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Tayrona and Minca are two places that are a perfect escape from the bigger cities. Both can be visited as a day trip or overnight. Parc national Tayrona is popular due to the jungle dropping in the the sea with massive boulders lying all over the place. It also has great little beaches that offer an escape from civilisation. We did this park as a day trip. We got there at 8, when it opens. We took a bus for 10 minutes to avoid spending an hour walking to the main walking trail. It takes almost an hour to get to the first swimable beach and an extra 40ish minutes to get to the most popular beach of Cabo de Juan. We had a brief swim on the way due to already being drenched in sweat. ... read more
Parc National Tayrona Beaches
Cabo Juan Beaches

My family and I went to the stone river two years ago. We had a lot of fun that weekend, although the river was growing we could bathe. The stone river has many fascinating things; the first thing that amazed me was his giant whites stones. There were very large stones in the middle of the river. I walked on the stones contemplating the waters of the river, Its waters were so crystal clear that you could see the fish. The second thing that amazed me was the rapidity with which the river grows. After we bathed the waters increased their level. It was not possible to enter the river because it was dangerous but at least this does not happen in the summer. In spite of this, I think it is a good tourist site. ... read more

South America » Colombia » Magdalena » Tayrona National Park November 2nd 2015

My last blog ended on a Sunday night in the delightful port of Santa Marta, meeting up with our friends Laurie and Carole for drink at sunset in Santa Marta’s one good beach bar. As we celebrated being on holiday with a nice cool beer our thoughts turned to the next five days ahead. When originally planning our trip, Ian and I had discounted the five day trek to the Lost City (La Ciudad Perdida) but then our good friend Nicola mentioned it and how the rest of them were going to take the five day hike. I do enjoy a good walk on occasion and after hearing discussions about the hike, I suffered from what I believe the yoof of today call FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and insisted we went along with the rest. ... read more
No turning back...
Into the wild
Mule! Mule!

We stepped off the plane and bang...we were smacked in the face with booming sun and 33 degrees of humid heat. Back in the heat, back to the beach and back in the land of the mozzies. We had arrived in Santa Marta and were quickly on our way to our hostel where we were greeted by our local hostel owner...Alan from Peckham! Not long after arriving, our minds had already switched to planning for the following day; a hike and over night stay in the Tayrona National Park. Famed for its beautiful Caribbean beaches, huge boulders and spectacular hiking trails through the nearby forested hills, we were certainly looking forward to getting there and chilling out (not so much the hiking though). The following morning we were up and out the door by 8am, waiting ... read more
Gem on the beach in El Cabo and our home for the night in the background
The freezing cold dreaded hammocks

South America » Colombia » Magdalena » Tayrona National Park February 27th 2014

Tuesday 25th February (Odyssey Day 109) Our San Gil hotel put on breakfast early for us, so we were up at 0600 for that. We departed only about 15 minutes late at 0715. It was to be a very long day of travelling, further than we had done previously. I believe the original plan had been to bushcamp between these two stops, but it is not something we wanted to do. Not only are the options for places to stop limited, but it is also possibly less then safe here and there was no point taking chances. I slept most of the morning away at the front of the truck but after lunch decided that the only way to stay awake was to watch a couple of movies on my laptop. However by 2130, it was ... read more
Tayrona N.P. Camp
Tayrona N.P. Camp
Tayrona N.P. Camp

Cue the theme music. Strap on your bullwhip and best jungle clothes as Ann and Gordon attempt to emulate Indiana and make it to the lost city of the Tayrona people. Making it there was fine, getting back was a little trickier, but more on that later. Firstly what is Ciudad Perdida and who were the Tayrona.....yep time again for a little history lesson. Colombia has a number of diverse indigenous populations. The Tayrona were one such population who inhabited the Sierra Nevada de Santa Martha which is the mountain range in the North East of the country on the Caribbean Coast. The Tayrona's built their main urban centre at what is now known as Ciudad Perdida (translated as Lost City) on the Northern slopes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Martha. The city was occupied ... read more
Looking Out Across the Valley
The Long Road.....Day 1
The Tayrona Trail

Still feeling fairly inhuman and rather tired, I was most thankful when our bus arrived in the scorching heat of Santa Marta, a big port town and the pit stop for our next destination of Tayrona National Park. Stopping for an hour to leave bags in the hotel, we shot down to the beach for a supposedly speedy lunch from a local fast food restaurant. In true South American/Caribbean style this was slightly misleading as several others went elsewhere, ate and came back before we had even received our food! Eventually getting served, we wolfed it down and scarpered back to the bus in time to head on to Tayrona. Being fairly remote, upon arrival at the main car park we had to walk 45 mins along dirt tracks through the jungle to get to our ... read more
Tayrona Sunrise 1
Tayrona Sunrise 2
Tayrona Sunrise 3

South America » Colombia » Magdalena » Tayrona National Park September 8th 2006

5th September -8th September: Tayrona national Park Tayrona national Park, a little gem of paradise just off the northern Colombian coast of the Carribean. Blessed with crystal turquoise waters, it was a perfect escape from the days of strenuous exercise on the lost city trek! I caught a boat out to the bays with our small troup that remained from the a few added extras. Arriving in the bay of Cabo San Juan was like stepping into a postcard image! beautiful calm carribean waters, whitish sand, tropical palm trees hanging over the beach, bordered by large beautiful boulders of rocks as though god himself landscaped the bay! We staked our hammocks, and descended on the beaches for much needed sun and relaxation! One day would merge into the next. Days became lost with little to ... read more
beach we slept at each day
another day of doing absolutely nothing!!
chillin with friends on the beaches

South America » Colombia » Magdalena » Tayrona National Park September 6th 2006

Santa Marta, groan... Before much longer I was well enough to want to travel and desperately needing to leave. Having kind of ground to a halt hanging out with my amigas who ran the hotel I'd stayed in I think I'd forgotten how to backpack. (It's terribly difficult don't you know... You get up each day (if you want), do what you want, when you want until you wonder whether trying somewhere new might be worth a pop. Get off bus and repeat. For best results try not to dwell too much on how sickeningly privileged your life is in a continent enveloped by poverty and crime.) So I think in the end I decided to visit Tayrona National Park, seeing as it was all of 21 miles from Santa Marta. Plus after seeing photos and ... read more
Driving back to Medellin
Botero Sculptures, Medellin
Pueblito Paisa

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