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27th October 2018

As Americans we are not convinced we should visit Iran... time will tell. What a great adventure you are on and loved your descriptions and photos. You've covered a lot of topics and given insight into the culture. Thanks for sharing. MJ
21st September 2018
Tehran - hip & modern

Good for you
Attempting the language is a good thing. I'm sure they appreciated the efforts. Thanks for taking us along.
9th July 2018
Serengeti Ngorongoro 00008

Of all the animals we have seen in our African safaris we have never seen this guy. Not unlike the goanna in Australia. Any idea what this lizard is called?
10th July 2018
Serengeti Ngorongoro 00008

Our guide said it was a type of monitor lizard .... it did look different than any other we have seen before.
9th July 2018
Serengeti Ngorongoro 00019

Of the many breeds of wildlife in the Serengeti you scored the jackpot...the wildebeest migration. A true gotcha moment...brilliant.
7th July 2018
Serengeti Ngorongoro 00003

They look like they have questions to ask.
7th July 2018
Serengeti Ngorongoro 00002

Beautiful beyond imagination.
3rd July 2018
Vwaza Marsh park

Great photo
This makes us excited about our fall trip to Africa.
11th June 2018
Tea plantation with the Mulanji plateau at the back

For us the most spectacular electrical storm imaginable over Lake Malawi...power lines running over villages all to a politician's house but never dropping into the villages...the greenest green...the reddest soil...the friendliest people. But wow...you guys are doing it properly...taking time to let the country enter your skin. May your journey be as full of serendipity as can be.
7th June 2018

Love this scenic landscape.... tea a plenty.
20th May 2018

Snorkeling with dolphins... very cool. Finding all those hidden paradises... well worth the effort. I would love all this fresh seafood.
20th May 2018
On our way to paradise

Seeing the world
You really are on an adventure and getting to see the world. Thanks for allowing us to travel along.
24th April 2018
Vilanculos bay

Gorgeous Photo
I love this one.
From Blog: Mozambique
25th March 2018

We hope to get there some day and will use your blog as a guide. Glad the dive trip was not disappointing after all. I was right there with you enjoying the dosa an curry. We are doing a safari in Sept/Oct and love reading these kind of blogs. Eager for what we may see and experience. It sounds like you had a great experience. We are divers so Loved, loved, loved hearing about you diving with your 72 year old mother. Very cool lady. MJ
23rd February 2018

South Africa
We will be traveling to South Africa in the fall. Enjoyed reading along on your travels. MJ
26th January 2018
Wilco and Geesje showing us around

Wine tasting
At first I thought all those glasses were empty.... keep drinking.
14th December 2017
Fountain of wine in Bento Gonçalves

What fun
Looks like a great time
17th November 2017
Cabo Polonio

What a great sunset
We love your blogs
11th November 2017
A nice Uruguayan wine experience

Enjoying following along on your travels.
9th October 2017

Wauw wauw wauw
Wat een waanzinnige foto’s van al dat natuur geweld. Echt ongelooflijk mooi. Nu aftellen totdat we elkaar zien! 😘
6th October 2017
Colca canyon

Colca canyon
We loved our time in Peru and loved the Colca Canyon and watching the condors fly. It is lovely.
5th September 2017
Sea lion fooling around

He is so adorable
29th August 2017
Coffee region of Colombia

Coffee abounds
Great shot of the valley
26th July 2017

Central American Way
Isn't it interesting how we world travelers adapt so quickly to an environment. We embrace what is around us. We are water people so we understand the flip flops and hanging out in the water. The mine shafts sound really interesting. Yeah for yoga at the beach.

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