Photos from South America - page 100

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Rio de Janeiro
taquille island
The Sun Comes Up Over the Hot Spring Lake
The Rocks
Salt Mounds Uyuni
Acacia or "monkey puzzle" trees
One of the many beautiful lakes
Vulture meat
The Perito Moreno Glaciar
The Champagne Takes Its Effect
hero pose on salar de Uyuni
Fabrica Lavalan
Chilean - Argentina border
Death road
Hair Salon at 3000m
Talampaya National Park
Crossing the Salt Flat / Cruzando el Salar
Ouch! Prickly! / ¡Ay! ¡Cómo pincha!
Valle de el Muerte
Day 5
Day 4
Jumping on the salinas
Ilha Grande
Ilha Grande
Ilha Grande
Ilha Grande
Christ the Redeemer
Roger and guide
Puerto Octay
The jagged peaks of the park, reflected in Laguna Amarga
The Torres del Paine at sunrise
"Los Cuernos" are one of the main attractions of the park
Go boobies go
View out the plane window
Hunderte Flamingos
Insel Inka Huasi im Salar
hiking  III
Del Turista
The road to nowhere
As yet unidentified (but very cheeky!) Patagonian birds of prey
Wreck off the beach at Ushuia
Volcan Osorno over Lago Llanquihue
Stop - hammock time!
Melinea sp.
looking over the valley
Puya near farm buildings
Bartolomé island
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