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The bus I ended up in was one of those old yellow school buses, imported from the USA. It was pretty comfortable though, although the bus was full. The ride was mostly through valleys with some mountains nearby, but nearly all flat out. It gets real dry and dusty everywhere here during winter that's for sure! Four hours after departing the SPS bus station the bus arrived safe and sound. It was only a few minutes along the steep and cobblestoned streets before I had found a place to stay. At HNL 200 ($10) a bargain, three floors with an inner courtyard so it stays nice and cool. I had a room on the ground floor. The rest of the day I didn't do much, apart from walking around the small town and meeting some fellow ... read more
Copan Ruinas
Macaws, at the ruins
The town of Copan ruinas

De trip begint om 4u30, midden in de nacht dus. De route naar Copan is hobbelig, vol putten en met een chauffeur van mijn botten. Toch slaap ik. Om 9u stoppen we voor ontbijt. Mijn tomatensoep is bruin, vreemd maar best lekker. Blijkbaar werd ze gemaakt van heel donkere tomaten. De nieuw bijgekomen groepsleden zijn me vreemd. Het is ook nog zo vroeg. De grensovergang verloopt even hectisch als anders. De mevrouw die mijn beroep vraagt, vormt het om naar student. Da's goed voor mij. Misschien is het zelfs een compliment. Als zij het graag zo heeft... Tegen de middag bereiken we Copan. Ons hotel heet Hotel Calle Real. Het is een zeer fijn hotel. Spijtig genoeg ligt het helemaal boven op de berg. Deze keer vinden we een postkantoor, maar hebben we geen geld op ... read more
En dan nu: Reclame!

It was a six hour mini bus trip from Antigua to Copan Ruinas in Honduras. We were all crammed into the bus pretty tightly. The first couple of hours were terrible - we drove through Guatemala City and the pollution from other cars and trucks was very heavy. We had been warned constantly by locals not to go to the capitol city due to violence and robbery issues - even the residents of Antigua hate visiting the place. Even after leaving the city boundaries the pollution didn’t decease as we were in the middle of a constant stream of trucks belching fumes. We were all pretty pleased to get to our half way point to stretch our legs. Thankfully the scenery improved from there - hilly rural country with lots of banana plantations and tiny dry ... read more
Beautiful colours of the baby toucan
Early morning, main street, Copan Ruinas
Late afternoon main plaza, Copan Ruinas

Hello all, Well we are on to week 2 of our travels. We headed to the mainland after a sore goodbye to island life. It was hard to leave Utila but Copan Runias is living up to it and then some. We made friends with a lovely couple from Switzerland and travelled with them from the Island to where we are now. Copan Ruinas - I don´t even know where to start... The people here are amazing! They are friendly, welcoming and totally forgiving when Blair and I attempt to speak Spanish-which is awful- we have already vowed to take classes before entering a spanish speaking country. Trust me - it makes life waaaay easier. We arrived at the perfect time too - we caught the last few days of a week long celebrationfestival complete with ... read more

This is a post that should have probably written weeks ago. It is a post I have dreaded. How do I describe these experiences? What do I say? Do I have the right to tell this story? Do have the skill to tell it in it’s entirely? Where is the truth, would I recognized it? I have avoided this posting because it demands context, but not justification, simply context. I have postponed this posting for weeks in attempt to gain some of this context. But I am beginning to wonder if I have the ability to separate between the reality that my eyes see and perception that my prejudices distort. I am reminded of a quote from a book I have recently read on this trip: “…We have no choice but to see the world through ... read more


Copán... More ruins. I'd heard about it in the same sentences as Tikal and understood this was the biggest Mayan site in Honduras, so needless to say I had high expectation. After a couple of unremarkable days in Utila (the diving might have been good but the island itself didn't set my heart alight), I was hoping to get a more Honduran flavour, although I realised I was heading for another super-touristy site in the country. I left Utila on the 6.20am boat - lucky I don't mind the early starts too much. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the ferry ticket was slightly cheaper this way (L400) and hooked up with a couple of people I'd met the night before, one of which was heading to San Pedro Sula (so was I). We got ... read more

I started my day with an early morning bumpy ride from San Pedro Sula to Copan Ruinas. I was dropped off by taxi at the bus terminal (about a 20 minute drive) and took a Casa Sola bus at 8am. The bus was about $8 US and was one of those comfortable charter buses. No bathroom and the air wasn’t turned on but was a pretty comfortable 2.5 hour ride north. I took the advice of a fellow woman blogger and sat next to an older woman in the waiting area and sat with her again on the bus – right up front. She helped me understand how long it would take, what to expect and when vendors came on board to sell soda, I know I didn’t get ripped off. Looking up at the mountains ... read more
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6

The house building is complete and Michele and I have had 4 days off to sightsee. First day was to climb Pacaya Volcano, which is active, the poor horse was pushed up the volcano by its kind owner. After all the hardwork the volcano was smoking but there was no eruption of lava! It was still however hot enough to toast marshmallows when we laid sticks over a deep hole, which caught fire and toasted the marshmallows!! Next was a trip to the Lakes - Lakes Atitlan and the small villages around the Lakes, these were all very cute and it was a lovely chilled day. We have just got back from the Copan Ruins in Honduras. The ruins are magnificent and it is so hard to appreciate the expanse that the Mayan village would have ... read more

I really need to try & stay up late one of these nights so I won't wake up at 6am.... with the Honchos of the area. Last night was noisy. The parties lasted until well into the morning. I'm glad there's only one Saturday night in the week. Such old fogies. This morning we cleaned up, packed up, kept the streak alive & headed to the ruins. First we had to have some free coffee. Love a hostal that gives you free coffee. For breakfast we went a little healthier & had some toasty o's with chocolate milk (solely because it's kept in the fridge & the rest of the milk is kept on the shelves with dry goods, I wanted cold milk for a change). Caught a tuk tuk & went to the ruins. We ... read more
Kassandra and the "Juego de Pelota"
Hieroglyphic Stairway
Gotta love the 10 second timer.

Best night sleep in some time! The temperature was perfect last night & the bed is just comfy enough & it was super quiet! Love it. Nothing beats a good nights sleep. The Honcho near us clearly hasn't gotten his doodling pipes worked up to snuff yet. His cock-a-doodle-do sounds more like cock-a-dool-ack. It literally made me wake up laughing. He has a bit of a hack at the end & it gets really quiet. Maybe he's a teenager? We got up & headed out. We've decided to take it easy today & just chill around town. We need a day of rest after yesterday. Plus the weather is kinda crappy & cloudy & drizzly so not the perfect conditions for viewing the ruins of Copan. Outside we were met with the delicious smell of fried ... read more
Best soup of the trip!
And fried chicken

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