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South America
July 28th 2009
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Got up this morning earlyish and had a really sweet drinkable yogurt, almost lile drinking custard. Not realy my thing. Laura arrived during the night (yay) so wa are all here. We took a taxi to the bus station and got on a beautiful (meaning large and comfortable) busand we are in the middle of the 7 (or 8) hour bus ride to Carhuaz. Very excited. And the air conditioner is broke, is that why I feel a little ill?

Up in the mountains now! I hate writing on a bus!!1 It´s scribble...The road we are on is on the side of a valley, very steep, kinda fun as long as you stop seeing visions of crashes, especially considering the way they pass around here! Everything here is on a slope. And they make jokes about OUR cows leaning on flat ground! They should come here... It´s amazing how much of the mountain slopes are cultivated. Bunch of teeny mud huts with tin roofs. Outside Lima teh whole coast is desert. The further up you get, the greener it is. We passed sand dune mountains that looked like Japanese paintings because they were black on top (?). My toes are bright pink, maybe too much ginko biloba lol. And good lord, I have never peed so much in my life! I must be drinknçing at least 3 liters of water a day to fend off dehydration, which, we´ve been told, is a major component of altitude sickness. Thank God the bus has a bathroom!

Somos Aqui! What I have seen is beautiful, but we got here in teh dark so I will have to wait until morning to see the view. 10 hrs of three buses and we arrived at teh rancho. There are hammocks everywhere. Double rooms with really cute little single beds, handwoven blankets of course lol. Really nice, heavy, woolen hand woven blankets, actually, which I really appreciate right now. I am rooming with Max, which is great. He seems sweet adn really quiet (perfect!). The bathroom has to be candle lit (awesome!) and I will def be showering midday if teh mornings are as cold as the evenings! We had a delish quiche and squash soup dinner, coca tea, sleepy time tea (all made from herbs they pick here), a quick tour-the yoga room is third floor and all windows- and were released to homework (three spanish paragraphs and some reading). I can´t wait for teh sun to come up! The drive was beautiful. All the way up to tundra-like grass then back down to where the lupins are like trees. I want some seeds! They grow everything that we eat here, or buy it from teh local market, which equals the same thing. Tomorrow we sign up for chore days.


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