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September 16th 2006
Published: September 16th 2006
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This is What BA is all about
After a very long plane trip we finally touched down in Beunos Aires. Our first impressions were BIG!, busy and a mix of old and grotty and new and flashy. What a huge city, with high rise everywhere, cars everywhere, and people everywhere. Lui has a new name. I am now known as Roo-Sell. Not too many English speaking people here ! We did the city tour first up, including a trip to the Cemetery to see Eva Peron´s (Evita)grave. We have been to a Tango show, which was dazzling. We are now ready to start our next fad - Tango ! Yesterday it was a trip to the country, to see how the Gauchos (local cowboys) live. A good contrast between the city and the other Argentina. (this Spanish keyboard is hell !) ·$%&&/)
Today is our last day here before we head to Peru. We will go and pack our bags and hit the local craft markets that are in one of the local squares in Recoleta. The ritzy side of town
We have so much to say after only two days, but e ken´t tipe for peenoots on this )/%·$! keyboard. More to come from Peru in a

Talk about peak hour
couple of days (stop laughing Dot).


16th September 2006

Another Russ in BA?
Ha, yes they struggle to pronounce Russell here, but they seem to have even more problem with Russ (Rush, Roos, Ross, Ruz, Russia!). Enjoy Peru. Missed out on the M.P. trip so look forward to seeing your pictures.
17th September 2006

It takes two to tango!
Hi Mum and Roos-sell. Sounds like you are already having a blast. Tango sounds fabulous... we should join you in that fad (I would love to learn) if I manage to drag Lisa along (she isn't too keen!). Have a great trip to Peru, and I look forward to reading your next installment. Lots of love, Sare (Lise says hi too) xxx PS. Roos... now you know how frustrated I got trying to write to you all from Hungary and Poland - Lithuania was lucky to even HAVE a computer. Darn international keyboards!

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