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South America » Peru » Ica » Pisco March 11th 2015

Pisco, Paracas, San Martin Harbor and the Tambo Colorado Incan Ruins, Peru Even though this port is advertised as “Pisco”, we won’t be going there. Pisco is 20 miles away and we will only be skirting it on the way to Tambo Colorado, the Inca Ruins that we’d like to visit. The ruins are 2 hours away and we will pass through the small, resort town of Paracas, which is on the water, and about 20 miles to the north. We are just 140 km south of Lima. We’re off at 7:30am and quickly find ourselves on the edge of the Atacama Desert. One of the driest deserts in the world. There is not a plant, large or small, to be seen. It is sand dunes as far as the eye can see from the base ... read more
2. Weaving
2a. Crops
3. Pisco River

South America » Peru » Ica » Pisco August 1st 2011

There is a simple explanation for my blog silence over the last two months. I have been far too busy having the time of my life! I write this blog from the main square in Arequipa, in southern Peru, where I sat only two months ago pondering the month I had ahead of me volunteering at the disaster relief, come poverty relief, foundation in the Pacific coast town of Pisco. The town of Pisco was devastated by an earthquake almost 4 years ago, when around 600 people were killed and over 80,000 people displaced. The earthquake exacerbated the situation in what was already a very poor region of Peru. Pisco Sin Fronteras was set up by some local Pisqueños in the year following the earthquake and has grown ever since with an ever expanding band of ... read more
Jesus Bathrooms
Jesus Bathrooms
Jesus Bathrooms

South America » Peru » Ica » Pisco May 4th 2011

After the madness of Easter, Zack and I were happy to get back to our volunteer stint in Pisco and seeing as we had lost a few days of work over the festive break, we decided to extend our stay to make up for it. After over 4 months on the road, we were happy to be back in a normal daily routine and excited at the thought of staying in one place for 10 whole nights in a row, a record for us by far! Zack was put back to work immediately, installing the entire pipe work for a new school, and laying the concrete floor for a home whilst fighting through a case of ‘Pisco Belly’. I alternated between helping out on jobs and helping in the office where I worked with some of ... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Pisco April 22nd 2011

Finally after almost 4 months of continuous holidays (well more than that for some…), we thought it was about time to do some actual hard work. We had heard about a disaster relief organisation in Peru called Pisco Sin Fronteras (PSF) through the charity I used to work for in Australia and arranged to spend two weeks volunteering for them way back when we were in England. So we caught a bus to a small town on the coast called Pisco (way off the gringo track), and turned up at their door not really sure what to expect. On the 15th of August 2007, Pisco and the surrounding region was struck by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake which killed nearly 600 people and destroyed approximately 80% of the buildings in the city, including tens of thousands of ... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Pisco December 29th 2010

Hey everyone, We hope you had a great christmas... we were sad, but had such a great christmas day with new friends and we made some awesome memories!!! These first set of pictures are from our 5 days in Pisco... we will make lots of comments, so you know what your looking at! Happy new years!!! Right now we are in Huancachina, and we will post how awesome this place is too today!!! miss you and love you! Randi and Quinn ... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Pisco November 20th 2010

Tak jak bylo naplanovano, tak se taky stalo - v 7.15 nas u hostelu vyzvedlo auto a namirili jsme si to do Paracasu. Jde o pristav asi pul hodky od Pisca a vychozi bod pro vylety do narodni rezervace a predevsim pak na nedaleke Islas Ballestas, ostrovy s neuveritelne velkou a rozmanitou faunou srovnatelnou jen se znamejsimi /a mnohem drazsimi/ Galapagami patrici Ekvadoru - odtud prezdivka Galapagy pro chude. Krome fauny jsou zname kvuli stale probihajicimu sberu guana, no to je hnojivo urcene hlavne pro americky a japonsky trh a jsou to ptaci vykaly - a kali se tu hodne...Jedno z varovani bylo vzit si klobouk nebo neco, protoze zasahy guanem jsou tady na dennim poradku, ale my to riskli /a risk se vyplatil/. Nalodili jsme se na lod, asi 30 turistu a vyrazili nejdrive k ... read more
Islas Ballestas
Islas Ballestas

