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South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento March 30th 2009

Day 726 (25.03.09) Having had some more leisurely starts to our days it came as a bit of a shock when we got up for the 7.30am jeep from Salento out to Cocora for another day of walking. With its huge, lanky looking rubber palms and stunning walking it is an obvious and not to be missed days walking if you're in the area and we set off excited for more exercise and fresh air. Cramming 12 (not including the driver) onto our jeep which has seats for only 6 we ended up with Mark on the roof and many more hanging onto the back and sides of the jeep. We took the stunning 20 min drive out to the start of the walk where with all the passengers getting off you could almost hear the ... read more
Walking in Cocora
Walking in Cocora
Walking in Cocora

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento March 27th 2009

Day 725 (24.03.09) When we'd headed out on foot this morning from Salento, a small and pretty village perched amongst the verdant hills and valleys of Colombia's main coffee growing region, we never expected the experiences that would greet us before the day was out. In all our guidebook searches and chats with locals we couldn't seem to find out anything about coffee plantations that you could visit but a guy Mark had met had said he'd been out the day before and found one you could at least walk through. So, armed with just a tiny hand-drawn map, we put on our walking shoes and took the gravel road past the cemetery leading out of town. As we walked down the road views of the lush and dramatic scenery that, with the local climate, somehow ... read more
Coffee Day
Coffee Day
Coffee Day

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento March 26th 2009

Day 723 (22.03.09) Today was filled with bus travel as we made our way into Colombia's Zona Cafetera, first to the large town of Armenia and then on towards Salento an hour up the road. We passed through lush countryside and stunning views of the dramatic hills that make up this area and arrived into the town's main square just as night was falling. The plaza was full of revellers supping on beers and sitting around in food tents and the usual band of stray dogs that you find everywhere in this continent were running rings around excited kids. We learned that this was a long weekend for a festival celebration. It lent a great party atmosphere to the town but we soon found it was going to cause us a problem with accomodation with all ... read more

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento February 16th 2009

I sometimes think I make a bad traveller as I always intend on going to somewhere just for a few days and then staying a lot longer! It makes keeping to a schedule very hard. Salento really is a difficult place to leave though. There is an area in Colombia called Zona Cafeteria. It is the coffee making region for those of you who don´t speak fluent spanish like myself (ahem!!). Zona Cafeteria covers quite a large mountainous region south of both Medellin and Bogota and sort of in the middle of both of them. I boarded what I thought was going to be a 4 hour bus journey from Medellin which then turned into a 7 hour journey which meant I missed my connection at Armenia and had to stay the night there. Armenia itself ... read more
The streets of Salento
Another street scene
The Plantation House

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento December 18th 2008

We have seen The World, and it's massive. Huge! It's 644 feet long and 98 feet wide and is occupied by the kind of people whose idea of a property crash is striking an iceberg. And when we saw it, it was floating (somehow) out of Cartagena harbour like a morbidly obese person attempting to negotiate a rather small door. The fact that the world's most frivolous housing estate was blocking our view of the sky in one of the most picturesque cities on earth (we couldn't see the sky for the world - is that profound or just ponsey?) was a sign that we had arrived in a city that even the moneyed hoity toity consider worth a visit- and it's been a while since we were in one of those places. But we know ... read more
The World
Playa Blanca

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento November 15th 2008

In the nearly four decades that I've been taking up space on this planet, I've never encountered a place quite as rainy as Salento. Wet seasons in the Amazon can only dream of delivering the quantities of water that the skies above Salento deluged the town with during the four days I was there. There was none of the tropical policy of "afternoons only", with torrential cloudbursts around the clock. To say that it pissed down - a phrase I would hesitate to use in genteel company - would convey a small amount of the frustration that this caused me but would not even begin to hint at quite how monsoonal the experience was. My previous rainiest location, Dali, was humbled. In fact the rain was so heavy that the bridge on the main road out ... read more
Bandeja paisa

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento October 27th 2008

Salento The road between Bogotá and Salento was a nightmare - not as a result of unsafe driving, but rather cockroaches and a million trucks on the road. We finally found out why bus drivers always turn the air con up high, this keeps cockroaches out of the bus! We coped by singing La Cucaracha! Salento is one of the little towns in the Zona Cafeteria, the Colombian coffee zone. There are hundreds of coffee farms in this green, picturesque part of the Occidental Andes. The Andes split up into three ranges in Colombia and this range is the western-most one of the three. This area is ideal for coffee farming as a result of a perfect climate, the correct altitude for coffee and very rich volcanic soil. We stayed in Plantation House, run by an ... read more
Salento valley
Salento valley
Salento valley

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento August 9th 2008

Heylo everyone! OK here comes the first of three entries for the last week!!....... Last Thursday, Paulas parents took us to Bogota train station for 6am, where we got the bus to Armania. Freaked ourselves out a little bit before boarding the bus as Paula had been chatting to a woman, who had asked her where Siemei and I were from, where we were going etc., and then left! I didn’t really think anything of it, as everyone here is so chatty and friendly but Paula started panicking a bit saying she had to stop giving out so much information about us when chatting to people and she thought it was weird that the woman didn’t have any luggage with her and disappeared quite quickly and didn’t come back, so obviously hadn’t been waiting for a ... read more
Making sugarcane lemonade!
Eating Maize!
On Willy jeep to Coffee Park!

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento June 24th 2008

Greetings! This past weekend I traveled into the coffee region about 3 hours outside of Cali with my friend Aleja and her mother Martha. The terrain was unlike anything I have ever seen. The mountains are very different from ours in Colorado as they are covered in tall deep green grass rather than pine trees and rock, though they do house the same pumas and bears as we do in the Rockies. The two trees that do cover these mountains are palms and eucalyptus. We stayed the night in a small mountain town, Salento, where the trims of the houses are painted in traditionally very bright colors that would have Home Owner Associations in the U.S. passing out (orange and green combos, or blue and pink, red and yellow was my favorite). This may not shock ... read more
Country Club

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento June 17th 2008

Hello again! Von Medellin aus haben wir einen Ausflug zu einem 200 m hohen Monolithen gemacht der an einem wunderschoenen Stausee liegt (siehe Fotos). Wir fuhren in ca. 1,5 h mit dem Bus dorthin. Den Stein bezwingt man mit ueber 640 Stufen und von oben hat man eine tolle Aussicht auf den See. Wenn man sich die exotischen Pflanzen wegdenkt und das warme Wetter koennte man meinen in Finnland zu sein... Am Abend gingen wir dann nochmals in die Zona Rosa und genossen das bunte Nachtleben und die Happyhour! Am naechsten Tag hiess es Abschied nehmen von Medellin und wir fuhren mit einem Expressbus in 5 h nach Pereira - einer Stadt die seit ihrer Gruendung 1885 schon mehrere Male von einem Erdbeben heimgesucht wurden. Von dort aus ging es dann in nur einer Stunde nach ... read more
Heida geniesst die exotische Frucht...

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