Photos from Pisco, Ica, Peru, South America

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Me hard at work
Le chandelier - The Candelabra
Close Up - Nasca Line
Lazy old day
Mel a la plage
Horse riding in Cusco
Pisco - Paracas
Pisco - Paracas
Pelican waiting by the pier.
"Jonot" laiturilla
Chess games in the park
Christmas Eve with the Kids
Los Llanos
King of the rocks
The  Candelbra
Fishing boats
Leones marinos
The penguins!
Two lovely kids who lived near the inca sight of tambo Colorado
cruising through caves filled with Lion Seals
Looks Dark and Scary
the cathedral
8perfect Peruvian woman
Pisco cemetary
Islas Ballestas (birds, pengiuns and seals!)
The Candelabra
Sea Lions
Seafood rice
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