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North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui October 28th 2006

I'm going to have to make these a little more concise now that I'm paying for the time to write them, plus there probably won't be any photos as again I'm on public computers so it might be a bit difficult timewise for the uploads. Day 8 Not a lot happened to me today, the six hour flight from San Francisco coupled with the wait at Honolulu meant that most of my day was spent in transit. I did meet a nice man on the plane from San Francisco, though, who was the regional head (State of Hawai'i) of Morgan Stanley. He told me about the island the furthest west in the chain that is exclsively for those of Hawai'ian descent to even visit. Sounds quite interesting, must be a strange place without much development. Then ... read more
Lahaina I
Iao Valley Road I
Iao Valley Road II

It was a shame to leave Yosemite as the scenery was so phenomenal. So after we saw the last of Yosemite, half dome, El Capitan and walked through the smoldering sequira grove we left the park to find the freeway and make our way to something that is a total contrast to Yosemite’s environment. Yes we were going to LA, which would be the most southern stop on our trip. We found a historic museum to have lunch at on the way and chatted to the friendly volunteers at the museum who had plenty of good advice for traveling in California. Driving on the freeway was… experience. Vehicles whizzed past me on both sides. The corolla was battling to maintain the aggressive 70 mph or 112 kph speed limit. We managed to find the hostel in ... read more
Boulder this!!!
Yosemite Valley
Deer family

North America » United States » New York October 28th 2006

Saturday October 28, 2006 We are still safely in the Haverstraw marina, on a better dock than yesterday. Bob the dock master has been a great help and has opened up slip that is even better protected for us. As you can see from the pictures there is a good storm brewing here! The national Weather Service as given a coastal water forecast for the New York Harbor to the Long Island sound and to Sandy Hook NJ including out 20 nautical miles offshore. The forecast reads as follows: Storm warning in effect until 3pm EDT this afternoon followed by Gale warning now in effect from 3pm EDT this afternoon through Sunday evening. The winds started out of the SE at 25 to 40 knots with gusts to 50 knots. Tonight the winds will shift to ... read more
Safely tucked in.
Raking leaves!
Storm Surge

(The format of the blog has changed again!! Be sure to hit the "Next Page" button, at the bottom of the page, to get all the photos and info. I hope that they are done with all the changes!!) It was like "speed dating" with the National Parks. With only one spare day left, we managed to see Arches at sunrise, hit Monument Valley for lunch, and end with the Grand Canyon at sunset. Previous visits to each of these sites was longer and more comprehensive. These visits were get in, get the shots, walk a bit, and hit the road for the next park on the list. Arches is one of our favorite parks and a wonderful place to hike. Several years ago we hiked to the base of Delicate Arch and it still remains ... read more
On the Arches drive
Arches at sunrise
Arches overview at first light

North America » United States » California » Santa Barbara October 27th 2006

Kia Ora! Its been a a while, I apologise, but im still alive. Santa Barbara is keeping me well. Actually, more than well. I love it here sooo much.... Ive really settled in and im having so much fun, despite the 20 units that Im taking (equivalent to 6 papers at AU)..yes Lisa got a tad excited when enrolling as usual and now I suffer... So here are a few of the note-worthy events thus far... *Spent the weekend in LA 2 weeks ago...a friend and I persuaded this guy in our house to take us to his crib in Englewood so he was exciting to see ppl from Studio City church again... *Last weekend I went on a Fall Retreat with Student Life...well spent weekend...met lots of ppl and began to develop some good ... read more
wana ride?
student life guys


North America » United States » Texas October 27th 2006

Shawne and Jo say... Day 32 Miles Today: 26.4 Total Mileage: 1,301.1 Flats Today: 0 Total Flats: 36 We found a small artist's cafe and sat down for breakfast. The walls were covered in various local artist's works from photographs to paintings, all for sale. Jo ordered a 'Garden Waffle' while Shawne stayed with the traditional bacon and eggs plate. The coffee was serve yourself out of pump style Thermos containers. We talked with the owners (who were both artists) about the local scene. They explained that they moved here some-odd years ago and will never leave. The charm of the area had captured them. Our food arrived and Jo was disappointed with her garden waffle. We pictured a waffle with finely chopped vegetables mixed with the batter to produce an oddly colored Eggo. What we ... read more
Antelope action
Graves at the RV park
Rules are strictly enforced!

North America » United States » Utah » Arches National Park October 27th 2006

After surviving the blizzard, we arrived in Durango and stayed overnight there. In the morning we headed to Canyonlands Natl Park. We did a 3mile hike in the “Needles District” of Canyonlands, which is a huge park. There were a few other people hiking but overall it was deserted except for a few climbers and a bunch of cattle. According to the park ranger and the signs, there are usually mountain goats below the ridge we hiked. However, the park information specifically states “Contact park ranger in the event of a mountain goat sighting” and we didn’t see ANY - so perhaps they aren’t so common…. From there we went to Moab to stay with Dana’s “Uncle Jim.” He’s got a nice apartment behind his house where we can rest and cook. On Saturday we went ... read more
Snow outside Durango
Durango Train Station
Downtown Durango

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago October 27th 2006

I'm not sure if I'm ready to do this, but ready or not I'm going to do it. I've always talked about going and bragged about it to my friends but I never thought I could actually get my lazy ass to get organized and plan a 4 month trip around the world. Well I did it, I booked my tickets last night and will be setting off on 11/13/06 on what should be a life changing journery through southern africa, southeast asia, and the Indian subcontinent. I start my journey in Johannesburg where I will rest for a few days and join a safari group out to Krueger NP. From there I'll grab a rental car and do the garden route till Capetown. Then somehow get up to Victoria Falls and from there we'll see ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco October 27th 2006

We've added a gallery of photos from our trip to date. We have taken over two hundred, so this is a representative sample. Not sure how you look at them - we added them as a "gallery" called "USA"... read more

North America » United States » California » Santa Barbara October 27th 2006

Day Fower So we made it...a nine hour drive from SF to Santa Barbara via breakfast pancakes in monterey (home to the famous Jimi Hendrix concert) saw happy smiley delares as we were leaving San Fran trying to mount a one woman save the children campaign..can't help thinking shes had her smile surgically's so permanent..saw a woman who, if you consider leslie ash trademarked the 'trout pout' this woman went a whole species further with the 'Koi Carp Lip Curl'..anyway Santa Barbara is fantarta...reminds me of Cuba even though i've never been just what i experienced playing Driver!! that helped me getting around SF too..Jo got chased by a seal lion she wanted to pet as we left drive was cool but pretty uneventful..Jo couldn't get any truck drivers to hoot their horns...I said ... read more

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