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November 16th 2017
Published: November 16th 2017
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Just because Uruguay is such a pleasant surprise and because we have enjoyed it so much we wanted to share some more pictures from the second part of our trip along the Atlantic coast of Uruguay. This means a lot of beach pictures so if this is not an appropriate moment for you, as we understand European autumn has arrived, please just skip this post.

From Paloma we traveled to Cabo Polonio which is the direct opposite of Punta del Este. Where Punta del Este is the high rise building hip and posh latin American jet set beach resort, Cabo Polonio is a small hippie fishing village without electricity and running water in the middle of a nature reserve. Where in Punta del Este you can look at people, in Cabo Polonio you actually meet people. So we quite loved Cabo Polonio, and we had solar powered electricity and even wifi for an hour a day and we met a bunch of fun people. With the most international combination of people from all continents we gazed at the stars sitting around the fire listening to the music some of them played. At Cabo Polonio there is a large colony of sea lions so we checked them out as well.

Next beach resort on our list was Barra Valizas. We stayed at a nice hostel in what was again nothing more than a sleepy sea town. The international group of friends also arrived which made for another nice evening filled with home made pizza with some beers, followed by a stroll into town to check out the saturday nightlife - or the lack thereof. Next morning proved to be promising in terms of weather and this motivated the group to do a yoga session on the beach with the debut of Judith as a yoga teacher.

The last Uruguayan beach town we wanted to visit was Punta del Diablo. This is where we are now and it is probably our favourite place because it is not too small so it’s quite lively but it has a very relaxed surf town / fishing village feel. We are staying in a very nice cabaña and we again met our friends from Cabo Polonio and invited them to make a big asado parilla fest at our grill. The weather was good so we had some hot days at the beach. We are hoping to find a lot more beach and have more summery days in Brazil where we are heading towards tomorrow.

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17th November 2017
Cabo Polonio

What a great sunset
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