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Journals from the Middle East

Originally part of The Travel Bloggers
Travel journals from the middle east are quite rare, but what they lack in quantity is more than made up for in the quality.
10 years ago, March 5th 2005 No: 1 Msg: #1397  
B Posts: 5,135
Yellow Men in Israel and the West Bank - a fascinating journal from bedreddin - one of the highlights of travelblog. Bedreddin has hitched his way around the Middle East and has written some incredibly insightful articles along the way. I hope everyone with an interest in the region takes the time to read these journals...

"Yellow man" is (as described to me by an Israeli soldier guarding settlements in the Gaza strip) is a desultory term applied to those incapale of going beyond official doctrine and/or direct orders. He used the term in relation to paratrooper units (of the IDF), but I think Yellow Men lie at the root of the current problems in the region formerly known as Palestine.

... read on Yellow Men in Israel and the West Bank
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8 years ago, March 29th 2007 No: 2 Msg: #12335  
I agree. Very few Middle Eastern travel journals are seen on the Internet today. Middle East is a promising region that is definitely worth exploring. So to all those who have been to the region, please share your experiences by creating online Middle Eastern journals or blogs. Reply to this

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