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South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo November 16th 2017

Just because Uruguay is such a pleasant surprise and because we have enjoyed it so much we wanted to share some more pictures from the second part of our trip along the Atlantic coast of Uruguay. This means a lot of beach pictures so if this is not an appropriate moment for you, as we understand European autumn has arrived, please just skip this post. From Paloma we traveled to Cabo Polonio which is the direct opposite of Punta del Este. Where Punta del Este is the high rise building hip and posh latin American jet set beach resort, Cabo Polonio is a small hippie fishing village without electricity and running water in the middle of a nature reserve. Where in Punta del Este you can look at people, in Cabo Polonio you actually meet people. ... read more
Cabo Polonio downtown
Cabo Polonio
Cabo Polonio

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo February 16th 2015

Punta del Diablo is a small fishing/surfing village on the Atlantic coast of Uruguay just 40km from the Brazilian border. We spent much of our days chillin and surfin! Heavennnnnn Surfing was extremely fun, the kids were so pumped to do it no second thoughts just GO not so much a little nervous of the big waves and well (my thoughts briefly wandered to Jaws/SoulSurfer :) ridiculous I know that's just my fear talkin. Sean was our videographer and caught us all in action.....while he rented a board later. Once I started I never looked back! The kids were naturals and good old mom did pretty good too. Driving into Punta del Diablo we didn't realize that there was a National Holiday (Carnival)......duuuuu as we are in holiday mode always:) We certainly learned our lesson..... ... read more
The surf

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo April 11th 2013

This time we drove all the way to Punta Del Diablo which is close to the Brazilian border and about 300 km away from Montevideo. Apparently the Lonely Planet ranked Punta del Diablo among the top 10 cities to visit in 2008, well we have ticked that one off ... The small and sleepy fisher village is perched on a gentle rise overlooking the ocean with lots of brightly colored buildings, including few shops, restaurants, bars and grocery stores. Due to strict building restrictions, there are no high rises or luxury resorts. Instead there are small hotels, a hostel, cabanas and vacation houses. The high season for tourism runs from December to Easter week. During high season, the population of the small fishing village of approximately 400 people grows to approximately 25´000! Even though most of ... read more
Casa Pueblo
Picasso of Uruguay

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo May 26th 2012

The bus pulled into Punta del Diablo just on dark. As we collected our luggage a lady asked us where we were going. When we told her, she chuckled and she said it was on her way so she would give us a lift. This turned out to be a blessing because the hostel was some distance from the bus stop over dirt roads with very few street signs. We had not made a booking so we sighed with relief when the young woman at reception confirmed she could offer us a room. The Hostel offered evening meals so we decided the “chicken wok” for NZ$12 each was a good option rather than wandering in the dark to find food. It was good value not only because of the price but also because watching the young ... read more
Processing the fish for sale
Keeping watch
Leigh's new friend

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo March 3rd 2012

It had been over three months since we had felt sand between our toes and could cool off by dipping into the sea, and so we decided it was time to once again hit the beach. Now that we were in Uruguay, we knew that there were plenty of places we could go up the coast, and that the weather would still be fairly warm wherever we went, however the place that we really liked the sound of was Punta Del Diablo (Devils Point) We were drawn to this South American beach town for several reasons really; the promise of a laid back surfer town, no high-rise hotels, no ‘Mega clubs’ and a fantastic beach to boot. Plus, in case we needed persuading any more, our friends Troy and Kylie also happened to be visiting here ... read more
Our little cabana
Gloomy day
Men make fire!!

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo January 19th 2012

Chao Buenos Aires, bienvenido Uruguay! Checked out of our apartment in the early morning, and after a harrowing taxi run, caught our BusqueBus ferry to Colonia. Heard this place is pretty amazing, but we were already heading to Punta del Este by bus. Although pretty tired, we passed along some gorgeous countryside, with vast green fields, eucalyptus and pine trees, and quaint villages using horse and trailer carriage to get around. Dosing in and out, we made it to Punta del Este by early afternoon. As we approached the city, I noticed some of the pijo qualities we were bound to encounter. All the billboards had ads promoting beautiful people, high class accomodations, and other ritzy elements. Ballers on a budget, we knew we could make it work... On arrival, equipped with an address and minimal ... read more
Punta del Este
Punta del Este
Punta del Este

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo November 29th 2011

I spent this past weekend in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay, a sleepy beach town close to the Brazillian border. I had planned on leaving last Tuesday and getting back on Monday to spend a night in Montevideo...but the tickets sold out and I would have had to end up going by myself. I left on Friday morning with Susana, Thy and Heather, which was nice becasue I had the rest of the week to work on homework and get a few things done. I called a remise to take us to the ColoniaExpress port in La Boca because our boat left at 8am and we still needed to check-in. We could have take the bus but we just wanted to make sure that we got there on time and didn't miss our boat because Susana got ... read more
eating lunch in big deal
megan and I in Brazil
punta del diablo at a glance

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo November 19th 2011

After leaving our hostel in Buenos Aires we headed for the port to catch our ferry. Luckily we left plenty of time because we showed up to the wrong one to begin with. Some minor problems later and our voyage to Uruguay had begun. Our first stop was Colonia where, impressed by its laid back feel, we intended to rest and spend the following day enjoying the sights. However a shortage of beds and a glut of other tourists meant that we ended up traveling on to Montevideo a day earlier than expected. During our short stop in Montevideo we went to have a look at the plazas and buildings of the Ciudad Vieja (old city). Unfortunately we didn’t find all that much to hold our interest and soon travelled onwards to Punta del Diablo on ... read more
Santa Teresa Fort
Santa Teresa Fort
Santa Teresa Fort

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo August 13th 2011

Hello everyone to our new blog on our world-tour! First chapter is about our start in Uruguay! After ridiculous long flights (20 and 30 hours) we finally made it to Montevideo, met Melanie and Matthias who rented us their Mitsubishi L300 in Piriapolis! Equipped with a ride we drove up north and spent the first night in La Pedrera camping on a parking lot. Unfortunately the police was not so happy about that and woke us up at 23:30 ;-)! next day we drove to San Teresa National Park where we stayed two days and had a pretty good surf! Met the friendliest Spanish speaking locals on the whole world! In the weekend we tried to catch a ferry to Buenos Aires which took us one day which we stayed in Colonia a pretty nice town ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 2
Photo 3

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo March 1st 2011

One of the things I am learning about travelling on your own (and there are many!) is that every risk is your own but on the other side of the coin every triumph is also your own. Every decision I make ultimately I have deal with the consequences entirely myself and to be honest this is quite a scary prospect for me. So the decision to head to this small fishing town of Punta Del Diablo came with slight apprehension. I had only read a small paragraph about it in the Lonely Planet, hadn´t met anyone who had been there and on the map it looked as though it was in rural Uruguay away from bright lights and big cities. After catching the ferry over to Uruguay from Buenos Aires a 3 hour ride in which ... read more

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