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Europe » Sweden » Jönköping County » Jönköping August 23rd 2010

Szwecja przywitala nas w tym roku deczko lepsza pogoda niz rok temu, kiedy to w czerwcu musialam kupowac welniana czapke, zeby przezyc. Nie padalo. Bylo za to rownie drogo, a moze nawet drozej. W Sztokholmie ograniczylismy sie w sumie do wloczenia sie po naszej ulubionej dzielnicy Sodermalm, gdzie jest mnostwo malych sklepow z pieknym niczym, knajp i kawiarni, gdzie siedza wystylizowane na brzydko Szwedki, popijajac kawe z przelewowego ekspresu, sprzedawana w systemie "all you can drink". A wsrod tego wszystkiego wlocza sie wydziarani mlodzi tatusiowe z wozkami, ktorzy maja jakies tonu urlopu tacierzynskiego i wydaja sie byc absolutnie zrelaksowani. Jedynym odstepstwem byla wizyta w Skansenie, gdzie przeniesiono fragmenty szwedzkich wsi z calego kraju, co najlepiej obrazuje, jaka tu jeszcze niedawno byla bieda. Pol roku lezal snieg, a ludzie chodzili w butach z brzozowej kory. Ale byl ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Jönköping County » Jönköping April 6th 2009

During my first week in Sweden I fell into a mild case of depression, mostly caused by a visa situation that looked bleak, to say the least. The notion of being unable to return to Sydney like planned caused 10 sleepless nights, and when I finally got word that I had been granted some additional time in the Land of Laidback-ness, I could barely contain my elation. ‘Giddy’ is the best word to describe my immediate reaction, and I’m forever grateful no one was around to witness me clench my fists and utter unintelligible nonsense in a fit of joy. After all, I have an image of cool savoir-fair to maintain. After this past weekend my heart is bursting at the seams with gratitude and love, and I don’t see why I shouldn’t spend the rest ... read more
David is, by far, the cutest car salesman ever
I'm sad to say I'm related to the man in blue
Mom must be so proud

Europe » Sweden » Jönköping County » Jönköping June 3rd 2007

It happened on a Friday late in the afternoon. I was at my desk feeding yet another redundant time management system with the weekly time report before calling it a day and heading home for the weekend. Little did I know that the stale boredom of the office routine was about to be changed rather abruptly. It started with an email forwarded by my colleague Patrick, one of those promotional blurbs from a travel website. However, sharing my passion for Asia (as well as having endured my endless bitching about wanting to go to Hong Kong or Bangkok but not finding any reasonably priced tickets) he had noticed flights to Asia starting at around 3500 SEK (that's roughly €400 or $500 for you int'l readers...) and figured it could be worth checking out. The campaign was ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Jönköping County » Jönköping June 29th 2006

Ok, for all of you who missed it - I did get the job at Volvo Cars that I really wanted. The best thing of all is that it will not start until September. Therefore I am taking the opportunity to go back to lovely South America!!! Oh, am I going to enjoy my last summer of fredom, hehe. This time I will explore Ecuador, Peru, briefly Bolivia and then a favourite from Brazil: Salvador to further visit the city when there is no crazy carneval going on. Leaving tomorrow and have tons of stuff to prepare.... read more

Europe » Sweden » Jönköping County » Jönköping May 22nd 2006

Hi everyone! Its been a while since my last entry, there's been plenty of action the last few months, we spent 4 days in Rome in April, that was really nice to get out of the cold and see the sun again, we mostly walked the city by day, checking out all the amazing roman ruins and eating out at night. Easter weekend was spent in the north of Sweden at the biggest ski resort called åre, that was a really cool trip, good snow and great weather! We went up by an over night train about 12hrs, we managed to squeez our self's and gear into our own little cabbin and actually sleept ok! I've spent the last 5 weeks at Emmas family farm, helping out her father look after the place as he's just ... read more


Europe » Sweden » Jönköping County » Jönköping April 11th 2006

Actually this trip came about as a result of the upcoming Songkran festival in Thailand. My good friend Kay in Bangkok had four days holiday announced and was dying to get out off town, thereby avoiding the water (and other substances) splashing that will take place at random in the streets. And with Easter coming up here in Europe during the same weekend it was a good enough opportunity to travel without spending too many days off work indeed. At first we looked at options going into the countryside and spending some lazy days at the coast. As you have already figured out the flights were kinda overbooked when we got around to planning. Pretty much every domestic airport in the south was filled to capacity. And if we found seats on a plane out off ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Jönköping County » Jönköping March 16th 2006

Ok, so I am back. I got a thermic shock when I got off the plane. It is freezing here!!! :o) The end of my trip was just as lovely as the rest of it. Brazil was the most wonderful country I have ever been to and I am already planning my next trip. It is not possible to describe how fantastic my whole trip was, but I will put out some pics for you to see. Some of them I already did put there, and some will get there later this WE. I just would like to say that those of you that have been thinking about going to Brazil, go there, you will never regret it. And thank you all of you amazing people that made my trip unforgettable!... read more

Europe » Sweden » Jönköping County » Jönköping March 8th 2006

Hello there, hope your all well! Today is another beautifull sunny day, but -5 deg! the last few days have been the same but colder, about -10. So winter still has a firm grip on Sweden, It has actually been one of the coldest winters for about 20 years, so they say! There has been complete snow coverage over the whole city for three months now, It's really nice, but im ready for change, I'd love to feel some sun on my body and take a paddle in the ocean, Im feel a bit like a caged rat ! Next week Emma and i are going to Rome for 4 days, were really looking forward to that, well just do the usuall tourist spots i guess, but we also have a friend of Emma's dad to ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Jönköping County » Jönköping January 31st 2006

Ok, for all of you - as requested - a travel diary for my journey in Brazil 2006. I can't wait to leave. I have to start packing my bag today.... read more

Europe » Sweden » Jönköping County » Jönköping January 31st 2006

My travel itinerary: Dates: Feb 3 Manaus Feb 10 Belem Feb 13 Sao Luis Feb 17 Recife Feb 21 Salvador CARENVAL!!! March 2 Florian March 5 Iguacu Falls March 9 Rio March 15 Sweden... read more

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