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September 18th 2006
Published: September 18th 2006
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Room with a viewRoom with a viewRoom with a view

this is what we see from our hotel room
The plane flight from Buenos Aires was 4 1/2 hours long but it was a good flight because Dot wrangled us seats at the very front of the cattle class section so we could really stretch out and relax. There were 3 million people waving banners with names on them at us as we exited customs and we wondered if we would find our hotel transfer. The Tucan travel people have it pretty well organised tho and we were soon on our way. What a ride it was. Not frantic, just spooky as we left the "freeway" and headed into the back blocks through dark misty streets, where dark figures lurked in the shadows. The route had an industrial feel to it, but even at two am there were people hanging around.
The hotel itself is basic, but clean and functional, with hot water! The neighborhood leaves a little to be desired tho.
This morning we met some other Aussies at breakfast and it was good to have a conversation on our own level without the need for translations and sign language. We had a 1/2 day city sightrs tour that showed us the better bits of town as well as our "low rent zone". We saw the Plazas de Mayor and San Martin, and the Franciscan monistry where we visited the catacombs, and saw the bones of the 25,000 people that have been buried there over the past few centuries. 25,000 sets of old bones. Do you know how many bones that is ?
There are still 30 monks living there but mostly its a museum now.
After that we headed down to the ritzy sea side town of Mira Flores where we had lunch, a couple more cervasas (local beer) and did some souvenir shopping. The beer is cheap and definitely safer to drink than the local water.
After we finish this blog we meet up with our local guide and set off for the jungle tomorrow morning, so we´ll be away from the net for a few days. We´ll post some more when we hit Cusco. see ya then


18th September 2006

That view from your hotel room is spectacular! I sure hope that you didn't pay for the 'view rate' at your hotel!!! I'm very glad to hear that your enjoying yourself and mum's working her magic to procure you the best seats... (work it mum!). I've always wanted to see the catacombs so take some photos for me! Rust Stool - see where the benefits of touch typing come in? it's a skill to learn then it won't matter what language the keyboards are! Love you guys.. Please stay safe xx Kymbles

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