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South America » French Guiana » Kourou October 1st 2019

Keeping fit while traveling can be a challenging task. When we move from place to place, our routine changes, and so does the ability to perform physical activities as we get tired faster than in everyday life. How to stay fit while traveling? When staying in the same place, it's way easier to perform daily activities effectively. Are you a fitness maniac, who knows the best abs workout to do at home and all the other ways to build up and strengthen your body? You can do the same during your journey. There are just a few necessary things: prepared equipment, clothes, and time during which no one will interrupt you. Get an app Each of us gets lazy sometimes - especially after the day full of experiences and running through the town in search of ... read more

South America » French Guiana » Cayenne November 12th 2017

12-11-17 After breakfast we flew from Paris to French Guiana arriving late afternoon, in time for a swim at our Hotel Ker Alberte. The temperature was a pleasant 31degrees a contrast to autumn in Paris. Dinner was outside by the pool with our fellow travelers, a small group of twelve including our guide. French Guiana borders Brazil and Suriname with a population of 250,000 with just three inhabitants per square kilometre, one of the lowest densities in the world. 13-11-17 We found Cayenne an interesting mix of cultures, South American, European and we felt mostly Caribbean. We walked the narrow streets which were lined with buildings with colonial wrought iron balconies and louvered shutters painted in pinks, yellows and turquoise. After our city tour we left Cayenne driving to Kourou to visit the Ariane Space Centre. ... read more
Ariane Space Centre
Iles du Salut - Salvation Islands

South America » French Guiana » Cayenne July 22nd 2015

French Guiana Chuyen di Trinidad, Guyana, Suriname, French Guyana, Grenada, St Vincent va St Lucia. Toi du dinh di den vung Guyana tu lau vi day la vung dat con lai o South America ma toi chua dat chan den. Khong co chuyen bay di tu My den vung nay co le vi it nguoi di nen toi phai di tu My den Trinidad roi tu day di den Guyana. Di den day rat kho va dac. Trong sach ho chi de di den day phai di tu Brazil roi tu Brazil di den day. Toi tim ra duong di re hon duong di do la di tu Trinidad. Di den day dac ma vung nay cung dac do khong kem. Ve may bay di tu Trinidad den Guyana bang tien may bay bay tu My ... read more

South America » French Guiana February 20th 2014

Days 12-17 – Trinidad & Tobago – Devil’s Island Saturday – Feb. 15/14 – At sea ° C - 79° F On our “sea day” between the ABC Islands and Trinidad we enjoyed the chance to relax a bit more and in the evening met up with some of the 257 other Canadians on board at a reception hosted by the Purser, a lady who just happens to hail from Vancouver. An interesting occurrence happened during dinner. The Captain came on the PA system and announced that he had turned the ship around and stopped to investigate a small boat that was sitting in the water without any lights on. As we approached the small craft put on its lights and sped off. We don’t know what it was doing ... read more
Oil rig
Fuzzy Flower
Brain Palm

Day 424 Saturday 8th December Had to move on today but we had no idea how we were going to do it. Shelley cooked up some eggs for breakfast and we then packed our bags. Headed out the door to look for a tourist information office we were told was nearby but never found it and so we then went to plan B and hire a car. Found the hire car firm but they had nothing left so we returned to our room to look up other companies on the internet. Discovered a couple more but they were miles away and without taxis we had no way of getting there before they closed at midday. We were then left with plan C which was stay where we were till Monday and get an early morning collective ... read more
St Laurent Du Maroni

South America » French Guiana » Kourou December 11th 2012

Day 419 Monday 3rd December For breakfast walked to Le Café Crème and had the best coffee we have had in South America so far, guess this is due to the French influence. On the way back to the hotel we dropped into the Suriname Embassy to pick up some visa application forms. The hotel let us know we could have another night but we would have to ask tomorrow about the next night which is frustrating. Filled out Suriname visa application and as usual there were some questions we hoped we understood correctly, back at the embassy the lady at the counter quickly checked the forms. Once again we got grilled about not having a return airline ticket and we had to do a song and dance and plead that we had no intention of ... read more
Iles du Salut - Ile St Joseph
Kourou - Space Station

South America » French Guiana December 11th 2012

Geo: 5.00339, -51.8665Today the ship moored off Devil's Island, which belongs to French Guiana. For those of you who have read the book or seen the film "Papillon", you will know that this was once a French penal colony. There are 3 islands in the archipelago, since renamed the Iles du Salut or Islands of Salvation. We were tendered to the largest island and from the landing stage there is a pathway first made by the original prisoners. It goes all the way around the island and there are paths and steps up to the summit which now houses a small hotel with restaurant and bar. The building was once the administrative quarters of the prison. On the lowest path we came across some lovely little monkeys. There are capuchins and squirrel monkeys on the island ... read more
Devil's island from the ship
Renamed french colony
The harbour looks peaceful

South America » French Guiana » Cayenne December 4th 2012

Day 414 Wednesday 28th November Up early and packing our bags for our departure from Belem and voyage along the Amazon River to Macapa. When we went to check out at 9 we discovered that the hotel had a problem with their credit card reader, which unfortunately is a common problem that we are sure is deliberate so we have to pay cash. At our hotel today I had half an inkling that once again the machine was deliberately turned off, but it is hard arguing in Portuguese when you don’t speak the language. Had to then run around the block to an ATM machine and withdraw the cash. Paid our bill and got a taxi to the port for 10 reais ($5). Inside the terminal we had to find the guy who sold ... read more
Belem to Macapa
Oiapoque River

South America » French Guiana March 26th 2012

Because of the strong current, the long trip up the Amazon, halfway across Brazil, took about three days. The speedy trip back to the ocean was only two days. At one point Captain Patruno proudly announced our speed at 25knots (29mph) which is really flying on this ship. While cruising in this part of South America we watched the movie “At Play in the Fields of the Lord.” It is a pretty good depiction of the atmosphere here in the Amazon. I also read the book “Fordlandia.” This chronicles Henry Ford’s attempt to build a utopian workers city in the heart of the jungle. It was a monumental failure but I learned a lot about rubber plantations and how good intentions can go awry especially when attempting to cross cultural, social and geographical boundaries. On our ... read more

South America » French Guiana » Cayenne September 15th 2011

Jaeja, vika i fronsku Gvaejana. Thad haetti ad rigna eftir fyrsta daginn og vid tok steikjandi hiti og sol sem brennir a no time! (er buin ad finna upphropunarmerkid a thessu erlenda lyklabordi og thvi verdur thad ospart notad. !) I fronsku Gvaejana er near allt lokad um helgar, tho serstaklega a sunnudogum. Okkur langadi ad nyta solina a sunnudeginum og skreppa a strondina sem er I naesta bae, thar sem straeto og minibusar ganga ekki a sunnudogum akvadum vid ad taka leigubil, vid komumst tho fljotlega ad thvi ad leigubilar ganga ekki heldur a sunnudogum. Thannig ad vid vorum strandaglopar I bae thar sem eiginlega allir veitingastadir og allar budir voru lokadar, vid tolum ekki fronsku, folkid talar ekki ensku og vid til husa a einstaklega oadlandandi gistiheimili (sem faer tho plus fyrir frabaert starfsfolk). ... read more
Svennson a strondinni
Salvor litla

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