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Syria and the Lebanon

10 days for Syria and Lebanon, can it be done?
4 years ago, December 10th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #124565  
Hi all,

Ive been away from the backpacking scene for a few years, and need to get away on some proper travel again. I have just joined travelblog.org today after many years of browsing entries !

My question is regarding Syria/Lebanon. I really want to fly into Syria, possibly Aleppo, and work my way south, crossing the border into Lebanon, and fly home from Beirut.

I would like to get away for about 10 days, would this be enough to get a feel for both countries???

Also regarding visa's I have 2 passports, British and Irish, I will probably go on the Irish one and keep my British passport for when I visit Isreal.

Can a visa for the Lebanon be obtained at the border or do you have to arrange before hand??

Thanks all

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4 years ago, December 15th 2010 No: 2 Msg: #124773  
Hello Keith and welcome to the Forum!

You should be able to obtain your Lebanese visa at the border but check with the local embassy. The Syrian visa may be required in advance, so try to obtain this before.

10 days is really not enough time for Syria, let alone for both countries, but it is possible. I would spend no less than 6 days in Syria - a couple of days in each of Aleppo and Damascus (and it is only a few hours inbetween along a good road), but you should stop at Hama on your way to Damascus and take a day trip to Krak des Chevaliers before continuing onto Damascus and then cross the border into Lebanon.

If you wish to move a bit quicker, you might be able to get to Palmyra, the other star attraction of Syria (you'll need to change buses at Homs), but the return trip really justifies two nights (due to distance) instead of just one, which would mean less time elsewhere.

Lebanon is much smaller so it is easier to get around, but with your itinerary you'll be restricted to a day or two in Beirut and possibly a day trip to somewhere nearby. Reply to this

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