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South America » Falkland Islands February 2nd 2019

All good things must come to an end, as they say. Our amazing voyage with One Ocean Expeditions, aboard the Akademik Ioffe, is one such. The final two days of the voyage were spent in the Falkland Islands and it was a fitting place to end. I mostly knew of the Falkland Islands from the short war fought there in 1982 when Argentina invaded, and the British responded. Naively, I never really thought of them as a wildlife destination until I was researching this trip. But there was much to see on these remote islands and I’m sure we could have spent more time there. We started early on Friday morning by heading ashore onto West Point Island. Normally there are only two people who live there, but due to two ships visiting that day, they ... read more
Gentoo Penguin and the Akademik Ioffe
Two Black-browed Albatrosses Courting
Black-browed Albatrosses

South America » Falkland Islands » East Falkland February 2nd 2019

Saturday 2 February – Day 1: Stanley & Bleaker Island, Falklands before we travel to South Georgia & Antarctica The information we received from One Ocean about our 18-day adventure through the southern globe was: THE CLASSIC VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY VISITING THREE UNIQUE LOCATIONS This is One Ocean’s most far-reaching polar expedition and includes visits to three different locations. The sub-Antarctic Falkland Islands and the island of South Georgia are home to a proliferation of unique wildlife and birdlife. There are penguin rookeries with more than 100,000 nesting birds and the beaches are covered in fur seals and elephant seals. Seabirds, including many of the albatross species call these islands home, nesting and raising their young in this wild and remote environment. Both locations feature a fascinating history and stunning scenery. To the south lies... read more
First zodiac ride to Bleaker Island Falklands (2)
Bleaker Island Falklands - dolphins (1)
Macaroni Penguin (5)

South America » Falkland Islands » East Falkland December 20th 2018

“We are more powerful than ever before…Worse still, humans seem to be more irresponsible than ever. Self-made gods with only the laws of physics to keep us company, we are accountable to no one.” Yuval Noah Harari The Conflict The quote ‘Like two bald men fighting over a comb’ has often been used to describe the 1982 conflict in the Falkland Islands. The British prime minister at the time, Margaret Thatcher, very quickly took defensive action after the Argentines took occupation of the small island group in the southern extreme of the Atlantic Ocean. Many lives were lost on both sides, and today the legacy survives in the memories of the locals and through the many the landmines that still lay hidden beneath the soil. I had never ventured into the interior of either of the ... read more
The Black browed albatross
The Chick
The Bonding

The Falklands are a magical place. Here are a few pics of the islands. One of these days I will add some more text - maybe... Dave... read more
Magellanic Penguins
Magellanic Burrow
Living Together

South America » Falkland Islands » East Falkland October 28th 2017

On our way , 262 miles to Port Stanley, Falkland Islands. 58 knot winds make for a rough ride but I think most are getting used to it. Not many missing meals. The Zaandam handles the heavy weather well. We took the bottle of Champagne that Kate won up to the Crowsnest Lounge. They will chill it for us and we will share with our friends. Tommorow, Penguins! Some of the best weather conditions possible here on the Falkland's for todays visit. CAVU ( ceiling and visibility unlimited). Our guide mentioned , 2 days earlier we would have had to sail right past. The winds they blow! Boarding the tender I got the best seat on the boat, right at the entrance door, great for views and picture taking. Then about 30 gallons of sea came ... read more
Stanley hearse
Iron Lady beer
This says it all

South America » Falkland Islands March 19th 2017

ARGENTINA - Buenos Aires Our ship, the Zaandam was a 785 foot Holland America cruise liner which we had chosen for our journey as it was not too large compared to many ocean liners and we had used HA before when we sailed from Alaska to Vancouver. In the early part of the 17th century, Henry Hudson set sail from Holland in a tiny ship called the ‘de Halve Maen’. His long voyage across the Atlantic heralded the beginnings of Dutch exploration and settlements in the New World heralding a long seafaring tradition between the Dutch and Americans. Our Captains for our journey around the Cape were Joost Endearing and Pieter Jan Van Maurik and there were 620 crew members to 1300 passengers. Unpacked and safely on board the Zaandam we set sail leaving Buenos Aires ... read more
We are in Uruguay - hoorah
Graf Spee Monument
Amazing architecture ...

South America » Falkland Islands » East Falkland February 26th 2017

This port was the main reason my husband chose the cruise and we were both well aware that only 60% of the ships scheduled can actually tender into the port of Stanley. Luckily we could anchor out of the headlands and tendering began by about 8am. We had expected tender tickets to be unecessary for the time we left but even after 10 had to get one. The ride was about half an hour to the jetty and we had an informative chat with the immigration chap who was in the tender with us. Landing at 10.55 we were just in time to see the eclipse of the sun viewed through scudding cloud and very clear for seconds. There was a 90% coverage and it made an auspicious start to our day on the island. The ... read more
Stanley Church
King penguins

South America » Falkland Islands February 23rd 2017

Geo: -51.7963, -59.5236Well are three miles from Stanley port in the Falkland Islands anchored in the bay. It is windy and cold. But we are here. Apparently only about 50% of the cruises actually get to anchor here because of the weather. This is a British colony even though Argentina claims it as well because of its closeness them. As recent as 1982 there was war over this. We had an excursion to see penguins today but after talking to crew I decided for safety issues I would not go. So Dave is off to explore on his own. It is a 30 minute tender ride just to get to port. It is very windy and cold. We have sea day tomorrow and back to warmer weather. Supposed to change from forties today to the 70's ... read more
Falkland Islands
Falkland island

South America » Falkland Islands February 11th 2017

Saturday 11th. February: Circumnavigation of Cape Horn: The weather looked stormy all about us so we were fortunate to have clear skies as we did a circumnavigation around Cape Horn. Port 11: 12th. February: Stanley, Falkland Islands: Cloudy and cool as we came into the Falklands with 3 Chinese fishing boats coming in behind us. Our guide was Emma, born in the Falklands and educated as a teacher, police constable, geologist and tour guide. Emma walked us around Stanley which is like a very neat clean and tidy English village while giving us a talk on the history and people of the Falklands.... read more
Cape Horn
Cape Horn
Cape Horn

South America » Falkland Islands » East Falkland November 23rd 2016

The Britishness of the Falkland Islands is very apparent - the islanders are British and are proud to be flying Her Majesty’s flag. The streets of Stanley are abuzz with Landrovers and Ford Transits and have a very British look with the terraced houses and well-groomed gardens. I was in my element in the FIC (the local supermarket) with its loaded shelves of penguin biscuits, Ambrosia rice pudding, and other sweet goodies that are typically only available on British soil… I marched out of the store with an open packet of Galaxy Minstrels, I sat by the public jetty in Stanley’s large natural harbour and consumed them, then went to the pub for some pub-grub - fish and chips. I’ve also squirreled away many treats for the wild sea days that lie ahead of us. There ... read more
Colony on Saunder's Island

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