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Although I knew that Hurricane Season officially started on June 1st, I did not think it would begin with such punctuality and force. As soon as it hits June, these rains and storms unleash their annual pounding of central america without hesitation. We noticed on the weather channel that Hurricane Alma recently started up in Nicaragua and we would be flying over the region the next day. Yowza! Fortunately, the worst part of this weather system pushed out of our direct flight path and we had no problems. We landed in San Jose Costa Rica and quickly made our way to Volcan Arenal. This volcano has come highly recommended from a number of sources. It is apparently the most active of all volcanoes in the Americas. One neat way to enjoy this Lava Party is to ... read more
Arenal in a storm
The Owl Butterfly
Pristine Green

Kate: After such a wonderful time in Montverde but feeling a little tour guided and wildlife watching out we decided to head for La Fortuna which is home to one of Costa Rica's active volcanos' Volcano Arenal. Steve had never seen a volcano so we were pretty excited. The journey was slightly shorter this time- thank god- and we took the bus-boat-bus option to break up the journey a little. As far as we had worked out and people had told us we decided that we would only make it a short stop to Fortuna as once you have seen the volcano there isn´t a huge amount else to do. We were both pretty ready for some more beaching too so one day we thought to see the sights would be plenty. Because we had such ... read more
Our boat that took us across Arenal lake
Arenal Volcano in the evening
The Volcano

Von Tortuguero ging es ins Landesinnere zum Vulkan Arenal. Nach der abenteurllichen Fahrt mit dem Bananenboot, ging es weiter mit dem Bus zum Arenal. Schon von Weitem konnten wir die Umrisse des Kegel erkennen. Als wir dann in La Fortuna ankamen war er leider schon in dicke Wolken gehuellt. Unser Hotel lag weit ausserhalb vom Ort, schwer erreichbar, dafuer mit Blick zur aktiven Seite des Vulkans. Zum Fruehstueck hielt er sich noch etwas bedeckt. Wir machten uns zu Fuss auf den Weg zum Nationalparkeingang. Es war weiter als wir dachten - 10 km in eine Richtung. Aber wir konnten einen ersten herrlichen Blick auf den aufklarenden Vulkan werfen. Ab und zu hoerte man ein dumpfes Grollen, wie leichter Donner. Und bei genauem Hinschauen sah man Gesteinsbrocken den Vulkanruecken herunterrollen. Der schwerste Ausbruch war im Jahre 1968. ... read more

There was a slight hitch on our first full day in San Jose resulting in Hugh and I having to spend another night there while the rest of the group headed off first thing in the morning to La Fortuna in the north west. A couple of the group had ended their trip on our first night in San Jose and gone off on their way. The second night a group of new people arrived taking the total group size to 18, more than double the previous number and I feared this would feel a lot more like a group trip. However, our enforced stay in San Jose meant that we missed the organised bus and had to sort out a local bus up there the following morning. The bus was reasonably comfortable and luckily we ... read more
Volcan Arenal from our hotel
Lava on Volcan Arenal at dusk
Volcan Arenal smoking

Hello. We arrived safe and sound in Costa Rica San Jose, what feels like ages ago now, but in actual fact was only Yesterday. It did however take us 3 plane rides to get here so no wonder it feels like a long time. As promised I got some fantastci shots going over from Vancouver Island to the main land, hope you enjoy, I have no idea what islands they are but the mountains are the canada costal range, not the Rockies. So, first impressions of Costa Rica were of San Jose at 11pm at night as we got a taxi from the sirport to our hostel - guesthouse, which wasnt too bad really. The place is spralling, lots of buildings for miles and miles but they all look to be one or two stories max, ... read more
Hanging Bridges at Arenal
Arenal Volcano
Baldi Hot Springs At Night


Wow! Es ist dunkel, wir steigen aus dem Auto aus, stolpern ueber die Bruecke und schon gehts los mit Eruption um Eruption, knallroten Lawastroemen und einem fantastischen Sternenhimmel ueber uns... Wenn ichs nicht besser wuesste, wuerde ich meinen, ich traeume wieder mal sehr intensiv. Aber das Rauschen des Flusses unter der Bruecke, der leuchtintensive kleine Wagen und die Lawa, die mit 120 km/h 4 km an uns vorbei schiesst beweisen das Gegenteil. Ich werde Zeugin eines unglaublichen Naturspektakels, das doch nur sehr wenigen Touristen vergoennt ist. Schliesslich sind die Eruptionen tagsueber nicht sehr gut sichtbar und auch in der Nacht wird der Vulkan meistens derart von Nebelschwaden umhuellt, dass viele Touristen enttaeuscht weiterreisen. Nicht so Christina und ich... Christina und ich haben uns gestern im Backpackers in San Jose kennengelernt. Dieses reiselustige deutsche ... read more
Pool im Arenal Backpackers

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Arenal February 29th 2008

Our friends from California, Todd and Nancy, arrived last week for a 20-day vacation! We decided to join them for their first stop - Arenal Volcano. It had been dormant for 300 years until it erupted unexpectedly in 1968 (killing 85 people in the process). Since then, it has been spewing lava, gas, ash, and hot boulders off and on. It is apparently the largest or second largest active volcano in the Western hemisphere. So, one of the attractions is to hopefully see a live volcano in action. This depends on luck in 2 ways simultaneously: 1) the clouds aren't covering the summit and 2) the volcano is actually doing something interesting. Of course, first you have to get there. We took the boys out of school a couple of hours early on Friday and set ... read more
A cool topiary sculpture at Zarcero - monkey on a motorcycle
Sam's rice volcano with shrimp as the lava
Arenal at sunrise

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Arenal February 5th 2008

Didn't get enough of the volcanoes in Nicaragua so we were off to El Castillo and the Arenal Volcano... Arranged a Jeep-Boat-Jeep transport (more of a Bus-Boat-Bus) to get us there, it's apparently a lot faster than trying just the roads. Basically a bus picked us up at our hotel in Santa Elena, and after about an hour trip we arrived at the Laguna de Arenal where our small ferry was waiting. It was a beautiful day, and the Laguna was was about another hour on the water, and about twenty minutes in we rounded a point and there was the Arenal volcano in the distance, amazing! It was quite a sight to see it from the Laguna, with the smoke slowly billowing out of the top and drifting right down to the water... We ... read more
Arenal II
My new friend...
Flower I

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Arenal December 30th 2007

Early on Saturday, December 29th we met up with the McLeod’s at the parque central. With breakfast burritos to eat on the road we set off for Arenal Volcano. Ron wanted to get an early start as the road between Esparza and San Ramon is busy and traffic has a tendency to get backed up. It was our lucky day as Ron easily passed a big logging truck, Lach followed closely behind and we were off. The ride from San Ramon to La Fortuna is a windy, climbing ride and on this day it was a bit overcast. We drove through a bit of rain and even through the clouds at one point as the elevation increased. The scenery was beautiful, even with the slight interruption of Benjamin’s tummy upset and explosion. Mom now remembers every ... read more
Arenal Volcano show us your top
Ariana at Arenal
Lake Arenal behind the kids

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Arenal November 7th 2007

Hello, we are planning to spend x-mas and new year in CR, we are not sure if there are a risk for Malaria i CR, anyone knows? Thanks! Kind regards Sandra... read more

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