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South America » Chile » Magallanes » Isla Navarino April 3rd 2010

hola Chicos, Hoe langer je in Patagonia rondtrekt, hoe meer je erdoor geïntrigeerd geraakt en hoe verder je je van het begaande pad begeeft. We proberen onbestaande routes en stippen naamloze toppen aan. De wind steekt op en blaast je tegen de grond. Het begint te sneeuwen en op slag zien de volgende dagen er toch wel heel anders uit. Patagonia is emoties ontdekken, waarvan je niet wist dat ze in je zaten. Je zakt tot aan je knieen in de modder en bent plots dolgelukkig dat je toch maar dat extra paar droge kousen hebt ingepakt. Hunkeren naar een warme douche, na dagenlang zweten in hetzelfde shirt. Ontgoocheling omdat het plan in duigen valt, maar daarna vreugdekreten omdat je een naamloze top beklimt in de zoektocht naar alternatieve routes. Patagonia is ronddwalen op zoek naar ... read more
Lago y Cordon O´Higgins
Lago O´Higgins
Huisje van gaucho langs Lago´Higgins

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Isla Navarino October 27th 2008

(Matt) Many months ago I was looking at a map of South America (whilst enjoying a glass of wine) and said to Catherine in true Andy from Little Britain style ´I wanna go to that one!´. ´That one´turned out to be Isla Navarino the southernmost inhabited place in the world (excluding Antarctic research bases!). Catherine responded with ´can I have some wine?´ and ´what´s there?, how do we get to it? And how much does it cost?´, all good and reasonable questions in the circumstances ´Errr here´s the wine I´ll get back to you on the rest´! I knew I wouldn´t get away with a George Mallory (the mountain climber who was famously asked why he wanted to climb Mt. Everest and replied ´because it´s there´), so after some serious research we found that it was ... read more
Snowman we made on Cerro Bandera
Scenery around Puerto Williams
15, 223 km to London

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Isla Navarino September 17th 2008

Vandaag is de eerste gedeelte van onze terugreis begonnen… Na het uitchecken uit het hotel gaan we met de taxi naar de aeroclub. Maar niet voordat de taxichauffeur (of chauffeuse? Dit is een beetje dubieus…) vergeten is de taxi op de handrem te zetten voor de deur, zodat de taxi heeeeeel zachtjes het heuveltje afrolt… en 2 paaltjes de grond uittrekt…. De taxichauffeur (ja, we denken toch wel dat hij/zij een taxichauffeur is…) rennen en aan de handrem trekken, en ja hoor, de taxi staat dan toch stil… Hmmmm, moeten wij met hem mee? Ok, toch de tassen inladen en op naar de aeroclub. Het vliegtuigje waar we de rondvlucht hebben gemaakt brengt ons vanmorgen via de internationale luchthaven, naar de overkant van Beagle Channel, naar Puerto Williams. Maar eerst, na een korte vlucht van 2 ... read more
Vliegtuig (Aerovias DAP) in Puerto Williams
Aankomst Punta Arenas

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Isla Navarino January 26th 2008

After Ushuaia I went by zodiac to Puerto Williams (Isla Navarino). A little bit more south than Ushuaia and a center point to go further to Cape Horn. But let's forget Cape Horn, too expensive, at least 1500 euros to get there. I didn't really book a hostel and the bus driver dropped me into a nice family. Great hospitality!! Every evening a great dinner with soup, main plate and desert (postre) . I shared a room with a guy (Daniel) from Korea. Cool guy and again a nice occasion to learn my spanish, because he didn't speak English very well. The next day we decided to look up for la Abuela "Marie Smith Jones". This lady was 83 years old and the last inhabitant on the island of the Yamana tribe. Some information: This is ... read more
Villa Ukika
Cerro Bandera
Puerto Williams

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Isla Navarino January 11th 2008

Felipe and I left the park on December 29, and after a good meal and rest (!) in Pto. Natales, I headed to Punta Arenas on the 30th. Felipe came with me, as he needed to get a new backpack and other gear. The 31st came around and as we were eating lunch just before he was to get on a bus back to Pto. Natales, we started talking and I ended up going back with him to spend New Year's with friend (i.e. Felipe) and his friends in Pto. Natales. It was a great time! On the 2nd, headed back to Punta Arenas and caught my flight to Puerto Natales. Ah, the venerable Twin Otter. Land Rover of the skies. A good flight to Puerto Williams (barring the icebuild up as we flew through various ... read more
Puerto Williams on approach
The Beagle Channel
Me at the Start

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Isla Navarino January 8th 2008

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay in getting an entry up. Things have been very crazy since my first foray into Torres del Paine. And, to make things even worse for you, this will be a short entry. I seem to have left my camera's USB cable back in Punta Arenas, so I can't download pictures for few days. Instead, I'll give you a brief outline of what's being going on the last two weeks, and then you can tune in later for the more details. Over Christmas, I spend seven days hiking the Paine with my guide, Felipe. We had an amazing time! Fantastic weather, good food, good beer and great wine. Rather than do the traditional circuit (as had been planned) or the more commonly hiked "W" we did an extended "W" which included ... read more

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Isla Navarino November 14th 2007

Thanks Richard for your wishes, we got the honking tail winds AND the sunshine. Fully loaded bikes, gravel roads and we churned out 80km´s on day one. The legend of the infamous Patagonian winds didn´t disappoint us, thankfully for the past 3 days they have been our friend. We fear the day they turn on us! The barren pampas seemed to stretch off as far as the eye can see, with uninterrupted views due to the harshness of the environment. One surviving macropcarpa let us know the prevailing wind was from the west. Amongst the sheep, the guanaco (elegant llama) and pink flamingos gave us a good excuse to stop (and have another siesta!). We are glad we chose to cycle tour Patagonia in the summer. An inch of fluffy white snow welcomed us as ... read more
a peaceful evening
but in the morning
woollen seat cover required

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Isla Navarino November 10th 2007

Day 1 on the bikes we struck mechanicals as we rolled off the ferry on to Terra Del Fuego. No seat skewer for Penny and 3mm scraped off Kate´s brand new fancy tyre due to back carrier issues. Maybe those pillows used in gear check weren´t a fair estimate of the weight to be carried! However due to some Downer Duct tape and cable ties,crisis overted, we made it 300m to the silver service restaurant down the road. ... read more

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Isla Navarino March 12th 2007

With the southern most reaches of the world being so inaccessible and desolate at it is....we decided to jump aboard the Norwegian Crown on a two week voyage around the tip of S. America. We have aided you all in the geographical aspect of the cruise with an attached map and fun pictures and when you hear the cruise horn blow...turn the page... so read along kids!!! bawoooooo!!! all aboard!!..okay, okay...i'll stop. We started in Valparaiso, Chile and headed south down the coast to some smaller towns thriving from the forestry, fishing, and salmon farm industries. The towns of Puerto Montt, and Puerto Chacabuco were quaint and quickly introduced us to a changing weather trend of cold, cold, and colder as we headed south. A close likeness to parts of the northwest terrain were apparent ... read more
Cruise Itinerary
watching the glaciers 'calving'
Dining in true backpacker form

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Isla Navarino February 13th 2007

Hello all, We´ll publish this one for now, so you can at least enjoy the pictures. We´ll try to update the blog text later ! Ciao Belinda and Rene... read more
Penguins, penguins... and Bin
Bin and Kirsten on Ushuai cruise
And furry seals too !

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