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Travelling overland from england to singapore

Travelling overland from UK to Singapore before flying to New Zealand
11 years ago, June 18th 2009 No: 1 Msg: #76818  
Hey, I’m just in the midst of planning a trip to New Zealand at the end of the year to; hopefully work in some capacity as a photographer. Originally I was simply going to fly straight their but thought I'd make my way their overland to make it more interesting. Having been looking into this for a few months now, I've come across a few ideas.

If anyone could comment on these with regards to budgets, routes, times to go, places to see, things to do etc, that would be amazing. Any help at all would be cool.

At the moment I’m thinking of setting off in late Febuary 2010, travelling through Europe via train. Paris, Cologne, Warsaw and onto Moscow. Following this could be a ride on the Trans Mongolian line of the Trans Siberian express to Irkutsk near Lake Baikel. From here would be another train journey through Mongolia and onto Beijing. Xian in China might be my next stop before travelling onto Shanghai. Depending on the amount of cash I have saved up before I go I'd very much like to catch a ferry over to Osaka and see at least part of Japan, if only for a week before travelling back to Shanghai and onto Hong Kong.

From Hong Kong I'd like to travel onto Singapore through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia. My friends travelled around these countries last year which has given me a great impetus to visit them! Having said this, if anyone has any information about what route to take through these countries, I’d really appreciate it.

Flying from Singapore to Auckland might be the last leg of the trip but which would be the cheapest stopover? Darwin or Cairns perhaps? Or maybe Sydney?

I’m a keen photographer too and so would be taking a fair amount of expensive equipment with me. Would just like to know if anyone had travelled extensively before with a lot of photography gear and if so, how they looked after it and kept it safe?

I’ve already done a lot of research into most aspects of this trip but any help/ideas would be useful. Anyone worked in New Zealand on a WHV? How about long train journeys? Vaccinations? Insurance? clothes? Visas? How to take cash, cards ect?

Ill most likely be travelling alone too so if anyone can throw up some advice about doing this, that would be helpful.

One last thing. I’m basing this whole trip on travelling to and from major cities and destinations, if only to get the bearings. What really interests me is seeing the places close by or in between that aren’t as well known and that may contain hidden gems. Any travellers who could advise me about any other possible places to pass through?

I realise that's a whole lot of information but if anyone could advise or guide me to more information about any aspects of this trip I would just be so grateful! Cheers guys.

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11 years ago, June 18th 2009 No: 2 Msg: #76849  
Hello Jamie 😊

Here is a blog which may interest you.

UK to OZ overland - I've made it!

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11 years ago, June 19th 2009 No: 3 Msg: #76916  
Hi Jamie

We have fairly recently returned from doing pretty much what you are planning at the moment - you may or may not find some of our blogs useful (even just from a route planning point of view as we tried to be as logical as we could) If we can be of any help feel free to contact us with specific questions. We kept a fairly detailed note of what we spent in each country along the way - I'll see if I can dig it out for you. You might also find Going Global useful to read - he went to the South East Asian countries and NZ and writes informative (but entertaining) stuff.

The boat ride from Shanghai to Osaka was pretty enjoyable - you are onboard for 2 nights, the food was good and relatively affordable (we had stocked up on noodles just in case we couldn't afford anything in the restaurant!) We got a 4 bunk room but were the only 2 in it as the boat was fairly empty. I think most of the Chinese people who use the boat go for the 32 bed room.

You probably already know this but if you are going to Japan it is worth investing in the JR pass - they do it in a variety of lengths and it will save you a fortune if you are planning on doing any travel at all.

Got to go for now but hope that helps a wee bit...

Happy planning
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