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South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Floreana Island April 29th 2014

The pre-breakfast outing was a zodiac ride with a wet landing to Floreana Island and a hike to Punta Cormorant. The beach where we arrive consisted of sand which contained olivine, a semi-precious stone, broken into very small granules. We hiked past a brackish lagoon where we could see in the distance (thanks for the binoculars MOM) the Galapagos Flamingos (we only counted 18) and I believe this is the only island that we expect to see these beautiful birds. Once we arrived at Punta Cormorant beach we sighted burrows that had been dug by the sea turtles and also saw tracks on the beach as evidence of a female who had laid her eggs the previous night. Sally Lightfoot crabs were all along the rocks and I learned that the crabs’ growth depends on the ... read more
Chocolate Chip Sea Star
Playful Sea Lion
Post Office Bay

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Floreana Island May 31st 2013

Ok, so it may appear that we are getting a little behind on our blogs but its only because we've been isolated deep in the amazon rainforest, lucky to have running water let alone wi-fi! So I'm writing this blog in our private transport on our way to Shell on the iPhone.We wandered down and met our tour agent at 7.45am who took us down to the dock to catch our boat down to Floreana Island. While waiting for our boat, we noticed a sea-lion getting some early morning suntanning in, resting on the little floating dock. Unfortunately it was quite overcast and cold this morning so he wasn't catching ... read more
Floreana Island (grey and gloomy)

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Floreana Island November 13th 2012

The day started with a tender to the beach of Rabida Island, mostly volcanic and there to greet us were sea lions of all shapes sizes and ages. The youngest was flapping his flippers as if in welcome but really wanted his Mum. She was some way away and even though another Mum came up she didn't recognise the infant and waddled on past him. They can rest on this island for about 18 hours a day. We walked to an inland lake that used to be inhabited by flamingo's however a tsunami changed the composition of the lake and they have gone. Continuing on we saw an egret, terns, oyster catchers that apparently don't catch oysters, amazing coloured crabs and yet more sea lions. Returning to the boat we then got kitted out for snorkelling ... read more
Travelling on the tender
Sunset over Galapagos

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Floreana Island November 13th 2012

Day 3 We sailed overnight and stopped in Floreana and went for a morning walk on the beach. We were welcomed by the sealions although the male sealion seemed a bit aggressive as we went near his cubs. Onwards to the far beach and we saw turtles swimming and mating in the surf, it takes 3 hours I was impressed! Then sharks appeared and stingrays close to the shore line and many bright orange crabs crawling over the lava rocks. We then returned to the boat to get changed in to wetsuits, I dipped out as I was still suffering from yesterday's fall, and the sea was a bit rough. Steve set off and I read. When he came back he was so happy, they had swam with the baby sealions and I felt miffed that ... read more
Turtle swimming

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Floreana Island September 8th 2011

Post Office Bay The Galapagos islands are all formed from a volcanic hot spot underneath Isla Fernandino. As molten lava has flowed down the volcanoes, lava tubes or tunnels have formed and we visited one at Post Office Bay on Floreana. Our guide is one of those that's either 100% right or 100% wrong. The problem is when to guess he's right and when to guess he's wrong. For the walk through the lava tunnel we had to wear our best walking shoes but when we got there, we found almost waist deep water! The lava tunnel was worth a visit but the explanation and loss of two of our members (until we alerted the guide) was a distraction. Floreana had the first human settlement - Germans - great. There is a Post Box with lots ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Floreana Island April 8th 2011

On Thursday morning, we were on the top deck to watch the sunrise, but found we were in a little bay, and the sun would be rising behind a high point behind us. Next best thing, we snapped a picture of the ´Devil´s Crown´ which is the crater of a very very old volcano. The centre of the crater is about two meters underwater, and the steep sides go down about 20 meters to the ocean floor. The whole thing is covered in coral and sea creatures, so it is a pretty cool place to snorkel or dive. More on that later. As on the previous morning, we found ourselves moored near five other boats (mooring schedules are assigned to boats by the National Park) in a snug bay. After breakfast, we again went to shore ... read more
Day 3 Itinerary
Zalay Lightfoot Crab

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Floreana Island July 25th 2010

In der Frueh steigen wir in einen teilweise eingestuerzten Lavatunnel hinab - es waere spannend, an den rauhen, griffigen Waenden einen Boulder einzulegen. Anschliessend marschieren wir in die Post Office Bay, welche ihren Namen durch einen 1792 eingerichteten Seebriefkasten erhalten hat. Frueher konnten Seeleute hier ihre nach Europa adressierte Post hinterlegen; falls auf ein vorbeikommendes Schiff den entsprechenden Zielhafen ansteuerte, nahm es die Post zur Auslieferung mit. Heute werden im Briefkasten nur noch Ansichtskarten von Touristen hinterlegt, die aber nach dem selben Prinzip verteilt werden (wir haben nur Adressen in der Ostschweiz gesichtet und muessen unsere Poestlerkarriere verschieben). Am Nachmittag endlich etwas Sonnenschein. Das Badevergnuegen bleibt uns aber trotz Traumstrand verwaehrt, das dutzende Stachelrochen wie Fussangeln den Einstieg verwaehren.... read more
Im Lavatunnel

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Floreana Island June 16th 2010

We travel between islands overnight, making for several hours rocky sleep in our top floor cabin, but it does mean we always wake up in a new location with a new adventure ahead. This morning we arrived at Floreana island, landing on the Zodiacs at Post Office Bay. In the late 18th century an English captain of a whaling vessel placed a barrel here to be used as a post office. Passing ships would stop to leave mail for loved ones, collecting at the same time any mail destined for ports on their itineraries. The barrel (probably a new one!) is still in use today, where tourists are now responsible for picking up the mail, no stamps needed! Soph and I popped a postcard in, but I'm not sure it's even worth crossing our fingers that ... read more
In Search of Turtles
Our First Sea Turtle
Our First Sea Turtle

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Floreana Island June 16th 2010

Second last day not happy! I am loving everything about the galapagos, lovely beaches, hundreds of different species of wildlife and the food is superb! Again we had breakfast at 7am it was fried eggs (you stating to see a pattern yet) but there was cereal, fresh fruit, ham and bread so I was happy. We started off the day with a wet landing the place was abit of an anti-climax because it is the ideal location to see Flamingoes when they are in season unfortunately they aren't so we saw one on it's Tod. We did see some sting rays very close to shore although not very clearly because it was quite choppy. .We started off the day with a wet landing the place was abit of an anti-climax because it is the ideal location ... read more
galapagos 6
galapagos 5
galapagos 7

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Floreana Island February 24th 2010

6am wake up call! And it was still dark. And raining. Half an hour to get out of bed, brush my teeth, put in my contacts, find my bikini and then put it on. 6.30am - catch the dinghy out into the middle of the sea in the pouring rain but at least it´s light now. I didn´t quite believe Kike when he jumped in and said that the water was warm but it actually was! I jumped off of dinghy and straight onto a big fat jellyfish (I´m just assuming it was big and fat, I actually didn´t even see it) and managed to get myself stung a few times on my arm, foot and leg. Me being me however, didn´t actually realise that I´d been stung for another 15 mins or so when Kike ... read more

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