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South America » Peru » Puno » Puno August 16th 2022

Another fairly early morning saw us on our way to Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America. It was an anticipated destination to experience another timeless Peruvian tradition, the Uros Islands and the people who have lived on them for centuries. Our trip required a brief stop again on Yanque, to pick up the boxed lunches that Juanita's restaurant, The Alpaca Chef, had prepared for our journey. In order to get to Puno we had to backtrack a portion of the way, and cross again the same high altitude passes we had braved before and access the Altiplano, or Andean Plateau, the most extensive high plateau on Earth outside Tibet. Its height averages about 12,300 feet and it's dominated by massive active volcanoes of the Central Volcanic Zone to the ... read more
Colca Canyon
Mirador de los Andes
Mirador de los Andes

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno August 27th 2019

Today we left Cusco for a long but interesting bus ride to Puno, on the edge of Lake Titicaca. This road is known as the Manco Capac route because legend has it that the first Inca leader, Manco Capac child of the sun, emerged from Lake Titicaca, together with his sister Mama Ocllo. As well as the stops, we had great views en route, including a mirror-like lake with fabulous reflections of the Andes and those fabulous craggy.mountains and snowy peaks. There were herds of llamas and alpacas and we passed lots of women in traditional dress working the fields, doing washing in rivers and carrying babies in colourful wraps on their backs. ... read more

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno June 11th 2019

9th & 10th June (rest days) After our intensive two days in the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, now followed two rest days. Rest days? I make it sound like we’re participating in a sports tournament!! We both woke refreshed after having a relatively undisturbed night’s sleep. I only woke up twice which was a huge improvement on the first couple of nights spent in Cusco. We had no plans today. A lazy day suited us fine. We went down for breakfast at 09:45. Pat and Peter, the couple who had hired the car, still had the ‘do not disturb’ sign on their door so some people were even having a lazier day than us!!! Over breakfast we met Emma and David. They had been with us for certain excursions but for their Machu Picchu tour, ... read more
The crowds congregate on the main square of Cusco
The back streets of Cusco
Road block in Cusco

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno October 14th 2018

We got up at the ungodly hour of 2:30 AM went down to the hotel lobby to get our box breakfast and coffee while we waited to be picked up at the hotel at 3 AM and driven to the Lima airport. We were 12 groggy travelers leaving for Puno in this group, while another Kaypi group of 10 left later for an 8 AM departure. Someone must have told Kaypi we were the adventurous group giving us the earlier departure. Elias, our new guide from Kaypi Peru, met us at the Puno airport and gave those of us who had had enough coffee plenty of information about the area. Puno is located on a high plateau. The Puno airport has an altitude of 12,300 feet so we were instructed to be sure to drink a ... read more
Political signs on way to Puno
Children's parade for the Celebration of the Child Day on Parade Square in Puno
Quechua woman in the traditional bowler hat, Puno

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno October 14th 2018

By 7 AM, after a quick breakfast, (mine was coca tea and toast with honey, I could barely eat a thing due to altitude sickness) we were back on the bus on the road to Cusco, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, via the high Andes mountains. Cusco, at a purported 11,000 feet, those of us struggling with altitude sickness were looking forward to this change in elevation! As our bus progressed north through the grassy plateaus I could see some very big mountains on the horizon. Although I had done my research and printed a chart of all the major destinations and their altitudes, I did not record the “minor” stops along the way. After drinking plenty of water over the two hour bus ride we arrived in Pucara (elevation 12,664 feet…we were climbing!) for a ... read more
Pucara Bulls sit on the roof for protection
The Vicuna Llama of Peru
Here I am at 14,222.44 feet elevation on the border of the regions of Puno and Cusco

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno September 20th 2018

Today we take a public bus from Cusco to Puno, about a nine hour trip. However the bus exceeds expectations. It is a double decker bus with spacious seats that recline to ‘160 degrees’. We have seats up the top near the front so we get a good view of everything passing by. The countryside continues to be big, open and dry with many villages and farmlets along the way. It is warm on the bus so everyone is stripped back to singlets and shorts and a fair amount of napping takes place. There is a toilet on board which is simple but seems to keep fairly clean - perhaps due to a lack of holding tank. Lunch is at a roadside diner - Mike, our guide, knows the traps well enough to take our orders ... read more
Big landscapes on the way to Puno
 The seedy town of Juliaca
Big landscapes on the way to Puno

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno June 30th 2018

Farewell Peru: The Final Stop Lake Titicaca (29/06/2018 - 01/07/2018) Lake Titicaca, apart from having a hilarious name, is the highest navigable lake in the World. At an elevation of 3,812m, it crosses into both Peru and Bolivia. Believed to be the birthplace of the Incas, the lake is a very sacred and beautiful place. Interesingly, in Aymaran (the old local language here) the word “titi” translates as “puma”, and “caca” means “gray”. In Aymaran, Titicaca is actually pronounced as "titi-haha".. though I'm not sure if that makes it any less entertaining. Sitting on this pretty lake are 120 impressive floating islands made of reeds, home to the brightly dressed, indigenous Uros people. The Uros make these islands from dried totora reeds, woven and roped together to make a 1-2 meter thick platform to ensure it ... read more
Solar Panels
Un Perrito

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno September 28th 2017

We travelled down from Ecuador via one of the most efficient border posts ever ... some things do change apparently. We headed for the beach and ended up in Mancora, a former fishing village turned into a Peruvian surf beach town. The place is famous (in Peru and beyond) for the waves and especially for the opportunity to kitesurf very long waves. There was enough wind to do some kitesurfing but there were no waves so that was quite disappointing. We enjoyed the seafood, walked the long stretch of beach and after a few days jumped into a bus to Trujillo. Trujillo is a city with both beautiful colonial architecture and pre-Inca ruins all around. We visited some museums and some huge ruins. Parts of these were remarkably well saved from the elements and it was ... read more
Mancora beach
Mancora beach
Mancora fishing village

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno April 4th 2017

David here... The bus journey from Arequipa was around 6.5 hours and was comfortable enough. We got a light lunch of a chicken sandwich and a cake on the bus plus a drink of tea. It was mid-afternoon when we arrived at Puno, our final destination in Peru. On the shores of Lake Titicaca, it seemed such an evocative place. We'd booked 4 nights, thinking we would find some great hikes, views and space. Our first impressions of Puno were not great as we passed through on the coach. It looked dusty, drab and like any typical border town. The 15 minute walk to the hotel did nothing to dispel our fears. What had we done? 4 nights here when we might have been better using a couple in the Sacred Valley or Colca regions. We ... read more
Puno Plaza de Armas
Puno Plaza de Armas
Puno Plaza de Armas - Cathedral

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno June 4th 2016

Today breakfast 730 leaving at 8. We still had our private bus so that was really good. The drive to Puno was 6-7 hours and we stopped every 2 - 2 1/2 hours for toilet and snack breaks. We did see some flamingoes on a lake however were on a bridge so unable to stop for photos. Andreas said there is usually more of them around. Most of Puno housing was pretty ugly but the plaza and shopping street seemed quite nice and it was big and felt safe. We dropped our bags at the hotel and headed for lunch. The room keys here were really cute. Little Spanish ladies stuffed dolls in dresses and you have to lift the dress to find your room number written underneath. My room was up 5 flights of stairs. ... read more
One of our stops on the way to Puno
One of our stops on the way to Puno
One of the stops on the way to Puno

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