Canada Day in Peru

South America
July 22nd 2009
Published: July 22nd 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

Had a delightful breakfast in the room this morning at eightish, then headed down to meet Kate and Max, two more students, and Patricia. I guess Laura had a hang up in Atlanta and coulnd´t catch her flight! Sad day. Oh, and Gabriella, who will be teaching a couple courses on field photography !!! Sweet. Kate is a grad student in Denver. She did 6 months of her undergrad in Southern Africa doing a social justice thing! How awesome. Max is pretty quiet. He is Costa Rican and lives in Lexington, Kentucky! Wicked. So yeah, we all walked down to Patricia´s office, which is a ways away, but a nice walk, and did an orientation. She is really focused on experiential learning, applied anthro as opposed to traditional academic anthro. Also PAR-Participatory Action Research, which involves the communities and facilitates sharing of knowledge, co-growth. I´m super excited. We have a ton of scheduled activities, but we can also choose to do other things, like shadowing ppl. I really want to spend a day on the ranchfarm, learning about how they do things. And we can help with chores! And cooking! A medicinal garden! Oh man. Then we had a great buffet lunch at La Rustica and went to an archeological site that was pre incan, built by the Lima people around 300 CE. They are restoring a step pyramid and have found sacrificial skeletons of women (only women, cuz we´re more sacred, of course lol) that were sacrificed to the sea and moon, feminine dieties. Also remains of sharks! can you Imagine hunting that in teeny little canoes! Great Whites! We tried to walk back (Patricia left us there, calling finding our way back our first learning assignment lol) and we could have made it, but non of us felt like hiking around the huge highway pass thing, so we caught a taxi after chacking out the park with a statue of a kissing couple. they do Paragliding there for about 60 bucks...maybe when I come back... After a short rest we wandered around, trying to find the place claire and I had eaten, but we couldn´t, so we went into a teeny restaurant in an antique shop. Very cute, but the food wasn´t terribly good. Then we all bought yoga pants, except Max. We couldn´t convince him that the Aladdin stlye pants would look awesome on him. I call mine my emporer´s clothes, because they barely fell like they´re there! Picked up some groceries for breakfast on the way back and hit the hay. I am really glad we have such a small group, with great people.


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