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South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento May 12th 2010

Hi, It is Omer. I want to tell you about a town called Salento in the region “Zona Cafetera” or in English the coffee zone. In Salento there are farms of coffee and they also do tours in the farms. Off course they also sell coffee in Salento. When we got to Salento, we looked for a hostel, when we found one (Las Palmas), we accommodated ourselves. Then we asked the owner of the hostel where is the best cheapest local restaurant and he told us there is a very good one called Somy in the main plaza. Don't ask me why, but he came with us all the way to there and also stayed with us when we were eating. Later we discovered it was because his sister owns the place - that's why he ... read more
Me and my new Spinning Top
Swinging in the Salento view point
I am pushing Shachar in a toy car

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento May 2nd 2010

Early on Saturday 3rd April, I took a bus with Chris, a guy I had met in my dorm the previous night, bound for Salento in the heart of the ‘Zona Cafeteria’, or the Coffee Region to you and I. Not originally part of my itinerary, I included this place because of the positive comments I had heard from other travellers. It was supposed to be beautiful, peaceful and a vast difference from anything else Colombia has to offer. How right they were! On arrival, the first thing I noticed was how peaceful everything was, with people going about there business in a very tranquil manner. We were recommended the Plantation House hostel which a century ago used to be a working coffee plantation but has recently been turned into a hostel by an eccentric Englishman, ... read more

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento April 10th 2010

English version below. Le lien vers les videos est en dessous du text. Videos link at the bottom of the text. En arrivant a Salento on s’est rendu tout de suite a l’hostel la Republica de los Artistas. Dustin que l’on avait croise en Ecuateur nous avait recommande cet hostel pour son petit dejeuner. La chambre etait tres basique mais Joseph nous a tout de suite dit : “en fait tu ne paies pas la chambre, tu paies seulement le petit dej !” Joseph est un espagnol qui etait lui meme backpacker. Il vient de s’installer il y a 4 mois et a decide de creer un breakfast brunch copieux. L’idee etait de faire economiser de l’argent (car cela etait inclus dans le prix de la nuit) et du temps (car t’as pas faim avant le ... read more
Salento vu d'en haut
Joseph le chef
Le menu du petit dej different chaque jour

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento March 21st 2010

Of all the things in Salento I have experienced thus far... a 3 hour hike to a hummingbird reserve, horseback riding through unrealized railroad passages, dancing cumbia in the streets of la plaza mayor, cooking some very tasty French cuisine with my gracious hostess Liliana, what I will take from this town is Tejo. Tejo is a game alikened to our great American drinking passtimes - botchi ball, horseshoes, beanbag toss, etc. - in that you can hold a beer in one hand and lob a random blunt object at another random blunt object with the other. Throughout the course of humanity, man has searched for somet to do with the non-drinking hand. I think Tejo could be one of the best answers to this profoundly Delphic question. Tejo: Each player gets one metal disc, each ... read more

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento March 18th 2010

Blog to appear at a later date.... read more
Humming Bird
Cocora Valley
Jeep to Cocora Valley

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento January 23rd 2010

Go to Salento if you like nature, a tranquilo town and nice coffee! I arrived on a Friday evening to the town and had a tour of the town with some other guests of the hostel. The town is very very small and centers around the main plaza where locals sell fresh juices and local food, mostly trout, and of course, lots of beer. If you have energy enough you can pass through Calle 6, which is the commercial street, and climb the 348 stairs up to the viewpoint and see the whole town on one side and stunning landscapes on the other. The town lies in the middle of the coffee triangle and survives mainly on farming and coffee production. It is full of really nice and cozy coffee houses with fires where you can ... read more
Jesus Martin Bedoya
Drying Coffee Beans
Roasted Coffee Beans

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento January 7th 2010

1/2/2010 I left popayan that night and made it to armenia at 2 in the am where I slept in the terminal before I could take a bus to salento at 5 30. Once in salento I missed the first jeeps to the valle to cocora and caught the second set at 9. Now I figured one jeep, 4 riders would be about right….try 11 put 2 in the front next to the driver, 6 in benched added to the back, 2 on the roof and another 3 hanging onto the back standing on the rear bumper. I was one of the last set, and the 40 min ride to follow was bumpy enough to warrant the 4 wheel drive. Just getting there was a workout. I walked the trail and it was absolutely amazing, the ... read more

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento January 7th 2010

Unser altes Jahr endete mit einer wunderbaren Strandparty,das neue Jahr begann damit und der erste Tag mit einem gluecklichen Kater :-) Danach ging es fuer 2 Tage nach Bogota um unser letztes Weihnachtspaket abzuhoelen... vielen Dank Martina, der Schokonikolaus war so ziemlich der beste den ich je hatte. An unserem letzten Abend haben wir noch zufaellig Francisco getroffen, unseren Freund aus Bolivien...das war eine schoene Ueberraschung, auch wenn wir ihn fast nicht wieder erkannt hatten, da sein Baerenbart verschwunden war und er urploetzlich wie ein junger Portugiese aussah. Am naechsten Morgen haben wir es endlich geschafft und sind in die Zona Cafetera gefahren...eine ungemuetliche Busfahrt, da wir uns mittlerweile wieder ans Fliegen gewoehnt hatten.Wir haben Unterkunft in einem super schoenen Hostel gefunden...mitten im Gruenen, inklusive toller Katze :-) Zufaellig wollte... read more

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento November 14th 2009

Located in Colombia’s coffee region this little town of 2000 inhabitants is located amidst the lush green mountains this area is famous for. Our first day here we walked to a coffee farm where a tiny old man took us around and we picked, roasted, ground and drank our own coffee beans. God I love this country! The second day we hiked in a near-by national park. I know I describe everything as amazing and beautiful, but this place was truly stunning and perhaps the most beautiful place we’ve been so far. We arrived to the park early in the morning and the light cast by the early sun gave the place a calm, but inviting ambience. We walked though a deep grassy pasture through the valley and then began our ascent into the rain forest. ... read more

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