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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini July 24th 2006

We arrived at Santorini just before 6am & were lucky to make it. We just woke up in time to do a frantic pack & exit the boat before it departed again. We didn't even have time to deflate our $2 air beds (yes we did purchase air beds after being taught a lesson in simple comforts on our first ferry experience). It was early & we had to make our way from the dock to Perissa, where the hostel was. The local bus network didn't start until 8am & even then there was confusion over whether it would go all the way to Perissa. The hostel did provide transfers but not at that hour. Our options were to get a cab or hang about for a bus they may not even be able to help. ... read more
Out on a day trip on a sailing boat
Lunch with our fellow daytrippers

Europe » Greece » South Aegean July 23rd 2006

Our departure from Cyprus was well timed. Shortly after we left they started getting 1000 people a day arriving from Lebanon and Israel. We can't imagine how the towns of Larnaca and Limassol are handling the influx of that many people. We are also concerned that they are getting no international help, at this time, to deal with all the people. All is calm and normal in the Greek Islands. The first island we explored was Aegina which was a quick 40 minute hydrofoil ride from Athens. It is a favorite weekend destination of the Athenians and was quite crowded with local Greeks. The island's claim to fame is the Temple of Aphaia. The temple dates back to the late 6th or early 5th century B.C. It has been well restored and has most of its ... read more
Temple complex
View of the town Agia Marina from the hike to the temple
Agia Marina beach near our hotel

Europe » Greece » South Aegean July 22nd 2006

After the 35 hour trip from home we arrived on Tinos Island about 10pm on Friday night and were greeted by the Kalikakas’s and our friendly Hotel manager who transported us all back to the hotel overlooking Tinos Beach from an elevated position about 1 km from the beach. I must say the Diners Club lounge at Dubai airport was a welcome oasis of which we took full advantage including some interesting snacks and Moet et Chandon. Tinos is the third largest island of the Cyclades having an area just under 200 sq kms and a population of around 8,000. The island is quite mountainous with its highest peak being 713 mtrs. It has much history, settled in 1000 BC by the Ionians. The roads are narrow with few straight stretches and often in need of ... read more
Procession from the Monastery
The Port at Tinos
View from Hotel Myrtia

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes July 22nd 2006

The shirtless bus driver is having a blood feud with some guy right in the door of the bus, but you have to ignore this sort of thing. Greeks have blood feuds all the time and it doesn't stop them from cheerfully conducting business at the same time. Even if the tourists balk at entering the conversational blast radius, they will wave you in and take care of you with a smile just as they are inaugurating bitter hostilities with their own neighbors that will last a thousand years. I've seen this before. I approached a cab stand and saw two drivers in each other's faces with their veins purple and standing out on their proud faces. I considered walking on by and coming back later in order to avoid the ordeal I expected to follow. ... read more
Blood Fued
The Mediterranean Bench Press
Dorian depiction of a boat

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini July 20th 2006

hi all, in santorini, it is gorgeous, sun sun sun! we arrived yesterday after 3 nights in Paros recovering from mMykonos. we are staying 100mtrs from town. tomorrow we are off to the volcano, hot springs and to watch the sunset at Oia, i am catching a cable car the next day and a donkey back up the hill. i might still hire a bike for the day and one day go to the beaches by bus. we have 6 more days here so plenty of time to look around. i have done lots of shopping and sunbaking. i think i am all shopped out then i see another ally and here we go again! what else to say except that it is beautiful here! we have met some fun people in our travel, a lot ... read more


Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes July 20th 2006

Ancient Wonders and Wondering Where They Went The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes is very impressive…or at least it was. In 1856, long after the Knights of Rhodes had shuffled off to Malta, a gunpowder explosion did by accident what the Turks could only accomplish by negotiation. The concrete, I am sorry to say, is not original. Most of what stands there today is a replica of a medieval castle as imagined by twentieth century Italian fascists. Fascists have no gift for subtlety and, oh , do they love concrete. The Parthenon in Athens suffered a similar fate when a Venetian cannonball bulls-eyed an Ottoman ammo dump (the Greeks blame the Turks for the destruction of the Parthenon, not the Venetians). The great mosaics on display in the Grand Master’s Palace ... read more
Old Town
The Outer Wall
St. Cathrine's

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Milos July 20th 2006

MILOS Our first greek ferry trip was an experience. Not much English was spoken over the crackly PA system & you had to be alert so as not to miss your stop. We went with the slow ferry instead of a speedier option, plus a deck spot instead of air conditioned comfort, to save cash. This would become the norm. We arrived early at the docks to save a spot, 7am (5am wakeup call !). We spread ourselves out & tried to get some sleep, knowing that a full day travelling awaited. One of the locals didn't appreciate me sleeping on the seats & decided to perch himself next to me when I sat up to mind the bags, whilst Di went to the bathroom. I tried to lay back down with him sitting next to ... read more
Kurt  (trying!) getting a Suntan
Kurt enjoying the clear blue water
Nice spot for lunch

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini July 17th 2006

Mykonos to Santorini are a world apart. There really is no way even to compare the two besides that they are both are islands and that they are inhabited by greeks. I really liked mykonos....but in a very different way. Santorini is more.....upper crusted I would say. The volcanic rock that these homes are upon is absolutely breath taking and very original to say the least. Long steep ascents and descents are the only way to get to the waters edge here. The water is MUCH calmer (thank god as the ferry ride over is a few hours....neither esther or I spewed so that was great)....You cannot flush your toilet paper down the toilets though...and I find that kinda GROSS. We stayed in the busy center.....a little dirty FIRA.....but it was close to stuff so that ... read more
everyone enjoys the sunset
smart car
The sad donkeys

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos July 17th 2006

Pics from our week in Mykonos ... read more
Kalafatis beach
Mykonos town
Kalafatis beach 2

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Ios July 17th 2006

Hi all, Still in Ios having a great time. This place is absolute MADNESS though. Partying all day and all night. Our daily schedule goes something like this: Wake up about 1pm, hit the beach til 5ish, then hit Far Out for happy hour cocktails. Which usually consist of about 6.....then have some dinner, shower and hit the town and clubs til sunrise or after....gulp. This really is the island that never sleeps! Having a great time though. Its also a lot cheaper here than Santorini, with cocktails etc about 5 euros full price....which is GREAT! I have completely replace mixed drinks during the night though with shots of yager.....we all get up to about 8 shots by the end of the night (mum and dad, you must be so proud!). There are a good mix ... read more
My quad bike
Santorini Sunset

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