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So, Al here once again, I am currently in La Ceiba, Honduras. tomorrow morning we will be heading to the Bay Island in the Caribbean Sea. But more on that later.... As of the last update we were heading to Flores i think. To the TIKAL, ancient Mayan ruins. This was an incredible day. The ruins were nothing short of awe inspiring. I cant really describe in a short blog something that took over a 1000 years to build. But, to paraphrase; deep in a Guatemala Jungle, thousands of hectares large, are huge ruins built my the Mayans many years ago. They are all still in incredible shape, and the history and stories fill the air as you walk around these massive structures built for the gods. We were even allowed to climb most of them. ... read more
Storm on the way
Underwater Al
Fry Jacks!!!

Except for a very sweaty and slow run yesterday morning, life is pretty much grinding away on first gear. We are very chilled and relaxed here. We have spent many hours lying in the crystal clear shallows of the Caribbean. Today we decided to explore the island a little further so we hired a scooter. Leanne taking her spot at the back and warming up her arm for a day of slow down whacks and Matt was very pleased to find a 150cc scooter. Although the island is small it is still a decent size as we found out after travelling over 30km to the other side where we were still not quite at the other side. The island is quite hilly and you get some great views of the coral reef and blue waters as ... read more
Dinner Time
Just another night

Crossing Honduras was another slightly drawn out process with many of the usual bus frustrations and changes. We were extremely glad to finally reach the Carribean Coast but as it was late at night we just grabbed dinner and a drink and headed to bed. We still hadn't decided if we were going to sample the many tour activities from La Ceiba or head to the true Carribean paradise, the Bay Islands. By morning it was an unanimous decision, we were heading on the first of the 2 ferries to Roatan Island for some sun, sand and sea. The ferry ride over was on an impressive and large catamaran. Although it travels at tremendous speed it still takes an hour and a half. With the choppy sea the vomit bags were on high demand. Nurse Leanne ... read more
House Hunt
Beach Cabin
Swim Time

Rachel, Angel and I headed to Roatan in the Carribean for 3 days of sun and (hopefully) relaxation! We left Copán on the 7am Cassasola bus for San Pedro Sula. After a 3 hour ride we got something to eat on the bus station, then got the Sultana bus to La Ceiba...another 3 + hours. A taxi ride got us to the dock in plenty of time to buy our ferry ticket, check out luggage and sit for a minute. I bought some huge, delicious grapes while we sat waiting to get on the ferry, The Galaxy. Bad idea. Our trip over was very, very, VERY choppy. I got a bit sea sick. Yuck. After about an hour and a half we landed, got our luggage and a taxi to West End. The taxi driver was ... read more
A piece of paradise!
Dolphin Time
Me and Fiona

A continuation of the last blog ... Loved this place!! Great diving and lots of fun. Reefgliders was a great place to dive! I didnt take much pictures but am trying to get better with the camera.... read more
Jenn and I


Well, I am now an Advanced Open Water Diver and am working on my Rescue Diver certification now! It is AMAZING here, diving is like discovering a new world rich with alien life. It´s like a work of art, the water, the coral and the marine life! Ivé seen all sorts of fish, a sea turtle, barracudas, caves, mountains of life rich with color. I have a few pics but will get more up soon-... read more
The Ulyssis
My Front Porch
My backyard

BUS LESSON UNO CERO UNO: 1. Get to the bus early so you can get a window seat. You will want a window seat. I repeat, you will want a window seat because it gets muy muy stuffy. 2. The seats are built to fit two people, but they pack them in so be prepared to feel some other person’s moist body part on you. 3. Make sure it’s a direct bus. You do not want to be on a bus with no air conditioning, sweaty limbs, and body odor that stops every 5 minutes to pick up passengers who have more sweaty limbs and more body odor. Don’t just ask one person, ask as many as you can “es un autobus directo?” because we asked four people and the tally was 2-2 about exactly where ... read more
Our Indiana Jones plane
View of Roatan

On the way from the Roatan airport to our hotel, we passed Coxen Hole which has great ocean front property without the nice properties. They are shanty houses made of wood and metal sheeting. This area is dominated by the Garifuna* people. We arrived late (obviously) to our hotel, the Kefeito’s Inn, run by Phillip, a Central American Chong (from Cheech and Chong) clone. Since there was no food available at the hotel, we walked, starving, with flashlights on the dark beach to the nearest restaurant. Crabs blanketed the beach and there were so many, you had to watch where you stepped. When we came near, they either retreated to near-by holes or were frozen in fear by us. Much like the grasshoppers, some of the crabs had death wishes. We made it to a restaurant ... read more
Crab on beach 2
crabs 3
Crabs 4

I don’t think there are two more relaxing words in the English language than, “Hammock nap”. Chong’s place had two hammocks out on the porch that overlooked paradise, with the green forest and exotic birds singing their ever-loving beaks off. I did not see any other people staying at the Inn, so we had this wonderful place all to ourselves. It was hot, but to lie in a hammock after a shower and feel the breeze hit, felt like I was knee-deep in a Jimmy Buffet song. Between naps, I contemplated the world generally and life specifically. I think that happens when you’re one day removed from feeling like your stomach was eating you. My life. Any life is so precious. Everyone says your health is the most important thing, but I’d have to say your ... read more
Yes, the ocean was blue
Looking at the ocean from our deck
Don't you wish you were here?

Our guide book said it was going to be $10 to get into the Gumba Limba park, but they were charging $20 and didn’t take credit cards. We told the girl at the ticket counter that it was more expensive than we thought and after a minute of discussion, we decided not to go. We weren’t so much cheap, rather worried, because we didn’t have a lot of cash left and didn’t know if the ATM’s would ever work. If that were the case, we’d need to reserve the rest of our money for Chong. So we left. Danielle and I stopped to smell the roses, literally just out of sight of the park’s entrance. As I was smelling, I heard laughing, and the voice of the ticket seller coming from the park entrance. She cackled, ... read more
Stoic bird
close up bird
Jurassic Park

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