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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini August 6th 2006

Ahh ... San-to-rini. Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it Santorini, which in German means a whale's .... but no I was just trying to impress you. Scholars maintain the translation was lost hundreds of years ago" (Ron Burgundy - Anchorman). Ok so no more movie quotes and I can tell you that Santorini is in fact named after Saint Irini, although the Greeks call the island Thira. Whichever name you use it is a superb island and perhaps one of the most stunning places I have ever visited. The island used to be much larger but it had the centre destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1650 BC, leaving a ring of islands around a huge caldera. Lonely Planet reckons it was "probably the biggest volcanic eruption ever" and that the caldera it ... read more
Taken from the top of the Caldera
"I love life. I drive safely"
Born to be wild

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos August 6th 2006

Hello Guys, My name is Zezo.I live in Rochester,NY,USA. I am 29 year old and I love to travel and visit new countries.I am a physicin and work in a hospital in the city.I try to visit a new country each year.The last country I have been to was Spain in december and it was such a blast.I am going to Greece for 10 days from 27/8 to 5/9.I will be in Mykonos for the first 3 days at least and I don't know where to next.I just know I am leaving home on 5/9.One of my best friends from Italy will be meeting me there.I am writing this hoping to find some people who will be in Mykonos or Greece in the same period.Maybe they can tell me where I should go and where are ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos August 3rd 2006

Today is the day that we leave Mykonos to start tripping around the rest of Europe. Again the 6 days have gone really fast but they have been great. I have got rid of the cough and beginning of cold that I had, ready to catch it all over again when we meet up with the rest of the group who went to Egypt. (Glad I didn't decide to go to that part of the world, would have given Mum a few more grey hairs I'm sure!) Have spent the time relaxing by the sea and pool, reading books, I guess having a real holiday rather than the rush rush rush that contiki tends to be. We went into Mykonos town two nights ago to have dinner. We sat at a restaurant by the sea, so ... read more
Evening in Mykonos

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos August 3rd 2006

Hello everyone! the last time i wrote i was in the lobby cause they wouldn't let us upstairs because of our bed bug bites. Well that night we had to wait in the lobby for hours and they took away ALL our luggage and the clothes off our backs to be fumagated. We didn't get our clothes back till today. We spent the first day in togas until most broke down and went to the gift shop to by a sarong and a pair of flip flops. Luckily we didn't have any sight seeing that we were really wanting to do. We have been hanging out on the beach and drinking by the pool. I did manage to get fairly sun burned the other day and now i'm wishing i had my sheet instead of my ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos August 2nd 2006

Greek Islands Karen Bowden Ok addition 2 for those of u with little faith in me (Karen) I have turned over a new leaf and will be the ever more dutiful emailer. Ok maybe not but I have at least started addition 2 much to Kristy’s surprise. Ok so we left for the Greek Islands with our 8 new friends and headed for Santorini. Land of the blue domes. Sunset in Santorini have a look in Kaz sunnies So after a 6 hour boat ride across the Mediterranean I was climbing the wall with boredom. My ADD started to kick in and Kristy may have seen the writing on the wall that she is actually travelling with a child or a caged animal who doesn’t do long trips well. But we made it to Santorini ... read more


Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos August 2nd 2006

Few things in life are perfect, Mykonos comes pretty close. Words, pictures and scribes (whatever they are) will never do this island justice. Paradise Beach was populated with very beautiful people - it is a sin to attend this place if you don't have fun in mind. Thousands of twenty somethings populate the sand to work on their tan - so they can show it off by night. Paradise Beach was literally a place we didn't leave - since our residence and the nightlife also took place there. Club Paradise is just that. And, has by far the coolest club I have ever attended. Only the steep prices could make you feel like you were not in Paradise (30 Euro for 3 drinks). The 25 metre, dimly lit pool only begins to paint a picture of ... read more
The Backdrop
Dress codes not enforced #2
Inside Club Paradise

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini August 2nd 2006

Arrived on Santorini around 4pm on Tuesday (2/8) It took about two and a half hours on the Blue Star ferry from Naxos to the island of Thira, commonly known as Santorini which is at the southern end of the Cyclades. It is a very popular island and quite dramatic island with steep rocky cliffs and villages perched on the top and dense clusters of colourful buildings. Along the way we past Paros, Iraklia (a small island on which Vangelis and Michele were married), and Ios. From the port at Athenios, we took a coach up the steep, narrow, and winding road to Fira where we changed to another which took us to our destination at Oia (“ear”). Again the transport was modern, comfortable, clean, and efficiently organised. It took us some little time to locate ... read more
Alexios and Katarina
Quick visit to the volcanic island
The village of Oia

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos August 2nd 2006

For our second day on Mykonos Jane and I went our separate ways in pursuit of the things that we know and love - Jane heading to Paradise Beach for some more sun roasting and me to the nearby island of Delos hunting more ancient ruins. Of course having said that I now feel compelled to justify just why I would opt for broken marble columns and ruined temples over sun loungers and golden sands. Lonely Planet reckons that Delos is one of the best archeological sites in Greece and having now been there they know what they are talking about. Apart from going to the beach there really isn't a lot else to do on Mykonos, so if you are going there you should definitely spend a morning on Delos checking it all out. And ... read more
The Terrace of Lions
The Gymnasium
Mt Kythnos

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini August 1st 2006

Leaving the wind in Mykonos and arriving in sunny, calm Santorini was marvelous! This has always been one of our favorite Greek Islands in spite of the crowds and popularity. There are so many ways to detach yourself from the hectic pace and just truly enjoy what the island has to offer. One of the ways that we do this is by staying in the beach town of Kamari which is on the opposite side of the caldera portion of the island. There are fewer people, wider streets, flat terrain, and a beautiful black sand beach to enjoy. Mesa Vouno is the large mountain at the end of the beach which we love to hike. A paved switchback road takes us to the top of the saddle. From there stairs and a steep trail lead to ... read more
The caldera view from Fira
The crater (aka the Burnt Islands)
The town of Fira (aka Thira or Santorini)

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Ios August 1st 2006

Well Ios is pretty sweet we got off the boat with no where to stay and sure as shit some girl with a sign hooked us up with an apartment for 20 euro a night. Really nice place, great view of the island and the port, i got lucky to my bed faced the window so when i woke up the first thing i saw was the ocean haha sean. So we sort of got screwed unless we wanted to stay there for the week whitch we didnt, cuz our flight only left every week from crete and the only ferry was leaving from ios after our second night. Then we had a stop over in santorini and that kind of blowed cuz we had no way to get to town so we had to stay ... read more
view  from church roof
view  from church roof
sunset in ios

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