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Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Stuttgart June 30th 2006

OK sorry for not posting earlier. It is difficult to get to working computers here, especially considering the amount of traveling we have been doing. The reason we are in this part of the world at this time is because the FIFA World Cup is on, so i feel i should cover this event while it is on. Being in Germany while the cup is on should be an amazing experience, and it is, but there are a couple of things which make it a little bit more difficult to fully get into it. The amount of train travel we have undertaken has caused us to miss some games (in periods quite a lot of games), back at home i would have seen more games and i would have seen all the games i wanted to ... read more
The Aussie Stairs
Pre Game 2
Pre Game 3

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Stuttgart June 30th 2006

We got to the stadium well before kick off. It was packed outside the stadium. We ended up going in with a while bunch of Aussies, the conversations involved how much we were going to pump Croatia, Aussie rules, and beer. We ended up getting into the stadium and went about finding our seats. We entered our bay and were walking down the stairs. As we walked down there was only Croatians on our left. I´m talking the whole bay was Croatians. On our right there was miscellaneous supporters, probably mostly neutrals. We walked all the way down the stairs and found our seats in the very first row of the top tier located along the lengthy side of the pitch in between the 18 yard box and half way. As you could probably guess, our ... read more
The Teams
Kick Off
Action Shot

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt June 30th 2006

After much anticipation, I am finally here!!! We are staying at the "Stay and Learn" Hostel located conviniently right next to the central train station (well, and depends on your interest, right next to the red light district as well). But its a great place... quite clean and quite well organized. We actually got a semi-private bathroom with our room too, and its surprisingly new as well. I must say, when we got here, we didn't really know what to expect or how to get around. And we didnt have to. Everywhere we go, if people see us with our maps and looking confused, we were offered help to get back onto the right track. Its great! However, I must confess I am still not sure how to get around here by train or bus... it ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt June 30th 2006

I had always wanted to make a return to a world cup match; my first, and to date, my only experience had been back in the summer of 1990, in Florence, Italy when the FIFA world cup came to town. 16 years later and here I am again! Frankfurt in Germany was the trip, and the visit of my friend Lee from the States was the reason. We had planned a trip from East Anglia, in England, across France, Germany and into Italy. Car problems and horrible traffic jams forced us to alter our plans, so we decided on staying in Germany at my other friends house, Mark, and see some of western Germany. Frankfurt was our main destination, and long walks through town during the day had revealed a lovely traditional German feel town. The ... read more
Fan Zone 2
Frankfurt 2

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin June 30th 2006

0850 Magdeburg Hbf Gleis 8 晴   Hertha Berlin的墨水筆……慘,這麼紫的?其實對那件€15的球衣有興趣,但似乎那是童裝,包包亦認為就算是加大碼,我亦不合穿,但我又想買Hertha的東西,碰巧帶來的筆快要沒有墨,便買這個吧。   雖然昨晚是慘痛的€45,但我因為「半明知」的情況下送車,結果我只能享受僅6小時的舒適睡眠,猶幸是熟睡,醒來頗精神輕鬆的。(已上RE)   Magdeburg早上仍可以見到球迷的蹤影,重現了一點生氣,希望別要到今晚為止吧,就算我後晚便要走。 明天怎樣回慕尼黑還未有定案,或者隨心一點,將來Magdeburg的路線掉轉走一遍。   幸好趕及在那間睡醒時仍未記得姓甚名誰的酒店(遠望根本不像酒店,門牌更寫著Volkhochschule,似乎是教會的... read more
outdated (Kuranyi and Deisler excluded finally) but smart advertisement
waiting for free entry
a typical German fan


Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Tübingen June 29th 2006

The past few days in Tübingen have been relatively quiet, for one reason in particular: No Football. Its been so strange I feel like I have lost a shoe. The world cup started with 3 games every single day, what bliss, and then went down to 2 per day, still very tidy. But in between the round of 16 of the Quarter Finals there are two whole days where neither a football is kicked nor a shin is grabbed in mock horror and pain at a foul that did not occur. Tomorrow though will make up for that because Germany plays, and that always means goodtimes. Unless they lose. Hopefully that doesn't happen. One interesting thing that has occured is I recieved this message from a fellow called Tim in response to the entry "Stuttgart": Hi ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin June 29th 2006

Part of Day One I finally flew on the famous Ryanair Airline where my flight was a penny and with taxes totaled $30 from London to Berlin. My flight was at 6:25 am and public transport doesn't open before 5 am. My friend Drew was supposed to catch a flight to Lisbon, Portugal and got to the airport early with check in 2 hours prior to boarding and gates closing 40 minutes prior. He waited in a long queue and then they cut him off saying that there wasnt enought time to get everyone on the flight. Sooo I "slept" at the airport all night it was horrid, I made sure to sleep next to the Ryanair desks and clamor to the line at 3:30 vs 4:25 when it opened. Too bad i slept through my ... read more
Vıva Brasil!!
Breakfast Wıth Gabrıele

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Aalen June 29th 2006

Grüss Gott from Aalen! We're in southern Germany, and that's how you say "hi". (Really, just say "goose guts" really fast and they'll think you're a local). We are now hanging about with Nick's relatives in a small town called Unterkochen, close to a slightly larger city called Aalen, in the south of Germany. To find it, first find Stuttgart, then slide your finger east until you are roughly halfway between Stuttgart and Munich. We're in the more rural south, where churches dominate every town, no matter how small. There's an Unterkochen and an Oberkochen, both named for the Kocher river (here it's more like a fast-moving creek that cuts through the town) in this land of low hills and valleys. We are in Swabia, and here they speak a dialect of German called "Schwabisch" (shway-bish). ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg June 29th 2006

Finished off the Rhine River and headed south towards the Black Forest. We were going to stop in Heidelberg, but when we pulled into the camp site we could see that it was full of English football fans. After deciding that maybe this wasn’t going to be very restful we then decided to head off into the Black Forest (couple of hours drive) and gain a day in our itinerary (a move that would prove one of the smartest we have made so far). Saw some really great places along the way and I have to say that as a travel destination, Germany is hard to beat, as it has a huge variety of areas and sights that will please everyone. We had our second brush with royalty on this trip (remember the Dutch royal family ... read more
Rach and her BIG bratwurst
Our 4th Wedding Anniversay in Black Forest
Early morning in Black Forest

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Hunsrück June 29th 2006

We’re traveling again. For those of you who aren’t familiar with our travel-styles: I like to have everything planned way in advance, David makes it up as he goes along. Our trip to France was extremely under-scheduled because I had been ill, and up until Wednesday we were still debating whether or not to go. For a couple of days I was unable to stand or walk. On my worst day I couldn’t even hold a drink up to my mouth, but the doctors gave me some super strong antibiotics to fight my infection and now I’m doing better. Even though I wasn’t able to plan every detail of our vacation, I did manage to do enough research to feel “prepared.” I checked the weather, reserved a rental car, and printed out directions from the ... read more
Frankfurt Hahn in a Thunderstorm

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