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Everyone seems to write an article about what they packed with them. Im more concerned with what I didnt bring. Mostly because it all seems to be spread out among the east coast. So here goes, a list of who has what: Grandma - two suitcases with coats, jackets, movies, shoes Luiz - Three totes of my clothes, leftover shoes, plus my pink target plastic dresser with more clothes, cds, and randoms Giosie - my dresser Deborah - my bookcase and my plates Caroline (or Luiz) - my bike Nilanj - a bag full of my coats and all the things I forgot to pack Mariska - my bedding I hope thats everything.... read more

Today was my second day at the dive shop... yea!!! But first... last night I went on a late afternoon dive, and by the time I got back to the shop all the other interns had gone home except for my roommate Nick who was out on a night dive. So I waited around for him so we could go home. A bunch of people were going out, and since I got home so way late I had already missed them. So I decided heck, I want to get out, I'll just go meet them. Well that was when I discovered I didnt know the way to the road. Walked in what turned out to be the right direction, but when I got near the harbor I thought I must be going the wrong way cause ... read more

I arrived on Roatan last night. It was dark so all i got to really see was the house. ... Might have done better if it was dark in the house too. There are only 2 girls right now doing the internship, and I havent met the other one yet. She is house sitting for one of the instructors while he's in the US, so its just me and 7 guys in what can only be described as the frat house from Animal House. Third world countries I can take, but dirty grossness not my cup of tea. The internet in the house is spotty at best, but there's a computer at the dive shop we can use. Today was my first day at the dive shop. I'm working at Turquoise Bay (where there is also ... read more

9 days in Honduras. Hours of waiting. Wrong turns. Upset stomachs. Undetermined bug bitters. Roosters crowing at every nighttime hour. interesting roommates. Sometimes I wonder why I travel. As I learned, it's not because I have excess money. Mary and I felt cheated paying $40 a night for a hotel room, but as soon as I got back to america, spending $10 at Wendy's somehow felt normal and acceptable. I think I travel to be frustrated, to be tired, to be challenged. “To be a real traveler you must be willing to give yourself over to the moment and take yourself out of the center of your universe” ~Kent Newburn Everything in this country is fast. Convenient. organized. And that is what I like about living here. Honduras was none of those things. While it was ... read more
X-mas, Honduras style
Our beloved (cough, cough) roommate
unpaved roads and rainy days = puddles!

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán December 25th 2008

I awoke about 8am & I went with Brad down to the beach for breakfast. We met other members of the group there. I decided to take a stroll to the West Beach 4km away. I followed the coast as far as possible then took a detour through a very fancy hotel onto West beach. There were thousands of people there & I decided to head back, I ended up sharing a water taxi with some of the girls from my group back to our cove. We had lunch at a leisurely pace & hung out on the beach. I tried to phone home but my sister dropped the phone or something & when I returned later to try again the call shop had a power cut. I went back to the hotel & retrieved the ... read more


Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán December 24th 2008

I slept until 9.30am when I went with Brad (my roomate) for breaki, he paid $5 for a bowl of cornflakes. I had planned an action packed day but I decided for an easy day snorkelling with Brad & Paul. We rented snorkels $6 for 24hrs from the hotel diveshop & walked to the pier to get a water taxi to the larger West Beach further along the coast. This place was a full blown resort with luxury hotels spilling onto the beaches. But it had good snorkelling down the far end near the rocks. It was a perfect carribean day with sunshine & clear blue skies, the water was very refreshing. Near the shore it was very shallow with coral only 3 ft below the surface, but there where long gaps in the coral that ... read more
Roatan 194

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán December 23rd 2008

We left our hotel at 5.15am to catch a chicken bus from the garage around the corner. We got off the bus at La Ceiba & took a couple of taxis to the ferry terminal. I had pancakes for breaki at the cafe there. We were warned that bottles & knives were not allowed in hand luggage. But guess what Uffe tried to take on in his carry on bag?, a bottle of Rum & a rather large knife! This bothered me because I roomed with him occasionally. Since the group had been enlarged he had isolated himself, spending literally hours in net cafes & texting home. I figured he was very depressed & home sick. Either way he was depressing to be around. There are pros & cons to group travel, but on the whole ... read more
Heading to Roatan
West End
Roatan 162

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán December 13th 2008

I couldn't fit all the pics in the last blog . . . so here goes!... read more
Todd and Poncho
his new best friend
don't drink and dive!

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán December 12th 2008

Thursday was yet another fantastic day! A beautiful 6am sunrise started the day off right! This was our last day of diving . . . so of course we made the best of it (and the most of it - with hour+ long dives). We (Todd, his dad, and myself) did a deep dive today at Forty Foot Point, which was great! Going deep is my fav. I've been focusing my underwater attention on the little guys most people fly right over. Lots of little yellow-headed jawfish and garden eels to watch everywhere! We've gotten good at spotting them. It's very interesting to see their behaviors - each creature is pretty distinct and yet very common in their own ways. Some little fish have the territorial behavior and charge the camera, while others are shy and ... read more
Another local
Sunrise 6am
still can't keep my eyes off it

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán December 12th 2008

Today was our last full day on Roatan. No diving today (24 hours before flying) =( But it's ok, b/c the weather was so-so (cloudy and cool). Catherine, Todd, and I went over to the West End to do a little shopping in the morning, and then the four of us (his dad too) did the extreme canopy/zipline tour in the afternoon. I found lots of treasures to take home with me for bargain prices . . . I just hope I can fit it all in the suitcase! =) The canopy tour was a load of fun! We did the longest zipline in Central America and we all had a blast! Tonight the fire dancers are coming over, so that should be interesting! Hope you all enjoyed the few pics and litttle blogs! Hope to ... read more
Shopping at the West End

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