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North America » United States » Nebraska January 3rd 2007

I've returned. I was at the factory working today listening to the radio (and obviously playing with wires). The song I live in a land down under by men at work came on and i cried for a little bit. I'm nostalgic for my land down under.... read more

North America » United States » Florida January 2nd 2007

Finally were headed for the Bahamas. We spent 13 days waiting on weather in Plantation at the Lloyds. Small weather window, won't have much sailing, basically put main up and iron genie. Sea Dancer i doing a great job with the boats. Karen calls each boat name 1 every hour. This is great during night time, keeps one awake. And there is safety. ... read more

North America » United States » New York January 2nd 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!! New Years was fun, but unfortunately I had the flu and didn't feel very well so a very quiet night for me with 4 diet cokes! Today has been quiet again, I'm still not well and about to lose my voice:( It has been raining all day and the nearest tousist attraction was the 'sex museum'.. so we went to have a look! Hmmm, a very strange place to visit and we didn't spend too much time in there, he he. Well we are in NY after all, you can expect to find anything here!! Tomorrow is our last day in NY so we have a few things on our list we want to do. Tomorrow nigth we will try and find a cool jazz bar, would be a good ... read more

North America » United States » West Virginia January 2nd 2007

TUESDAY 1/2/07 We’ve just finished a week with Andy’s brother’s family in Piney View, WV (near Beckley). We arrived on Christmas Eve day with Kevin in tow. The prior week we had spent in Andover catching up with dentists, doctors, hair dressers, friends and family. Kevin and Heidi arrived on the 21st just in time to celebrate her 31st birthday. Andy Wall joined the crowd on Friday night in Boston. On Saturday, Heidi & Andy headed north to Maine and the three of us headed South. Our week here in West Virginia was unseasonably warm and allowed for some great walks and short local hikes. We even worked in a trip to John’s cabin on the New River. The rest of the time was spent with lively Apples to Apples games, euchre, and Blokus. In typical ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York January 2nd 2007

Firstly I think I should explain the bed situation in NY at New Years and the complete lack of planning and blind/stupid optimism me and Jacqui had before leaving on our trip. Every single bed in NY is occupied on the 31st of December without exception, we only had the faintest hope of a whiff of a chance of a place to stay, but smiling and optimistic we both jumped on the China Town bus from Boston and arrived in the Big Apple mid afternoon. Not only did we only have a hope of a whiff of a chance of a place to stay but both me and Jacqui had rather big bags to drag around with us. Put it simply if our "accommodation" for the night fell through we were up a certain creek without ... read more
Brooklyn Bridge II
Nick and Liam
Hall of African Mammals


North America » United States » California » San Francisco January 2nd 2007

The thought of being in an island on New Year’s eve can be really fascinating! Can it? Or maybe not? Well! I was going to find it out. When time came to decide how to spend New Year’s eve, I certainly wanted to keep up the tradition: • not staying at home • doing something that we’ve never done before. Ganesh did not have any specifics. So, Ram was up for it when I brought this up. I was not sure how far this was going to materialize. What to say of the weather? It was the peak of an El Nino December winter. This plan pretty much finalized in the last 1 week. Angel Island is right in the middle of San Francisco bay. Map We had 2 other friends, Charanya & Sriram, join in ... read more
Angel Island
done with the stairs :-(

North America » United States » Florida » Juno Beach January 2nd 2007

Florida is much more than Disney and water sports! This is our first blog entry - the trip was a short hike through the Juno Beach Natural area (a dune restoration project). Expect more this weekend from another, much more forested location! ;) ... read more
Landscape view of dunes
Another view
Another view

North America » United States » Georgia » Suwanee January 2nd 2007

A couple days after Christmas we headed up to Georgia to visit my stepfather's sister Jane and her family for a few days. My parents sat in the front and my nephew Cristian and I were in the back. We had enough luggage to be going away for a year - more actually. It is a good ten hour drive to Suwanee, GA from Lake Worth, FL so we were well prepared. Cris had his video games, a portable DVD player, and books to keep him occupied. I also had a book so we were good. The ride was mostly uneventful, except when we had to wake the boy up when we stopped for lunch at McDonald's. I know - more McDonald's. But this was a road trip without much in the way of options. He ... read more
Crinkle-nose boy
Are we there yet?

North America » United States » California » San Francisco January 2nd 2007

Happy New Year from San Fran After the amazing flight over the Hoover dam and Grand Canyon, we had a well earned rest before hitting the Wynne hotel to see La Reve (a cirque de soil production- one of several on the strip). This was a water show that would have sea world in awe. Around 80 performers danced, swam and performed acrobatics back into the purpose built swimming pool in the dome shaped amphitheatre. I must admit, even though it was impressive, it was a little too arty farty for my liking. But I was still happy to see a show on the strip and a well produced show at that. Even though we were all very tired from the early morning rise, I told the crew that one thing they had to experience before ... read more
Us in Vegas
Pokie Addict
The Bigshot

North America » United States » Texas » Houston January 2nd 2007

2007 is here! my little sister official turned 16 and I'm leaving for Spain in 4 days! There's alot left to do, not to mention how i'm going to live packing only an 1/8 of my closet and just 3 pairs of shoes....BUT i can do it, i know i can! I've never been abroad before...the 5 day mission trip to mexico in 7th grade isn't appropriate to be counted in my opinion...and now I'm moving to Spain in 4 days!!! I'm excited, anxious...anxious excited?? it wont hit me till i'm on the plane...... read more

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