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North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston May 29th 2011

Spent an enjoyable day seeing the sights in sunny Boston. I think I have finally began my warm weather holiday! After a few days of warm weather in L.A, I have pretty much had cool/cold weather since so it was good to be back in t-shirt weather and sweating :) Didn't leave the hotel until after 10am and made my way down to the Faneuil Hall and bought myself a ticket for a trolley car hop-on hop-off tour. Boston is quite spread out and I thought jumping on a tour would allow me to get around. My first stop would be the U.S.S Constitution which is across the bridge and definitely a little too far to walk in this heat. The Constitution is an old navy sail ship and was undefeated in battle. It is still ... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston May 28th 2011

Arrived in Boston after flying in from Chicago today. Only thing to note was I found the American Airlines terminal (T3) at O'Hare airport to be truly massive. It was probably bigger than the entire Sydney Airport and this terminal was only for AA and oneworld partners. Imagine combining all the terminals together - makes for a massive airport. Boston airport was close to downtown and after another $2 subway ride and short walk I arrived at my hotel. Room is quite roomy and comfortable so another pretty good choice. This hotel features a purified chilled water station with plastic bottles on each level. A great idea and definitely will be saving me a few dollars during my stay in Boston which is quite warm at the moment. After checking in, I went straight to the ... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston May 19th 2011

Inpakken Terwijl ik probeer om mijn leven voor de komende 2 maanden in te pakken, kom ik van alles tegen. Het lieve boekje met alle leuke brieven die ik heb gekregen op mijn afscheidsfeestje, de nieuwe kleren, de medicijnen van toen ik ziek was, de lieve kaartjes die ik van jullie heb gehad, de schelpen die ik heb meegenomen uit Florida, alle dikke lesboeken (pff) en de vele aantekeningen. Inpakken = confronteren. Op 2 manieren, zowel alles wat ik tegenkom is confronterend: doet me zowel denken aan thuis, als aan Boston. Maar ook al mijn spullen, inclusief wat ik hier heb opgescharreld in die kleine tassen krijgen en dat is een klus. Zucht. Het doet me ook denken aan de weken voor mijn vertrek, het pakken, het afscheid van iedereen, de spanning, de angst, maar ... read more
Boston Commons II
Tulpen in de USA

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston May 13th 2011

After eating some yummy bagels which we picked up yesterday on the Freedom Trail, we grabbed the shuttle to the Wonderland metro station. The people of Boston are so nice, the shuttle drivers always have a smile and are very courteous. It reminds me a lot of the charm in west TX. After 3 different subway connections, we finally made it to Harvard. Once again, the flowers were spectacular. The trees had these beautiful white blossoms and there were delicate purple flowers everywhere. School was out so the campus was very quiet. The kids were not very happy taking pictures in front of Mr. Harvard. (I guess we've trained them well. Future Texas Tech Red Raiders here). Unfortunately, for some reason the 3G connection was not working on campus, so we ended up getting lost trying ... read more
No description needed.
Sitting under the tree where Washington took command of the troops during the Revolutionary War.
The girls getting their Junior Ranger Boston pins.

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston May 12th 2011

Stelson is back and this time we are on our way to the Philippines and Southeast Asia for a Family Holiday and Homecoming! During the last year and half since our Oceania Adventure ( see blog : ) , both Stephen and I have been able to travel frequently but were unable to find time to blog. If you haven't seen our last blog, check it out and our hope is to share with all of you some great pictures, stories and videos from the Philippines! The Inspiration of this Philippines Homecoming was introduced last Christmas when my Lola (grandmother) decided to return to Manila for the winter. So my brother Brian accompanied her this past January. I told my Lola I would come this May to pick her up in time for the summer ... read more


North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston May 12th 2011

After waking up the family at 5:30 and filling up on some instant oatmeal, we took the shuttle to the Newark airport for our 8:30 Jet Blue flight to Boston. The plane ride was so much fun for the kids. They loved watching Sponge Bob and Dora on the plane with Jet Blue's in flight TV service. Plus what could be better than eating chocolate chip cookies at 9 am? However despite all this, Jason and I are still true Southwest fans. We were sitting in the plane and on the tarmac for 1 hour and in flight for only 45 minutes. Stepping off the plane, we realized we weren't in Texas anymore. Just a couple days ago, we were worried about the kids getting sunburned. Not anymore, in fact buying winter clothes was top priority ... read more
Watching Sponge Bob
Freedom Trail

To add to all of our drama, we missed our plane, and had to spend the night in Boston. It was a crazy situation. We had received an email notification months earlier that our itinerary had changed, and then proceeded to take no heed of it. What happened was the flight was rescheduled for a much earlier time, and we arrived at the airport at the previously scheduled time, so we had no chance. We were hours late, so at least it wasn't stressful. Also, had we arrived on time, we would have had to have missed A's performance, and that would have been a bummer. In the past, it would have ruined our trip, at least for that moment, but somehow we weren't too stressed about it. Sure, we were disappointed, but the ticket agent ... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston April 28th 2011

Went to L’Aroma café in Newbury Street for breakfast, a small café hidden away in a half cellar and quite busy with the morning crowd. The weather was quite warm and so we sat outside. Then started to explore, walking past Copley Square to the Boston Public Gardens where we admired all the spring flowers and trees in bloom. The swan boats were out already. The Tourism Centre in the Boston Common was being renovated and closed but a nice Bostonian gave us a map for the Freedom Trail and explained the way to us. The people are so friendly and welcoming, and the place so beautiful, we very much like this city. In nice and sunny weather we followed the trail and stopped for lunch in Quincy Markets. We both could not believe the food ... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston April 28th 2011

We decided to take the duck tour through Boston which was fun and allowed us to see some more of the city (including a glimpse of Fenway, home of the Red Sox) and boating on the Charles River. Went back to Quincy Markets for lunch and walked back through the old part of town, Beacon Hill and again through the Public Gardens. There we watched some squirrels collecting food and enjoyed the spring colours of the trees and the thousands of tulips in bloom. Discovered the 9/11 memorial to the Massachussetts people who died on the plane which took off from Logan Airport. We are sorry to be leaving Boston tomorrow, the city seems to me more like a European than american city, even the take away food chains are hidden behind beautiful facades! We strolled ... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston April 27th 2011

EURO-ADVENTURE COUNTDOWN: 24 DAYS In Spring 2009, my sophomore year of college, I was lucky enough to spend a semester living in a castle in the Netherlands. Yes thats right, a castle in the Netherlands. On a daily basis I would wake up to the sounds of black swans screaming (or at least that's what it sounded like to me), look out the window of the tower that I lived in, and see the landscape that had become my home... two moats, tulips, children riding their bikes to school and my classmates sitting in the courtyard chain smoking. The only things that I had to worry about were my classes and planing my weekends, which were spent traveling around Europe. In my time abroad I went to 10 different countries, jumped out of a plane, almost ... read more

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