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Visas for Russia, Mongolia and China - Trans-Mongolian

Cheapest Method?
10 years ago, December 5th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #124251  
Hey all,

We'll be overlanding it by train from Russia to China next year via Mongolia and am starting to research Visas...

I need visas for both myself, my Wife and two sons.

I've checked with some agencies and the cheapest I can find for the Russian visa is £114. Or I could do it myself for £50 (visa), £25.85 (Service charge), £14 (supporting docs from an agency). Is this approach as easy as it seems? This will give us a quite a large potential saving for 4 visas.

The Chinese Visas are £30 for the Visa and then £35.25 for the service centre charge.

The Mongolian Visa is £40.

So for the 4 of us we're looking at £780.40 and that's before we've even left the UK!!!!

We'll undoubtedly get the Russian visa here in the UK, but would it be cheaper to get the others (especially China) either in Russia or Mongolia?

Any advice from someone who's done this route recently with a UK passport would be greatly appreciated.


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