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Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán February 16th 2009

I always thought tropical islands would be so beautiful. I was right the island itself is beautiful, but food, service and some of the people were quite the opposite. I will write briefly for now. I really would like to get Jose at the passport stamping booth for leaving the country fired. This was the most disrespectful man I have ever met. A couple years ago he would not let my wife ( who is a native of roatan) leave the country without permission from her mom. She is my wife with an american resident green card visa that wouldnt expire for two years. Why would I need her moms permission when her mom signed papers when we got married saying that I was now responsible for her and that she was mine. My wife whom ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán February 4th 2009

Day 102 Had a very early start ready for our 3 flights to Roatan. Tom was obviously looking forward to seeing his old buddies although slightly apprehensive that they might not remember him! When we finally arived on Roatan we jumped on a busy bus that would take us to Punta Gorda which is the village where Tom lived. Amazingly one of his old students was on the bus and remembered him so I think that was a bit of a relief! When we reached our destination at 5pm after over 12 hours travelling we were pretty tired so were keen to find a bed. Mary Lou who did all Toms cooking when he was there hooked us up in one of her friends guest rooms which was actually really nice. Big room, flushing toilet and ... read more
Dancing at Fantasy
Tom with his buddies!

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán February 3rd 2009

So yes its been a while, but I had written a great entry and then the internet went out without the website saving my entry, and then i got lazy :D so here now are the missing entries, but properly dated (well somewhat properly) I mentioned my noisemaker because I was so excited to have it, and I used it all the time, and then on the second day of having it, I dropped it.... it happened as I was getting back on the boat, it somehow came unhooked from my BCD, and i was restrained from jumping right in to swim down after it... So I made us go back to the site every day, and I would do a search and rescue (I refused to admit it is was a search and recover) at ... read more
second batch 018
second batch 019

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán February 3rd 2009

Sunday was the superbowl, and of course I had to watch, since the Cardinals had made it to this point... quite obviously hell must have frozen over Reid, the latest and greatest intern, had arrived the day before. Alice, Mindy, and I took the day off, which to Brian meant we were all taking the day off, including Michel and Reid... that was quite the first morning for Reid, to have his ride to work drive off without him Anyways, I digress. Michel and Reid made it to work, and we enjoyed our lazy Sunday. More like Alice and I went down the backyard to Patricks where Mindy was staying, and Annie Carl Alyssa and Jordan were still in Brick Bay as well either, at Patricks or Brians, though Carl and Jordan had gotten a place ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán February 2nd 2009

Well, it appears that the rainy season is practically over! Woohoo for sun! My feet have turned a nice brown, but that ends at the ankle and my legs are casper white... with red dots all over from the damn sandflies. Still have rain here and there, which means the seas are still a bit of a rollercoaster ride... the wooden kind. Sandflies are out in abundance though... apparently they quite like the taste of me... however i have now scratched my legs raw, and it actually stung going out on the first dive today :( woe is me Almost got to dive with the sharks last week... til the stupid cruise ship people didnt show up. I'm pretty sure that guy in the green shirt stole my tourists! I was with another intern, Jordan, who ... read more


Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán January 25th 2009

Yes, but I also kicked your ass in the swim test! I've almost caught up to Jason in our dive master requirements, who arrived here two weeks before me, but it was a hectic busy two weeks, and so he didnt get started on his rescue course as early as he could. One of the things we need to do are the swim tests: an 800 meter swim with mask, snorkel, and fins, a 400 meter swim with nothing, a 100 meter diver tow, and 15 minutes treading. So the other day Jason and I did the 800 meter swim, and I kicked ass! :D Helps that I know how to swim in a straight line. Jason just swam in circles, going here, there, here over there. Did it in 14 minutes 30 seconds, but i ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán January 21st 2009

So one bad thing about living in the third world is the lack of water consistency.... wait actually its more like one of the travails of living in this crack house. Apparently we are supposed to be priming the pump every day, but none of us knew that. So of course the water ran out yesterday. When we have no water, the kitchen becomes a condemned zone. But its nice knowing your neighbours, just ran down now to wash a fork for my dinner. Of course, since none of the glasses are clean, we are passing the wine bottle around. So I got my rescue diver certification last week. Yea I can rescue people! I had to do the skills first in the pool, did fine there except I couldnt find the ring at the bottom. ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán January 18th 2009

So heres a brief insight to the hilarities of living on a tropical island: Bugs are everywhere of course, and I have no problem with tarantulas out in the wild... i do however have a problem with baby tarantulas hanging out on my sink stand... i know im such a girl. Got a lot of bull for that one, but i very much wanted it out of my bathroom and so enlisted the guys to get rid of it for me. I do however have a huge problem with the mosquitos and sand flies that have been feasting on my legs... im pretty sure ive scratched down to the last layer of skin, and it still itches. But this has led to an amusing adventure in finding the best anti-itch cream. You would think on an ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán January 18th 2009

Lookie lookie i got.... uhm pictures. Bad rhyme :D Here they are, in all their glory, PICTURES!! Videos to come ... read more
My room
My hallway

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán January 12th 2009

I now present: the past week! First, a brief insight into our daily lives.... wake up at 6:45, up by 6:50, throw on a bathing suit and some shorts and a tee, make my pb&j sandwich (the breakfast of champions), then the van comes to pick us up anytime after 7. Lately its been the bad van... the one where you can see the road through the floor, and you can't go over the speed bumps faster than 10mph cause it just might fall apart... get to the dive shop and open up - that consists of opening the doors and finding out how many are going out on the morning dives, then bringing all the gear down to the boat. then we wait for our one or two customers to show up (its been slow ... read more

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