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Asia » China » Guangxi » Xingping May 7th 2006

Sally and I had such a good time yesterday I hired her again for today. I could probably have managed my route over the next few days, but it is nice to have someone along who knows all the little nooks and crannies, and the language. Plus I know she could use the fee. After our 8 hour bike ride yesterday, today was much easier. We took local buses to visit some local towns. Baisha is a little north of here and it was market day there. And I mean market day. IT takes place every 3 days and you can get absolutely anything your heart desires, from live birds to dead ones, from underwear to spices - you can even get your teeth cleaned at a stall right there! A little crazy. After that we ... read more
Baisha Market
Baisha Market
Fish at the market

Asia » Singapore » Changi May 7th 2006

Good Morning Singapore. I'm now at the new Budget Terminal waiting for my 9.50am flight to Macau where I will start a 10 day journey into the Pearl River Delta covering Macau, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. It's been a long time since January when we booked our air tickets and finally, we are flying this morning. I will try and keep u updated as we go along our journey.. Till I see you again. Take care. Roy :) 9.15am... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud May 7th 2006

One of the major events in my Bali trip was enjoying the local food. From the not-to-be-missed (as stated in some travel books) Ibu Oka babi guling, the Murni's Warung, Wayan Batu, Cafe Wayan, Bebek Bengkel, Bali Buddha, Cafe Lotus, Lotus Lane etc. to the less known Biah Biah, Bridge Cafe, Padi to the local food stall without a name on the road sides selling nasi campur, bakso, or dessert. A meal can be as expensive as 20USD or as cheap as less than 1USD per peson. I didnt try the French cuisine here (some said Bali has some of the best French cuisinier here) coz I believe in Malaysia we can have some good ones too. After trying most of the so called recommended restaurants, the only taste I can still remember right now is ... read more
Chocolate Cake
Indra Prastha

Asia » Japan » Osaka May 7th 2006

This food is TAKOYAKI. You can eat it in Japan,especially OSAKA MINAMI. The octopus has entered the foods made from the egg and flour. ... read more

Asia » Laos » West » Vang Vieng May 7th 2006

Vang Vieng - what a place! Unlike anywhere I have ever been before but for once the hype was to be believed. Laos had been a slow-burner for us up to this point but we really started to enjoy it last Monday when we rolled into town after a sweaty 5-hr bus journey from Vientiane. Arriving in the evening, priorities first, let's get a hostel where the action is - as a guy I once knew used to say "GooseCentral"!! It proved to be a wise decision. Now others may have shuddered at the thought of a cockroach infested room with a building site on one side and the towns only late night bar on the other but for us it was perfect, and all for $2 each a night. The licencing laws in Laos are ... read more
Troops ready for action
The wee jump...


A day out at Ko Phi Phi: We hired a long tail boat (+ driver=1200 baht) & headed for Ko Phi Phi Lea (national park) and Maya bay (the circular bay that the movie the beach" was filmed at). We snorkeled around & explored "the beach" then we cruised round the other side of the Is to another nice little bay for some more snorkeling & exploring. " Then back to Ko Phi Phi don (where we stayed) for some cliff jumping (climbing up jagged rocks, sharing a pair of flip flops between 3 to a overhanging tree then jumpin seaward, good fun) So after a few jumps we went to monkey beach. The beach was only accessible by boat with a colony of monkeys living there ( big angry males, cheeky young 1's & tiny ... read more
Want some coconut mate!
Ko Phi Phi Lea
Sunset in the palms

Asia » Japan » Iwate » Kamaishi » Nehama Beach May 7th 2006

One of the greatest things about Japan is their abundance of National holidays. And when three of them fall in the same week, you can't help but say, "Road Trip"! We gathered the troops and headed 4 hours North into the mountainous prefecture of Iwate for three days of camping next to the Pacific ocean, some serious tip-freezbie and campfires. Nehama beach wasn't exactly Thailand, but we weren't expecting it to be. Especially since Japanese beaches vary in their beauty and concrete usage. Because of all the tsunami threats here in Jland, most beaches are littered with concrete jacks, barriers, huge rows of steps (without railings...yah, real safe), and while this all keeps people more safe from tidal waves, one wonders if destroying the natural beauty of so many places is really worth it. Guess it ... read more
Chicka and Rumi
Campfire bliss
love sparklers...

Asia » India » Karnataka » Badami May 7th 2006

Only 125km away from Hampi and more than 6 hours ( and a couple of buses later)on the way to reach this little town in the middle of Karnataka. Pigs searching for some nice garbage, horses, donkeys, chicken, beggars, oh oh what a chaos! I like this town, although it ireally dirty and easily a source of diseases. The room that we rent was so hot that even my sheet was warmed up! sleeping was horrible! Badami was once the capital of the Chalukya empire, which covered much of the central Deccan between the 4th and 8th centuries. The area around Badami is dripping with temples and there are over 150 in the three main centres alone ( Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal) Badami is best known for its beautiful cave temples, although I enjoyed the forts ... read more
The caves
Bhutanaha temple
laundry girl near the Agastyatirtha Tank

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou May 7th 2006

The weeks have flown by and it's time for a well-earned break. We worked all the previous weekend, so as to have 7 consecutive days off. The students were very excited, as many of them had planned to go home to see their families and friends for the first time since Spring Festival Holidays in early February. The first week of May is known as one of China's "Golden Weeks", the others being in the first week of October, and, of course, the Spring Festival in January/February. It is a time when a large proportion of the 1.4 billion inhabitants is on the move. Something not to be taken lightly, I can assure you! Many people had warned me, "Don't even think about travelling during this time!" Consequently, I had not made any special plans. However, ... read more
May Day Celebrations
First Foreigners
Yangzhou Bridge

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