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England to New Zeland Overland

Planning to tavel to New Zeland overland from England, just after as much advice as i can muster. =)
13 years ago, December 7th 2007 No: 1 Msg: #23775  
Hello all,

Im in the early stages of planning my adventure to New Zeland and possibley further overland. (no planes)

I dont have a time scale i want to do it in.
I am going to travel light, and start off solo.
Being open to where i go,
Ive decided to 'go with the flow' as it were, linking up places i want to see.

Obviously with a budget tho.
With the plan of getting to NZ and working out there to fund the rest of my trip across to america & Home.

Any advice from anyone who has done a simlar journey would be fantabulus!

a first few questions, If i am just going straight to NZ, with buget travel and buget accomedation what kind of ....well.....'buget' .........would people sugest is ideal? i was thinking if i save £10,000 then that would give me anuff scope to do what i want.

my next bigest problem is traveling light.

Iv just toured europe for a few weeks with hardly anything with me. and found it very easy... so thats not the issue.
The issue lies in that im a very keen photographer and really want to take a chunky amount of photography shtuff with me, to document all the beautifull things out there.
There for not travling that light. Which is my dilema!

So any travel photographers that can give me any pros and cons out there, i call upon you for help!

Iv just ordered 'The wrong way home' by Peter Moore, about his journey from UK to Oz so hopefully this will give me some insperation and advice.

Ill leave it there for now. but please feel free to type your advice however relivent it may be, or just have a lil chat as im open to all sujestions.

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13 years ago, December 14th 2007 No: 2 Msg: #24189  
B Posts: 109
check this link for a similar thread about getting to Australia without flying.

There might be others but I believe so far Dal and Ab are the only ones who made it all the way to NZ without flying

Peter Moore I believe didnt get there in the end? did he have to take a flight? Reply to this

13 years ago, December 17th 2007 No: 3 Msg: #24340  
Yes 10 000 is loads, My biggest cost was always the phone calls home, the furtherer I went the more I spent, after spending loads Ive finally found one that cut the cost, which meant better food and accomodation

(hope this helps)

enjoy the journey. Reply to this

13 years ago, December 17th 2007 No: 4 Msg: #24345  
Hi Mooze

We have just done the very thing you are planning... It was a great journey inspite of our wobbly sea legs - we suffered in particular during the voyage from Oz to NZ. The Tasman is an evil sea. We mainly travelled by train where we could with the exception of a couple of lovely long bus journeys which were the only time I feared for my life on the whole trip. I reckon you'll probably find the main cost will be the boat travel to Oz and NZ - we travelled by freighter and it cost a small fortune in comparison with flights. Though if you are looking to keep costs to an absolute minimum you might be able to find a private yacht you can crew on (worth noting that it seems to be rare if not impossible to pick up a boat to get to Australia from Indonesia in this way - Sken like a Ribble Fluke and many others seem to have been stumped upon arrival there and had to resort to taking a plane).

I reckon you should have no problems with a GBP10,000 budget depending which countries you are planning on staying in and the amount of time you stay in each of them. South East Asia countries are obviously easier to make your budget stretch than places like Australia and New Zealand. One tip I would give is to apply for your working visa before you get into New Zealand as once you are in the country you have to pay for a medical which is an extra expense you can do without! You can do it online and it's a fairly slick process.

I would second travellingmum on recommending Dal and Abs blog as some background reading for ideas and such like. For fantastic overland travel information try seat61.com (as I seem to plug on most of my forum posts - I'm not on commission I promise). It seems to have all the details you need for just about any overland journey in the world and we found it really useful during both the planning and execution of our trip.

On the photography front, you might find the Cumberland Sausage blog useful - I think they actually did a whole blog just on the camera kit they took as there were so many people contacting them to ask about their amazing photos.

Hope this helps, feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or anything you think we can help with (we have a note of the costs of most of the journeys we did but don't want to bore you with details you don't need - give us a shout if you want some specifics)!

Happy travels,

PS. There is a guy called Ed Gillespie currently writing for the Guardian who is undertaking an over land and sea journey in the name of environmentally friendly travel - he has regular columns in the paper/Guardian website and blogs on blogspot.com under the name Slow Travel. Makes for interesting reading.
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