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June 28th 2012
Published: June 28th 2012
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Well another fun day but my mind and heart has been struggling. Mum is desparately ill and just hangs in there. Last night I was able to have a few words with her, she did not respond at all, and me being the golden boy, but it was lovely to have a last few words with her, I can never probably remember what I said but it was very important to me. I suspect next week will be a very difficult one as we deal with what is to come.

I will be brief and just mainly add photos, but just an update - we are in Santiago and have now lost Pete. He has returned to NZ, as planned, to work early for end of month accountant stuff. While he does that we spent a day in the mountains. We had a great guide, Marco from Mars tours ( We have now also been on one of the worlds most dangerous roads, it was apparently in a national geographic program. It had 56 turns which sadly, along with the altitude made the trip less enjoyable for Steph. The road is very windy and add to it large trucks coming up and down it was a matter or patience on some corners. The trucks need all the corners and as they are way bigger then we let them have the road. They are apparently constructing a new hotel up on the ski fields each year so there is a lot of construction and therefore a lot of trucks. The ski fields we went to are part of Marco's central ski tour. They are the first ones I have actually seen in action, with a lot of what I am guessing are wealthy people going up and down all day. In fact there are two ski fields, one on each side of the mountain and we had a look at the more expensive one. The first one we went to had the roads closed as they were expecting 4 buses of children, so every one was going up in trucks, it was a half hour wait so we just went to the other one.

On the way up we stopped at a flat field of snow and yes, we were all very childish and had a massive snow ball fight, I am not sure there were any winners but I suspect Liesel was on the loosing end of it - tip never fall over backwards in the snow when other people have snow balls! I got Harry a beaut - right in the kisser - but he got his own back with a handfull of snow rubbed into my face - another tip - when your glasses seem to have snow on them and your vision is affected wipe both the inside and the outside of your glasses - of course while trying to dodge more snow! I also claim knocking off Stephs hat with a deadly accurate throw - another proud Uncle moment. Great fun. Just as well we were all dressed in rented ski gear as otherwise we would have been soaked - it would almost have been cheaper to buy the stuff than rent it - but it was certainly warm and dry.

Lunch was in a little restaraunt overlooking Santiago - albeit with no view of Santiago as it was covered in smog, low cloud or something similar. It was suggested we had the traditional Chilean meal - steak, egg, chips and fried onions accompanid by Pisco sours for the team except I had a
Action GirlAction GirlAction Girl

Stepn in Action
coffee - my caffeine level was down and it was lovely and warm.

We stopped at a place where they do tubing and also wire rope crossings. Liesel and Harry did the tubing and had a ball. I tried to do the wire rope crossings but it was booked solid - this was both sad and a relief as the last crossing went across the valley at speed. Steph was starting to come to life - Marco had given her some lemon to suck and that seemed to make a big difference.

Clare has gone with the Rowes for a walk and likely some shopping - we seem to need an extra bag. I am having a quiet day, I feel very flat and have got a dodgy stomach so decided a day of TV and Movies might be best. We seem to have a hundred channels and at least a couple are in english!

Thats all for now and likely this is the last entry till we get home so I guess we will catch up in the near future.

Yes, yes I understand I was not that brief but.....

Additional photos below
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Almost the teamAlmost the team
Almost the team

All of us snug and warm in our ski gear

Yes it is there just under the smog layer
Rope CorssingsRope Corssings
Rope Corssings

I was going to do it but sadly all nooked up - half sad half few!
Rowes TubingRowes Tubing
Rowes Tubing

Harry all relaxed
Liesel after the tubingLiesel after the tubing
Liesel after the tubing

She described it as money well spent
The AndiesThe Andies
The Andies

They are really impressive and even though this is the third time into the andies each time has been fun

30th June 2012

Hi Clare and Ian, Has been great to see your fab photos and read your stories of your adventures. I'm really sorry to read about Ruth's deteriation, and I'm thinking of you Ian. I wont be in Auckland when you get back as I'm off to Wellington for a week to help Jess and Dan, as she is pregnant with number three and they also have a couple of foster children at the moment, and all are home with school holidays!!! I will call around as soon as I get back home. Lots of love, Sally

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