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South America » Peru » Puno » Puno April 6th 2011

So the choice was to pay $220 to live it up on the 'Orient Express' train journey between Puno and Cusco OR to slum it on a tourist bus. Most of our group chose to posh it up on the train and by all acounts had a great time getting drunk on happy hour pisco sours and full to the brim with 3 course posh nosh and afternoon teas. They did however have to endure 2 panpipe bands but I think by the 4th pisco sour they quite enjoyed the 30th rendition of the song re-named 'There's only one Barry Landlord' by Stef and Eddie - joke from back home - they're funny up north (!) that is always played by EVERY band in EVERY restaurant. I think they were so drunk they even bought a ... read more

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno April 1st 2011

Diane and I left La Paz, with Robin Hans and Baz ripping out the clutch from a brand new BMW F800 GS on the showroom floor of the local BMW Dealership, after Robin and Cory fabricated a successfulness plan to transfer the clutch from that one into Robin's moto. The 3 Stooges, String, Paul and Wim, set off from the hotel, with the intention of the 3 Musketeers catching up with us along the way. After crossing Lake Titicaca on the rumpty ferry we got to the Bolivian Border and there were NO MOTO'S there!! Where had they got to??. They could not have gone through, as I had Strings papers in the truck with me. It turned out that they had gone into Cocacabana for lunch. After about 20 minutes they rocked up to the ... read more
Ice on the truck
Running away...
More running...

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno February 3rd 2011

Carnival time - Puno The journey When we left Puno the first time just before Christmas to come to Cusco we both agreed that this was one place we had been to on our trip that we did not want to go back to. However, the draws of the infamous Puno carnival and a group trip with all the other Yanapaay volunteers meant that early one thursday morning we found ourselves getting a taxi to the bus station meeting everyone and getting our seats on the 8am bus to Puno. The first 3 hours of the journey is very picturesque as the bus snakes through the valley and up quite steep paths to flatter ground. The journey was going well and the sun had even started to shine which was a welcome change from the ... read more
The road out of Cusco
The valley
The road lined with maize

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno December 14th 2010

Spalo se nam moc dobre - na ostrove Amantani byl klid a ani kohouti nas nebudili. Na snidani nam pani domaci udelali moc dobre palacinky s dzemem a cajem z muni/neco jako mata/. Pak uz byl cas se rozloucit a rychle do pristavu, odtud potom na dalsi z ostrovu Taquile. Pocasi nam pralo a slunce poradne palilo uz od rano a navic v tehle nadmorske vysce to pere jeste vic. Taquile nam pripomina jakysi stredozemni ostrov, podobna vegetace, policka, kamenne ploty a par pasoucich ovci. Maji tu zajimavy system jak odlisit toho kdo je zenaty od tech svobodnych - nosi tu odlisne barevne cepice-chlapy, u zen je to pak jina barva sukne. Mohli jsme videt Bolivii a cele jezero bylo nadherne modre a obrovske...Po obede jsme se nalodili, pospali jsme si na palube lodi, ale asi ... read more
rozlucka/ saying good bye

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno December 12th 2010

Rano sme sa, po dlhom case, mohli konecne poriadne vyspat. Skoro celu noc prsalo a dazd bubnoval na vlnity kus laminatu ktory mame namiesto strechy, bolo to prijemne monotonne a uspavajuce. Po ranajkach sme sa vybrali pozriet si Puno a musime priznat ze sme velmi ocareni neboli, hlavne v porovnani s predchadzajucim krasnym kolonialnym Cuzcom. Nase prve kroky viedli k jazeru Titicaca, mozno to znie zaujimavo a exoticky, ale v skutocnosti sme videli zapachajuci pristav, spinavu vodu a par starsich osarpanych lodiek. Pomerne sklamany sme sa vybrali do stredu mesta a tu sme videli mnozstvo pochodujucich ludi v roznych uniformach a krojoch. Vraj takto pochoduju kazdu nedelu, mi si teda vieme predstavit aj lepsie travenie nedeli, ale co uz. Zvysok mesta posobil spinavo, nedostavane a schatrane. Po obede nas cakal vylet na uz spominane Sillustani, ide ... read more
Lod Yavari/Yavari ship

