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Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne May 20th 2006

Yesterday I finally broke down and purchased the 'junior ticket' for the public transport system here. It was only 12.80 Euros for a month, but because of a formular error and my laziness, I didn't get around to buying it until yesterday, 11 days before the end of the month. And no, it was not pro-rated. :( With it, I rode into Köln to see the Cathedral, aka Dom. Two weeks ago when I got a quick glimpse of it from the train station was the first time I had seen it in 14 years. And it's special b/c it's the first cathedral I had ever ever seen. Weee! When I exited the Koeln Hbf the weather was pretty foul. Windy and drizzle-y. I didn't have a jacket (uh, it's already on a freighter on it's ... read more
Statue of Bird
We are not allowed on there

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne May 20th 2006

We woke up to pouring rain this morning. Dark and gloomy, it was freezing outside! I am so thankful I brought my thick waterproof jacket. To think I wasn’t going to bring it! It’s all I’ve been wearing since arriving in Europe! Our buffet breakfast was at 7.30am…eek! Most of you will know that is VERY early for me! At breakfast we sat with Tammy and Con from Perth, Australia. They have 2 twin girls who are 5 years old. After the tour they’re going to London then Greece for 3 weeks to meet up with family and their 2 daughters. With breakfast over (also smuggling some crackers in my bag), we get in the bus and head to the city. We board an undercover glass boat and cruise the canals of Amsterdam. It is still ... read more
Amsterdam shopping
Basset Hound in Amsterdam
Todd in front of the Royal Palace

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt May 20th 2006

so we made it through austria. austria, for starters, has great sausage. the kasekrainer is amazing. like a footlong brat with mozzarella all in the middle. i ate many. we landed in salzburg, home of "the sound of music", and it was easy to see flying into the smallish town that the area was beautiful. it sits just north of the alps, and it was a beautiful city with great countryside feeling all around it. there is an imposing castle on top of a hill on the edge of the city and a nice old town. we found a hotel and since julie was meeting us in an hour or two after that, we decided to let mom rest (me too) and then just start seeing the city after she got there. she did, on a ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin May 19th 2006

Had breaky in the room. Put a load of washing on which was new and got to watch a bit of the hawks in action on just before lunch (yes Davo, we got spanked) Walked down to KaDaWe via the Ku'damm which is apparently the biggest department store in Europe and it is pretty damn big - 7 huge floors, had lunch there - currywurst, we dumped Michael at their groovy child care centre (more fun for hom than looking at stuff with us) and had a look around - it was all too expensive, the highlight for me was the €116,000 stereo on display - awsome, MTL I think it was and had the weirdest looking speakers. We then had afternoon tea near the bombed church left as a reminder of the war. A ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin May 18th 2006

Did a bit of shopping in Leipzig - Gabrielle bought some jeans, bought Michael a Bob Der Baumeister top, Corey bought a sausage. Drove to Berlin - pissing down rain, doesn´t stop most Germans from driving at breakneck speeds. Found the hotel (actually apartment) about dinner so went across the road to a supermarket and bought stuff for dinner and cooked it in our room - 2 sausages for me. sc = 4... read more


Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin May 18th 2006

INTRO One of the more curious political alliances I witnessed on the Hill was that between Henry Hyde and Jesse Jackson, Jr...both Illinois representatives but the similarities end there. They teamed up to almost succeed in, as I recall, redirecting FAA money away from O'Hare towards building a new airport to the south of Chicago. When JJJr spoke on the House floor about it, he held up a tourist's map of Chicago, and shouted, "my district isn't even on the map!" Well, think about it. The 660,000 Chicagoans he represents live in a part of town where no tourists go and, one might say, would never want to go. Would a new airport help? Ask someone who knows... I offer this to introduce my favorite travelblog posting (to date). Over the past few days I went ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich May 18th 2006

We made it to Germany! Phuong and I have had many jollies, having difficulties with the simplest tasks (like using their public phones!). Although sometimes the cultural barrier has made things a tad stressful, all in all we are having so much fun! Currently, I am on a pay computer with 3 minutes left, so I apologize if I have to cut this post off abruptly. So far, Phuong and I have gone to see the Neues Rathaus and the Alten Rathaus, and we saw the Glockenspiel dance. I ate a Bavarian pretzel, and we've also enjoyed the small cafes where you stand to eat and drink. The Virketualien Market was our favorite. We've gone there a few times to buY fresh produce and fresh squeezed juices. I have fun trying to talk and order in ... read more
Phuong & Statue
Our first hostel!

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Tübingen May 18th 2006

G'day, much has happened since I last wrote. Currently I am in Tübingen while Kristian is making his was back from München, a 3 hour train journey. Puddy had spent the past 6 days there with Chelsea, a great girl we met while in Salzburg, and again took a visit to our favourite place: The mountain overlooking Neuschwanstein Castle. Its been a bit odd not seeing Kristian for 6 days after seeing him every day for 3 and a half months, when he gets here tonight it will be a bit weird to have a beer and a 'catch up', something we have not had to do so far. Also I am now the proud inhabitant of my very own Apartment, unfortunately I don't have the address with me but I will post it soon. Kristian ... read more
Kristian and Chelsea
The Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-la-la Band
Our Day Trip To Slovakia

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin May 18th 2006

Well today was an interesting day.... I am not going to say a happy day, but it was one of great reflection on the information and locations we witnessed. We took a tour out to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp just outside of Berlin. This is one of the first concentration camps that the Nazi's built completely fresh at the beginning of their reign. This camp was to be used, and was used, as a model for all other concentration camps put up by the Nazi's. I don't really know where to start with describing this camp, it sort of takes your breath away. Honestly, the conditions were so terrible, its tough to think that any human could inflict that much pain and suffering on another human being. I'm a bit conflicted about the whole experience. On ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Koblenz May 18th 2006

so i've finally got this thing sure we'll keep updating it from now on, but a quick summary of what we've done so far: *got here a day early, stayed in frankfurt, walked around for a bit, realized wine is as cheap as water. it was a good day *got to campus, got into our dorms, met some ppl *class, pub crawl (that we turned into our own superior version) *visited the european central bank *class again, watched the soccer championship (the superbowl for europe), drank WAY too much fantastic german beer *class annnnnd thats a quick summary as of coming soon - joe... read more
Campus 02
Campus 03
Campus 04

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