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I will be in Italy in June and I would like to book a sailing trip with YupSail, someone knows them?

I would like to book a boat trip on YupSail, but I don't know this website! Doe anyone know it?
4 years ago, April 26th 2016 No: 1 Msg: #196199  
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Good afternoon,

my name is Kevin, I have a passion for travels and especially for boat trips.

I've decided to book a holiday in Italy from June until July and during this time I'm going to travel a lot.
First I think I'll visit Liguria, I'd love to see the Cinque Terre! For that reason I'm collecting informations about renting a sailboat.

I found an offer which i think it's really interesting: YupSail <snip>, but I don't know the website and in general I'm a wee bit skeptical about online booking... does anyone know this website? Can you give me some info?
[Edited: 2016 Apr 26 15:15 - Roosta:95057 - Questions about vendors are encouaged, but links to their websites are not allowed by the TOS]
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