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North America » United States » Virginia » Arlington October 29th 2006

Semper Fidelis ‘Always faithful’ - United States Marine Corps motto Being committed to a marathon seems to be a straightforward business of running a 26.2 miles course. At least this is one naïve assumption I’ve had, signing up for the 2006 Marine Corps Marathon in early spring. And of course, as it turned out, the marathon business is slightly more complicated than I have originally thought, as I learned from my training program in the past 20+ weeks. This is a word of wisdom from a marathoner. The hardest part of embracing the challenge is to get to the starting line, assuming that during the life of training, no unexpected things happen such as physical injuries, which is unfortunately a prevalent result for most first time trainees. Vigorous exercise schedule to which I adhere consists of ... read more
Iwo Jima Monument
Marine Corps Marathon 2006 logo
Cy and medal

North America » United States October 29th 2006

I stole some pics from Jenny again to show all of you my beautiful life in paradise.... And right now I am too lazy to tell you guys what we actually did. I need to sleep...... read more
fun, fun, fun
fun, fun, fun
fun, fun, fun

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix October 29th 2006

I gave a lift to a Costa Rican chap (Ignacio) that was in the dorm. Wer drove from Flagstaff and stopped frequently in Oak Creek Canyon to take loads of photos of the beautiful scenery. The drive was really scenic with very red rocks and formations all around. At the end of the valley was the town of Sedona. Sedona thinks of itself as some sort of hippy healing place. Ignacio almost bought a CD of tribal drumming rubbish until he saw the price. There were lots of spiritual shops selling all sorts of tat. No doubt the the town is in a great setting with red cliffs surrounding the town. We carried on to Phoenix after a cheap bbq lunch and ice cream. We arrived at the hostel (which is in quite a poor neighbourhood ... read more
Red Rock Country
Views around Sedona
Impressive rock formations at Sedona

This is my very first entry and hopefully many interesting one will follow. I wanted to write about many different topic and issue, but i am constrained by both time and ability. Anyway, here is a thought: Tibetans in Tibet are drawn to India for many reasons, mainly for religious freedom and educational opportunities. Every year, thousands (apprx. 3000) Tibetans from across Tibet enter India, both legally and illegally, many risking capture, frost bites and death. Through out the chilly winter of Tibet, Tibetans in thousands, pay hundred of Yuan to guides to guide them across the treacherous paths, into Nepal. Winter in Himalaya is cold to the extreme therefore the border guards will not need to be as vigilant at the snowy mountain passes. This rational drives many Tibetans, mostly young and determined, to make ... read more

North America » United States » Texas October 29th 2006

Shawne and Jo say... Day 34 Miles Today: 89.2 Total Mileage: 1,390.3 Flats Today: 2 Total Flats: 38 It was very difficult to pack up this morning. We really didn't want to leave Alpine. We stripped the bed and put the sheets in the wash. We gave the kitchen a once-over and turned on the dishwasher. Walking out to the backyard, we slowly pushed our bikes through the side gate, taking a load of trash out to the curb. We took a last look at Elizabeth's beautiful home, thinking of her and the other good people we've met on this journey. We think that we have fallen in love with this town. Yesterday, we actually priced Amtrak tickets from Alpine, TX to San Diego, thinking that we may just end our trip and get the car ... read more
The view straight up
Sedimentary Jo
Jo serves up lunch


North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu October 29th 2006

this is my first entry. right now i am getting ready to leave honolulu, hawaii. it has been my home for the past 7 1/2 years. it is a place i love and i know i will return. i am leaving to the philippines to start a yearlong trip through southeast asia. i want to start in manila and head south through it to indonesia, then head west and north through malaysia and enter the mainland through singapore. from there i would like to explore thailand, vietnam, laos, cambodia....... i have no set timeline or exact route, so we'll see what happens. like i said before, i will miss hawaii. it has a very unique feel to it unlike any other place i have been. i have come up with a top ten list of things ... read more
my moped
katsu curry
north shore

North America » United States » Kansas » Kechi October 29th 2006

. It is another cold but sunny and clear morning - thankfully the wind is blowing a little in the “right” direction and the aroma from last night has disappeared. As they say in Dodge City it is the smell of “money,” but as we were not yet in Dodge City the smell was pure “Feedlot!” We are now officially on our “Mad Dash” back to Kechi, with only one “scheduled” stop along the way… Statistics Starting Destination: Lamar, Colorado Ending Destination: Kechi, Kansas Ending Destination GPS: N: 37° 47.875’ W: 97° 16.752’ Elev: 1380’ Miles Driven: 372.2 Estimated Total “Round Trip” Distance: 11,507.3 miles Follow the Yellow Brick Road Lamar is not very far from the Kansas, so we didn’t have to go far before we were back in Dorothy country and had to change ... read more

My sister had given me some flu pills and boy did they make me sleep. In the morning I felt rather groggy and stumbled the LA streets in search of a phone card so I could touch base with my friend Diane in LA. My sister found a church about 20 minutes drive from the hostel so we cruised on over, and got there fairly late to hear a great sermon and meet some LA people who turned out to be quite friendly, considering the pastor kept reminding all that LA is not a friendly city (which apparently is true for most people). So I guess the sermon paid off! We went down to the Santa Monica pier in the afternoon and walked around. LA was hot! So far in good old Cali we have not ... read more
Crosses on the beach
Santa Monica Beach
Third Street Promenade

North America » United States » California October 29th 2006

Well we spent a morning sorting out the trips we wanted nto do while in San Francisco and booked a Greyhound for the next leg of our trip - Greyhound to to Santa Cruz, then hire car to LA, camping on the way. Our first trip was a tour of San Francisco itself with a youngish guy called Dylan - Welsh father who liked Dylan Thomas and Bob Dylan. He pointed out all the sights to us - took us to Haight Ashbury (again) - and past the Grateful Dead House - now a yuppified des res. We went over the Golden gate bridge to the John Muir Redwood park. We had about an hour and a half to wander round it - the trees are big - no photos cos they just don't fit in ... read more
Vernal Falls from near bottom

North America » United States » Colorado » Castle Rock October 29th 2006

I always find it impossible to sleep well on the first day of travel, especially if I'm in an unfamiliar surrounding, like a hotel or a stranger's house. I have to get used to the bed regardless of how comfortable it is. The pillow too, needs a little wear and tear before I can be comfortable with it, not to mention the blankets, the comforters, the hum of the air conditioners, the background noise and the ambient temperature. I probably got no more than three hours of sleep that first night in my hotel in Castle Rock, Colorado. I was lying in bed, staring straight up at the ceiling, in darkness, cursing at everything under the Sun because I was wide awake instead of being comfortably numb. I look over the bed stand where the digital ... read more
Knee deep
Winter Wonderland
Dark and gloomy

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