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South America » Colombia » San Agustin January 20th 2016

I was meant to spend more time in Ecuador than I did. First of all I was supposed to do a trip to the Amazon which I then decided to can; and second, I was meant to spend at least one night in Otavalo, just north of Quito, to check out the town’s famous market. However with no accommodation available the night before the weekly Saturday market – I should have perhaps been a bit more organised and clued-up about it, and should have anticipated this – I had to reconsider my plan. I could chance it and just go there anyway, hoping to find something once I am there, but I wasn’t keen on the possibility of walking all over town trying to find something and then having to pay top dollar for the only ... read more
Happy Statue, San Agustin
Streets Of Popayan #1
Funerary Arrangement, San Agustin

South America » Colombia » San Agustin September 15th 2015

Colombia hadn’t been high on my list of holiday destinations, mostly due to my ignorance about the country and a once well-deserved reputation for it being rather a dangerous place to visit. However, when informed by good friend Bear (Cath) last summer that she and her Colombian fiancé, Hector, were planning a wedding in Bogota, as you can imagine it jumped straight to the top. For those of us lucky enough to get invited, initial thoughts turned to the FCO website and is it even safe to go there? Turns out a lot has changed in the country since the crazy days of the 80s and 90s. Although a few areas still remain off limits, most of the country looked good to go and with reassurance from the Colombian connections that it is perfectly fine to ... read more
Breakfast like a Paisa
Bye bye Bogota
Pretty Posada

South America » Colombia » San Agustin November 26th 2014

So I finally arrived in Colombia following a 1 in the morning bus to the border from Quito, a taxi from immigration to the bus station to an ATM in town back to the bus station and a daytime nine hour bus ride to Popayan city. Colombia has been the country I have been most looking forward to experiencing since the start of the trip as the few people who"ve journeyed there brought back tales of unbelievable landscape, exotic birds, fruits and flowers, a shady history and scarcely believable stories of Colombian peoples' friendliness, hospitality and generosity. Intrigued as to how much a dark past had blossomed into something so positive, my plan was and is to find out more. While many travellers rush up to the big urban cities of Medellin or Bogota or head ... read more
My favourite!
El Mirador Popayan

South America » Colombia » San Agustin February 19th 2014

Tuesday 18th February (Odyssey Day 102) We were a little late leaving this morning, just after 0900. Simon managed to get the truck right to the hostel this time, and it made packing a lot easier even if we did hold up quite a lot of traffic doing so! Heading out of town, we drove through a lot of hills again on another long, winding and bumpy road. It was still light when we arrived in San Agustin, which was a definite bonus. We made it to our camp after a few false directions and having to turn around in really narrow areas. The track to the camp was also very narrow and Simon had to reverse down it to park. The camp itself is a lovely area of sloping green grass and sheltered communal areas. ... read more
San Agustin
San Agustin Camp
San Agustin

South America » Colombia » San Agustin February 3rd 2014

Des aventures a San Augustin, ce n'est pas ce qui a manqué! J'arrive le soir vers 11h, le petit pueblo me semble charmant même dans l'obscurité. J'ai besoin de me poser quelques temps dans un même lieu pour faire partie d'un projet. J'arrive a la Casa del Sol Naciente et on m'accueille avec de la bonne nourriture et un feu de camp. Jai l'impression d'être arrivée au paradis. Un petit coin tranquille dans les montagnes, l'endroit est magnifique. La première journée de bénévolat se passe bien, sauf que la dame me laisse a l'hostel beaucoup plus longtemps que prévu. Le jour suivant c'est la même chose. Le jour d'après aussi. A ces heures prolongées s'ajoute la découverte d'une femme avec un tempérament impossible a tolérer et une humeur exécrable. Jamais rien qu'on fait bien, toujours quelque ... read more
El estrecho
La Chaquira
San Augustin

South America » Colombia » San Agustin November 20th 2013

Our first real destination in Colombia was the cute city of Popayan. It is called the "white city" because of its 2 stories high white painted buildings and supposed to be really pretty, so we went there even though we didn't really have anything special we wanted to see there except the city itself. Arriving at the bus station the city didn't look that special, but it changed once we got to the old town. Every house was painted white, all signs were small and discreet, and the city got especially pretty once it got dark and lights illuminating the buildings were turned on. As mentioned we didn't really have any plans for Popayan, so we spent one day walking around the city, enjoying the beautiful buildings and relaxing. We also looked through our plans for ... read more
Popayan - grand plaza
Popayan - city view
Popayan - street view

South America » Colombia » San Agustin July 22nd 2013

beautiful days in san agustin... read more
san agustin
san agustin
san agustin

South America » Colombia » San Agustin January 10th 2013

There are places whish are considered skip-able by travelers, Bogota being one of them. Whenever we are in such situation that we have to choose if we should stay or not, we simply cannot decide. On one hand we know it is not going to blow our minds, on the other however, we feel that maybe we can find something special over there. This way we have some regrettable choices of places on our list (Boracay, Bali and even Gillis) but curiosity somehow always wins. We had to go through Bogota anyway, as there was no other way to get out of the Amazon but we did not have to stay, of course. And of course we did anyway. When we landed in Bogota, people started to put layers on their very light clothing (Leticia is ... read more
in the Gold Museum
in the Archaeological Park
nice church in Bogota

South America » Colombia » San Agustin November 6th 2012

Here are some photos of the sights from Colombia. Hope you enjy looking at them. Take care, Miss T... read more
The Cheiftains gold
The golden Jaguar chestplate
The Valle of Cocora

South America » Colombia » San Agustin November 5th 2012

Hello again everyone. I hope you have had a lovely half term and are recharged ready for the Christmas build up. When I left you last time we were in Salento and had visited ´Plantations´ coffee farm. From here we travelled on a night bus to Pitilito and then got a ´collectivo´(a jeep taxi) to San Augustin. San Agustin was incredible as it is surrounded by so much history. We decided we would spend a day trekking by horse to see the remote stone carvings and then a day in the archelogical park. Both of these experiences were really informative. All around the area are big stone carvings, carved from baslic volcanic rock. The biggest carving is 7m tall and they can be as small as 20cm! The interesting thing about these carvings is that there ... read more

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