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North America » United States » New York » New York November 1st 2006

Helloooooo Everyone! I have arrived in the wonderful city of New York! The flight went really well and was pretty peaceful. Watched Pirates of the Carribean 2 (I cant spell!) and Fast and Furious Tokyo Had to get the new Air Train that links the airport to the city's subway system. Was a little tricky to understand at first because they number all their trains...and some trains dont stop at every stop...unlike our simple London Tube. Then I arrived at the Hostel about an hour ago! Which is about 8:30pm your time. The hostel is pretty cool actually. Already met a few ppl.... one from Brighton, another from Ireland and another from Ukraine. Probs going to meet up with the Ukranian tomoro to go sight seeing... The Statue of Liberty etc. (I will take loads ... read more
My Hostel

North America » United States » California » Foster City November 1st 2006

I am home and it's the same. I feel the same when I'm here. Likely this is because I am doing precisely what I was doing when I left: spending hours at home playing with my dog and computer. I will allow myself a week of this before I start to feel bad about it. The last leg of my trip was fantastic. I got to meet up with friends who have relocated to the east coast and enjoy the glory that is our land of the free! When I danced (yes I was dancing) of my plane at JFK Airport I was the most patriotic person ever. You don't EVEN know. I made my way over to Nate's place and ran into Fei, Chaz, and Antonio on the way there. Our reunion was glorious! We ... read more
Cape Cod
We match
Beached boat

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando November 1st 2006

We left Jellico, Tn and continued down I75 on our way to Florida. As we approached Knoxville we thought about visiting some friends, (Rick and Jane) but Judy reminded me that they were at Myrtle Beach at the time. Both of us had Doctors appointments to attend in Naples on the 4th so we continued on. Earlier in the summer we had made reservations at an RV Park just outside Orlando, called Lake Magic, so we stopped there for 2 nights and then onto Naples for the appointments. While in Naples we also returned to our storage unit and got rid of some more STUFF, and moved what was left into a smaller storage unit. I might add that all of this was possible because Ernie and Pam Gangl and Keith and Pam Vacarro came with ... read more
Hot Air Balloons

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas November 1st 2006

So Eventually left Santa Barbara..lost trying to find everybody..couldn't een buy a beer as I'd forgot my ID...went to the ice cream parlour..or should I say I Scream parlour it was a crazy Halloween Night...I was suitably freaked out wandering around some strange twilight a massive chocolate cone after stopping the attendant as she was about to serve me with a quart "I said a the hell am i going to eat a quart of GermanCHocolateFest!!!" The staff there burst into an impromptu 'ZipperdeDooDah' which damn near frightened the hell out of me...more freaky than the ghouls outside... Checked out of Hotel Santa Barbara (sic) left the two Danish girls Ronja and Astrid in their bunks the way I found them....gave them a cake each I'd managed to stagger home drunk with ten cakes ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Miami November 1st 2006

Miami Must Beautiful people abound at Miami's world class beaches. Be prepared to work on your tan and people watch in the historic Art Deco beachfront restaurants and cafes of South Beach. Take a lesson from one of the numerous models and work off those unsightly pounds until 7AM at some of the hottest dance clubs anywhere. South Beach- SoBe sizzles with a sensual energy, glitz, a latin beat, and a fashionable and trend-setting youth culture. This Southern portion of the island-city of Miami Beach has art deco buildings that are palatial masterpieces or boutique gems. Developed in the first half of the 20th century, it's businesses include art galleries, modeling agencies, performing arts theatres, shops, fashion magazines, Sony Music's Latin American HQ and a Spanish-language TV station. Plus, endless bars and restaurants... read more


North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas November 1st 2006

Went past a billboard prolaiming 'Mad Greek' on teh way into Vegas..what can i say to that! we arrived at the f***** nuts town that is Las Vegas..too tired to do anything but grab a hot dog at Hooters...severely dissapointed at Hooters..their logo consists of an owl but it was the worst spot of Ornithology I've conducted since arriving in the States...Still the rooms up early...couple of games of black jack found a couple who were playing a game in every casino on the aptly titled 'Strip'..every five yeards I get accosted by a Mexican flicking porns cards at me... went for a wander around...gatecrashed another mates wedding here...well I turned up too just had to stay congratulations...I wasnted to hire an elvis Jump suit and do it properly but they were just ... read more

We had our first look at death valley in the morning! It really is an amazing place for a desert. Canyons have been formed from the ice age and further shaped by flash flooding. There are multiple rock formations out here, limestone, marble, sand, salt, granite and many different forms of animal life. After walking through “mosaic” canyon we took a tour at Scotty’s castle. The irony in this is that this 2 million dollar castle was built pretty well in the middle of nowhere by a wealthy millionaire who was duping into the desert by a conman (Scotty) who clamed to have a hugely successful goldmine at his feet. Well the castle has now become a national monument and the national park gives tours of the castle and underground tunnel system. We were well impressed ... read more
Camping in the desert
Feel the rock.
Mosaic Canyon

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Springfield November 1st 2006

HEY ALL! i apologize to those of u that have already gotten or seen this. but i saw something today that was quite literally the most amazing and beautiful thing ever. it's so incredibly inspiring and the love that this father has for his son is truly awesome, in the real sense of the word- it is TOTALLY awe inspiring... any way, the link is @ the bottom, i promise it's not a virus, n it's worth the wait to download it. just check it out- u'll be glad u did. nothing much is new with me, still @ school. another three weeks until thanksgiving break- 3 BUSY weeks, couple tests every week n some projects due in between. gonna be harsh, lots of love, hope to see u all soon!! xox -sara read more

North America » United States » Maryland November 1st 2006

Here’s some photos of our first major “shindig” with the international crowd here in Pax. It was kind of a weird way to meet people for the first time. Probably akin to what our German friends, Thomas and Nina went through when they encountered the Jax crowd for the first time at a 70’s costume party! We were greeted for this party in an impressive foyer of an incredibly big 2 story house by the hosts (French Canadians) Jocelyn and Nicole, who were dressed as the devil and a witch. Clinton and I went as demons. The size of their home was in true keeping with the Canadian services and the way they work their overseas allowances etc. So big that it helped ease our guilty feelings about the size of the one we’re going to ... read more
His Evil Lordship
The two Michelles
Ladies Lining up for the Donut Comp

North America » United States » Kansas » Manhattan November 1st 2006

. It’s Monday morning and we have two days to get everything we have left in the house packed into a U-Haul trailer and all the paperwork signed so that the house can close on Wednesday. The weather looks like it is going to cooperate, we have the truck booked, and except for a few appointments our schedule is clear… So, as the Aussies say: “No Worries!” Not… Statistics Blog Time Frame: October 30th - November 1st Starting Destination: Kechi, Kansas Ending Destination: Saint George, Kansas Ending Destination GPS: Pending Miles Driven: 181! Number of times eaten at McDonalds: 3 The first indication… Perhaps our first mistake was sleeping in?! Well, we didn’t sleep in all that much, really… We got up in time to colle... read more

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