja musik, filmer och tvspel pa osv.. Men jag sov ju inte direkt mycket och inte heller bra natten innan sa det kan ju forklara min snurrande hjarna just nu. Men i alla fall. Jag ar alltsa for tillfallet i Elkins park hos slakten och det ar inte alls en minimal lagenhet (som jag hade blivit forvarnad om)! Jag har redan blivit utdragen pa lite sightseeing i Philadelphia och sen har vi tagit oss till New Hope och Lahaska. De tva senare ar nog vad man skulle kalla pitoraska smastader ... read more
Gingerbread goes Russia?

North America » United States December 28th 2006

Du 28 décembre au 2 janvier, nous avons partagé notre Nycole qui était sur Nemo V (Rémi et Suzanne) et enfin elle arrive à bord de Moana pour vivre notre quotidien le 2 janvier. Le plaisir commence à trois et çà promet… Nous avons passé la soirée du 31 décembre au St-Francis Club de Stocking Island, avec tous les copains qui sont ancrés dans la rade. Malheureusement la musique était « so so » - rien de très local… mais Guy a tout de même eu un « frisson de compassion » pour tous nos amis du NORD…. Et nous avons levé nos verres à votre santé ! ! ! BONNE ANNÉE À TOUS. Par la suite nous avons été sur Nemo V et croyez le ou non, nous avons décidé que nous avions « faim ... read more
Cadeau pour Guy
La chorale du dimanche matin
Rémi à la guitare

North America » United States » Washington » Tacoma December 28th 2006

After rolling up my yoga mat and riding the rails like a new age hobo I come to find out at the end of my year of travel and wanderlust that Time magazine has nominated me “Man of The Year”. (please see three slide shows - just click on the film strips above - and the map of my trip to understand why) Tempting as it is to say “well of course”, I am compelled to say I have been humbled by this years I have traversed. Humbled to the mystery of life’s path when I just let go. Amazed at the turn of events when I quiet down long enough to listen to the inner voice. As 2006 draws to a close I find that the circle is being closed in many ways. On Christmas ... read more
Grand Canyon
Son of a Mic, Limerick, Ireland
Creek, Germany

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