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South America » Ecuador » North » Quito October 29th 2013

Most remarkably, Quito sits up high at 2850 meters (almost 9,000 feet) above sea level in a valley bordered by mountains. This position means Quito is spread out over 50 kilometers from north to south, but only eight kilometers wide. There is a mix of old and new in this city of 1.6 million. The Centro historico (historic center) is a trip back into colonial times, with narrow cobblestone streets, ornate plazas, and old, but spectacular churches. The newer part of town, called New Town, nicknamed unimaginably, gringolandia, is more cosmopolitan, like the magazine. The area has a lively cultural scene, active nightlife, and newer hotels, and from what I read, the best restaurants in Ecuador. Most of the people live in barrios or shantytowns, up the slopes of the mountains, or north and south of ... read more
Coffe at Juan Valdez
Refreshment time in Centro Historico

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center October 28th 2013

This is my fifth country have visited in South America, previously having visited to Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Argentina. They have all been great experiences, but each quite different from the others. This trip to Ecuador will also be goofy and stranger than strange. My best travel buddy Mike and I are meeting my Lithuanian friend from Cape Town, South Africa. That ought to make for some interesting times. When people ask why Ecuador and Columbia, the answer might be as follows. Ecuador is a very under appreciated country. It has many cultures and indigenous people. Columbia has cleaned up their act after decades of drugs and violence. Anyone who has lived there has proclaimed it to be the most beautiful place in all of the Americas. We shall see. What do we know about Ecuador ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito October 13th 2013

Warum wir hier drei Nachte sind, hat einen ganz einfachen Grund. Am Samstag hatten Kevin und Julia 12. Hochzeitstag, sie hatten sich in Quito kennengelernt und wollten dort feiern. Am Montag hat Kevin Geburtstag (49), den will er in Quito feiern und nicht in irgendeinem Nest unterwegs. Also fast drei Tage in Quito. Ist schon ok, die Altstadt ist Weltkulturerbe und ich war heute drin. Es sind fast keine Touristen da, aber es waren unheimlich viele Einheimische da, die einfach am Sonntag durch die Altstadt gewuselt sind, in einer der zahlreichen Messen waren (7.00, 8.00, 9.00, 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 17.00 und 18.00 in nur EINER Kirche, und es gibt Unmengen!!!), ein Eis gegessen haben und sich die Geschaefte angeschaut haben, manche waren offen. Die Kirchen sind zum Teil unglaublich geschmueckt, in der Jesuitenkirche sollen 6 bis ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito October 12th 2013

Von der wunderbaren Hacienda ging es im Pulk bis zum Aequator. Dort wurde ein Monument gebaut und der Strich markiert, der die Nord und Suedhalbkugel trennt. Wir fuhren die MR auf diesen Platz, stellten sie halb auf die Nord, halb auf die Suedhalbkugel und machten Fotos. Den Rest der Strecke fuhr jeder allein, aber bei der nachsten Strassensperre traf man sich doch wieder. Quito liegt in ganz verschieder Hoehe, man faehrt rauf und runter, es war etwas verwirrend. Aber ich kam gut an, gerade, als es anfing zu regnen. Das Hotel ist die ehemalige Franzoesische Botschaft, am Abend offenes Feuer in den Kaminen im Erdgeschoss, grandiose Zimmer mit Himmelbetten und Wandmalereien. Ich bin leider im Diensbotentrakt direkt unterm Dach, aber man kann ja nicht immer soviel Glueck haben. Wandmalerei habe ich auch!!! img=http://whos.amu... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito August 31st 2013

We are on our way and, for at least few days, we will not have to be concerned that the USA has decided yet again to go to war with yet another bad actor in the middle east. Let us hope that one more day becomes many more days and another solution is found. Via Con dios amigos....... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito August 16th 2013

So after a 5 hour Mini bus ride to the airport, a flight to Colombia then a flight to Ecuador we arrived in Quito at 2am. Very tired and worn out from the travel day. We were collected from the airport by our taxi who took us the hour journey to our Hilton hotel. We crashed out for a few hours in a lovely massive bed, then awoke to explore the old town. We walked through the park, saw the lovely church and headed for the food market. We then spent some time walking around the local food market, looking at all the fresh veg, fruits and meats.We then stopped at a stall for a plate of lunch, egg, potato, avocado, salad and chorizo. It was yummy. We had this with the local drink of fresh ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito July 22nd 2013

Our last day in Quito before the Oriente and we decided to spend it the way most Quitenos do...with family (the 2 of us of course) in the park. Strolling, meeting friends and making new ones, buying trinkets (in our case it was a bit more that that), trying out the food stands, listening to music, watching a mime and just liking the sunshine while you sit and watch others. The photos tell more than words and it is late and we have to get up early to catch a plane. Ciao amigos mios............... read more
A smile for all
Pretty lady
Indejena seller

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito July 20th 2013

Today we finally got up and out early enough ( our normal one hour of coffee watching the hummingbirds and listening t NPR had to be cut short...choices, choices) to get up the Volcan Pichincha, once very active but now at least a bit dormant even though it is monitored. We walked about 1/2 way to the bottom of the Teleferico (3-4k) and took a taxi the rest of the way(recommended by all travel experts because of a plethora of malo hombres near on the way to the ticket booth). The place was full of locals and touristas. We stood in line for a ticket for about an hour and got in for the Abuelo (old folks) price, then waited another 30 minutes for a car to go up. The trip up is about 25 minutes ... read more
The clouds below
Cayambe in the distance

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito July 18th 2013

We took a very long walk today to a Museum we can see from our apartment. It was a pleasant walk along a divided avenida with condominiums and restaurants on both sides. This is in an area called Bella Vista and the views from the condos are wonderful. It is located up hill from where we live (of course) but our destination covered a goodly number of up and down hills as the streets navigate around steep ravines. We finally quit when we realized we had another couple kilometers straight uphill to go and that allowed us to make contact with our 1st woman taxi driver. She said there are only a few and it is a very recent development. Oswaldo Guayasamin is both a famous and infamous artist from Ecuador. The museum is his collection ... read more
Madre y nino
Self Portraits
Studio (2)

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito July 17th 2013

This market is one of the best we have ever been to anywhere, but we usually say that every time we find a market we like. Tired of paying the high price of food, especially for local veggies and meats, in the Ecuadoran National chain...Super Maxi, we decided to head for the old and venerable Mercado Central. Open for a very long time...some say 100 years and almost every day of the year, this market proved to be wonderful. It is an indoor market, owned by the city. It is located near the old town square in an area of warehouses and commercial buildings. Vendors rent stalls to sell fresh flowers, fruits, veggies, healing herbs, spices, meat, fish and, most important to our stomachs, small stall sized restaurants serving traditional foods at unbelievably low prices. As ... read more
Salcichas mas
Carnes Fresca
The rest of the pig

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