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno December 11th 2010

Nas bus odjizdel v 8 rano z Cuzka a zase jsme jeli s jinou spolecnosti - kolikata uz...Tour Peru s cervenymi busy a spoustou turistu coz je vzdycky dobre znameni. Taxikem na stanici a pak uz 6 hodin krasnou prirodou, udoli, same lamy a zasnezene vrcholky hor, hlinene domecky. V Punu jsme si na druhy pokus nasli pekny hostel i s kuchynkou a fungujici lampickou na pokoji. A proc vlastne jedeme do Puna??? Zminim jen 2 slova - jezero Titicaca... Our bus was leaving at 8 and we did choose a different bus company - how many already... Tour Peru with red buses and more importantly with many tourists that is always a good sign. took a taxi to the station and then 6 hours of beatiful landscape, valleys, lamas, snow capped peaks, mud bricks houses. ... read more
Na ceste do Puna/On the way to Puno
Na ceste do Puna/On the way to Puno
Na ceste do Puna/On the way to Puno

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno November 3rd 2010

So, we are back in civilisation again after spending last night on Amantani Is on Lake Titicaca. It was an amazing experience as we spent it with a host family.....but that's to come, lets start with leaving La Paz. After our ride on the Death Road and a nice sleep, we woke up for a quick brekky, before heading down to Rosita to meet our new guides, Sue and Mark. They work as a couple and have been for a few years, with Tucan Travel. Sue is Brazilian so can speak Spanish and Portuguese (huge help), and Mark is an Aussie!! :) We were on the road at 7:30am, and said goodbye to beautiful La Paz. We also had an extra on the truck, Juan, a guide to take us to Tiahuanaco, a pre-Inca ruins and ... read more
THe re-building of the pyramid
The major temple
THe under-ground temple

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno November 1st 2010

Well, we have been off for a few days, mainly because of lack of internet speed or internet, but we surely haven't been slack in the adventure department!! We are currently in Puno, Peru (our last South American Country) about to head on Lake Titicaca for an overnight adventure in some local's house. But for now, we will update you on getting back to Potosi, an adventurous mine tour, arriving in La Paz, mountain biking down The World's Most Dangerous Road and now, arriving in Puno....a lot to look forward to!! :) Day 27 was pretty much a driving day from Uyuni back to Potosi. A definite highlight was stopping for lunch at the bridge, to soon be told that we had 20mins before they started to do some explosions nearby. Being at the bottome of ... read more
They leave their rubbish EVERYWHERE!!
What a hard life...

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno October 15th 2010

On the Road Again We were up and out of the hostel by midday the next day (love these check out times) and went a couple of blocks down the road to a nearby travel agency that was run by people who were friends with the owners of Pachamama hostel. We repaid our debt there and left a note saying thank you and promising to recommend them to anyone and everyone. So if you’re going to Cabanaconde, make sure you stay at Pachamama hostel. It’s warm, has good food and the friendliest staff in the world. Ever. We ate a lunch of rolls in the Plaza de Armas and were surprised to see a couple of condors flying overhead. We then headed north to a nearby park where we sat in the shade and felt a ... read more
The Slide
The skate park
The Slide

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno August 14th 2010

Thursday, August 12th: We woke up in plenty of time to pack up and check out of Hotel Don Julio. The hotel had a taxi come to pick us up and take us to the bus terminal for our trip to Cusco on the Inka Express. Although the terminal wasn't far, it was still amazing that the taxi took us and our baggage to the terminal at 6:30am for 3 Soles or $1.25 US! When we arrived at the bus terminal, we paid our 1 sole each travel or transport fee, then found out which ramp our bus would be leaving from. While we waited for the bus at 7:30am, I bought a couple of coffees with cream. The menu said coffee was 1.50 Soles each, but I had to pay 3.50 Soles each to get ... read more
Puno Bus Terminal
Pukara Museum Courtyard
Church in Pukara

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