South America » Peru » Ica » Pisco November 19th 2010

Z Limy jsme toho videli dost, jen historickym centrem jsme vzdycky jen proficeli a tak dneska jsme si privstali, abychom to stihli jeste pred odjezdem do Pisca. Budik byl na 7.30, ale zustali jsme v postelich do 8. Hned pred nasim hotelem je obrovsky kostel Sv. Frantiska i se svymi podzemnimi katakombami a holuby, ktere jsem nakrmil chlebem co nam zbyl - nic se nesmi vyhodit...Pak jsme zamirili na hlavni namesti, ktere se v kazdem meste jmenuje Plaza de Armas a tady to vypadalo, ze se neco deje-vsude policajti, vojaci a nakonec se z toho vyklubal projev prezidenta Garcii k mistnim duchodcum. Presli jsme taky do zdejsi nebezpecne ctvrti, ale ve dne z ni strach moc nesel...videli par dalsich kostelu, dali si skvely ovocny dzus. Tesne pred 12 jsme byli zpet v hotelu a akorat stihli ... read more
palac arcibiskupa/archibishops palace
holuby pred SV.Frantiskem/pigeons in front of St.Francis
Kostel.Sv.Frantiska/St.Francis church

South America » Peru » Ica » Pisco November 12th 2010

In the morning we follow the Pan American Highway north to Pisco. The Pan American runs all the way from Argentina to Canada. En route we stop for lunch in the desert and have a go at sand-boarding, including a 4x4 beach buggy ride which is an exhilarating experience. This small coastal port town is renowned for its production of Pisco, the white grape brandy produced in the region. They say 'If you haven’t tried the national drink, Pisco Sour, then this is the place to do it!' And boy do we do it.. Tonight we have an evening on the town and enjoy the Peruvian seafood as well as enjoy a few more Pisco sours at the local bars. Here we also visit the Ballestas Islands, where we see sea lions, penguins and a variety ... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Pisco August 11th 2010

Hola! Mooie dingen gezien vandaag, joh! Gisteren vertrokken uit Nazca op weg naar Pisco! We zijn met overstap in Ica aan de snelweg 'afgezet' bij Pisco. Dat betekent zo'n 8 km daarvandaan. Geen zorgen, een taxi bracht ons in de stad. Een stad die 3 jaar geleden een aardbeving heeft meegemaakt en daar duidelijk nog van aan het herstellen is. Na kritisch gezoek hebben we een gloednieuw hostel (alles is hier dus gloednieuw, of kapot) gevonden waarvan we de naam maar niet kunnen onthouden (iets met een c). We hebben daarna net zo kritisch alle touroperators een kans gegeven ons te overtuigen van hun kwaliteiten. 'Wij zijn het duurst, want wij staan in de lonely planet.' 'Hoeveel zeiden zij? Vijftig? O, voor jullie is dat goed, maar dan moet je wel je mond houden erover.' Nou, ... read more
Plein Pisco
Eind pier

South America » Peru » Ica » Pisco August 7th 2010

I flew down from Quito to Lima late Wednesday evening and after a little hiccup of going to the wrong hotel I checked in and met my new room mate, Vicky. The next morning we got up and had breakfast with a couple of other guys from the group and changed money into sols which is the Peruvian currency. Then we caught a taxi to the old town. The ride took about thirty minutes from the hotel and the driving and traffic was crazy! When we got there me and Vicky walked around the main square then went to the monastry. We saw lots of art and artefacts and the catacombs which was really cool. They reckon up to 75,000 bodies were buried under the church and you can see all the bones and the tombs. ... read more

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